Your Best Style According to Your Zodiac Sign

In today’s article, we are going to cover the best styles for each of your Zodiac sign.

Each of the signs is ruled by a different planet (except the pairs of Gemini and Virgo, and Taurus and Libra) and thus, each of the signs will exhibit different inclinations and preferences, acc. to your zodiac sign

Not to mention temperaments and elements – Mercury will behave very differently in Gemini and Virgo, thanks to the differences in their elements.

This understanding can help to guide you towards a style that really best style fits you.


Frisky Aries ruled by combative Mars – your style is provocative, with bright colors – red, orange, yellow, blood-red and black. You live exposure, thus your clothing will have sharp lines but also deep and big cuts in its design. You also like the sound of metal, so a lot of clothing pieces can have metal details and finishes.


Sweet Taurus ruled by gentle Venus – your style is elegant and strewn with earthy colors – rich greens, deep reds, dark yellows and golden brown. You love sex appeal and your combinations ooze it. You prefer natural materials, which is why you always opt for leather, cotton and silk. acc. to your zodiac sign.



Provocative Gemini ruled by androgynous Mercury – your style is explicit, brave and traffic-stopping. You love neon colors and plastic details – something that screams your inner child, but also femme fatale at the same time. Combinations of latex and vinyl are not a problem for you, as long as you can show off your collar bones and arms – you are happy with the style combo.


Warm Cancer ruled by moist Moon – your style looks safe on the outside, but it’s layered and the more the deeper layer is revealed – the more sensual you seem. You love natural materials, but you also love deep negligees and high thigh cuts. Your shoes need to be sturdy in order to take on all of your sudden mood swings.



Fiery Leo ruled by the scorching Sun – your style is grandiose and heart-stopping! You are not afraid to show skin, but you do it so pompously and amazingly that no one notices just how much of your skin is fabric-free, but rather they notice how graceful and shiny you are! Real diamonds, gold and sunny colors that catch the eye are for you and your majestic style. Also very high, and fabulous heels.


Quiet Virgo ruled by genderless Mercury – your style is subdued with earthy and calm colors – white, dark brown, navy blue, dark green, and royal blue. Your style can range from very old fashioned to a genderless expression of fashion. You like to feel good in your outfit, but also neat and clean. You won’t be seen attracting (too much) attention with your combination.



Sizzly Libra ruled by beautiful Venus – your style is similar to Geminis’ but with more elegance. You like 80s fashion, vibes and colors, and you manage to mix it up with the future so very well. You like neon and see-through colors and fabrics. You like broad and sharply-cut shoulder pads, narrow waists and odd heels. You lean towards silver and silvery hues with pink, cyclamen and pastel blue colors acc. to your zodiac sign.


Dark Scorpio ruled by deadly Pluto – your style is mostly dark and black. There are some exceptions made for (oddly enough) yellow, and blood-red. You like gothic style, heavy boots, chains, daggers and sharp nails. Although your combo seems predominantly dark – there’s an intricate finesse and layering hidden within it. Your accent is on sexy lingerie and musk perfumes.



Spunky Sagittarius ruled by large Jupiter – your style is made of piled up bright colors (colors of the rainbow), shortly-cut pieces of clothing that resemble underwear and sporty footwear. Throw in a cowboy hat and sparkly boots for good measure and you’re ready to yee-haw! Besides Pisces and Aquarius, Sagis are the most colorful sign out there and they love it!


Stern Capricorn rules by harsh Saturn – your style is very strict and colored in black. Hugo Boss from the 50s is a perfect match for you – sharp angles, dark leather, high boots, stylish fedoras and strong belts. An outfit that screams discipline and high class – nothing more, nothing less.



Unique Aquarius ruled by rebellious Uranus – your style is your own, no matter what. You like bronzers and shines, holographic hues and opaque materials. You have no problem with the “plastic” look, as long as you’re able to express your love for cyberpunk – you’re down with anything. Neon lights and details are your weakness – you can’t resist them.


Dreamy Pisces ruled by foggy Neptune – your style is very artistic and ocean-like. You love flowing materials that give you freedom of movement, but also accentuate your sex appeal. Teal blue and mermaid green are your preferred hues, as well as pastel pink and soft white. You love crystal jewelry and makeup made from crystal dust acc. to your zodiac sign.

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