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30 Best Wolf Tattoos for Men 2020

Wolf tattoos for men have been in popularity for a long time now. Many people have wolf tattoos on several body parts, they are accepted with all the placements on body. Wolf tattoos for men gives out loads of meaning. Every wolf tattoo has its own significance. Wolf tattoo signifies untamed nature of a person and strong associations with loyalty, protection, family and strong will. Wolf tattoos can be adapted with every style. You don’t need to have a side or cover up tattoo for them, they have their own way to grab attention.

Check out the whole article to see some of the best wolf tattoos for men 2020 and various options for your next inking.

wolf tattoos for men

What are Wolf Tattoos Meaning?

One of the most profound and recognizable animals on the planet. While the nature of wolves is wild and fierce, but they are considered protective guides in some cultures. The meaning of your wolf tattoo depends on everyone perceive for themselves.  For example, for many people wolfs are symbolize for strong bond and family protection because in the wild wolf’s mate for life and hunt together in small family packs.

Many people love the wolf tattoo for its deep meaning to strong will, loyalty, and strength. On other hand alpha wolf represents a fierce and strong leader who puts and scarifies and protects to rest of the pack. And there are different wolf tattoos to choose from, a howling, angry or snarling wolf. They also represent different meanings.

A howling wolf at the moon can symbolize raw animal instincts and rebellious nature of the lone wolf.

Check out these tattoo mistakes before getting a tattoo.

wolf tattoos for men

Wolf Tattoo Traits

Wolf tattoo itself adds so much of personality and flair, regardless of your design. Whether it’s a small and simple wolf tattoo, or wolf in a forest with shades of full moon, this article will give you some great inspiration ideas for your wolf tattoos for men. Let’s get started with some of the badass wolf tattoos for men.

Wolves and full moon are very closely associated. Humans also has a significant shift with lunar cycle of the moon changes. It is especially noticed with the ones who feel a connection with space and our universe. Like a zodiac sign. Wolves also have connections with their tribe by sound and eyes. Wolves are the warrior in night, as they hunt mostly during the nights.

There are various styles of tattoos, you can get a wolf tattoo. You can create yourself a unique wolf tattoos for men. You can check these ideas for wolf tattoos for men.

Best Wolf Tattoos for men Designs

Make sure to have an experienced tattoo artist to work with, you don’t want to cover it up afterwards.

You can go for classic black and grey wolf tattoo or you can choose a wolf tattoo that incorporates a range of colours, for a colourful finish. A simple black wolf tattoo looks fine. check out some wolf tattoo ideas.

wolf tattoos for men

Similarly, you’ll have to think what design you want a tribal wolf tattoo or kind of 3D design.

The wolf spirit tattoo symbolizes the struggles, hardships survived, challenges and their outcomes in life. For example, a long wolf represents strong and self-reliant through his own hard work and power.

The ideal placement for your men’s wolf tattoo, totally depends upon your design, if it is bigger than chest or back or even you are opting for a smaller one then forearms, wrist or even neck would be good to start from.


Wolves also symbolizes independence and lone. This gives a lone wolf tattoo.

While wolves generally travel in pack, but sometimes some wolf get left behind and act alone, because either their group hasn’t survived or got excluded from their pack for some reason.

wolf tattoos for men


This one is quite obvious, wolves are strong, wild and fierce animals, whose usually keeps at bay and act only when required or necessary. Wolf shows resilience and calm and resourcefulness.

wolf tattoos for men


As we’ve seen, wolves stay in pack. So, pair of wolves in a tattoo can hold a strong bond between two people for eternal love and lifelong faithfulness.

When two wolves are facing each other, forms a shape of heart. That’s why two wolf tattoos are very popular.

wolf tattoos for men

Roman mythology

Wolves are part of foundation of Rome in roman mythology. A she-wolf, according to legend, are said to be founders of Rome – Romulus and Remus.

In Roman art and on Roman coins wolves are frequent. The wolf is also God Mars, sacred animals. (they are considered equivalent of the Geek god Apollo).

wolf tattoos for men
Native American culture

Wolfs hold a great importance for the Native Americans. Wolf portraits a lot of values for people to strive to achieve, such as loyalty to family and group. And defence against outsiders.

There are many Native American tribes have different legends and different meaning associations with wolves. There is a tribe known as Pawnee from the region now covered by the states of Nebraska and Kansas, which has deep devotions for wolves.

wolf tattoos for men

Types of wolves

There are numerous species of wolves, each inhabits in very different regions and appearance too.

By knowing these basic facts, you can research more about your tattoo, particularly try to make it realistic.

Gray wolf 

Or the Common wolf, this is the type most people are familiar with – mostly grey in colouring, although there’s some variety in fur shades. In addition to being the most numerous, this is also the largest type of wolf.

wolf tattoos for men
Red wolf 

They appear in native to North America. They have cinnamon shade of their fur.

wolf tattoos for men
Black wolf 

The black wolf is not actually a separate species, but a coat colour variation of the Gray wolf.

wolf tattoos for men
Howling wolf

Everyone has seen images of a wolf howling at a full moon. The howling of wolf at the night time represents danger.

But you can have a quite similar or different meaning of this, a popular interpretation is awakening and transformation.

wolf tattoos for men
Snarling wolf

Like some other animals, wolves snarl when they sense danger or when they get angry, their snarl is a true sigh of danger. A snarling wolf tattoo can represent determination, ferocity and strength, and also, they look really badass.

wolf tattoos for men

So, these are the best wolf tattoos for men 2020. Do you have a wolf tattoo? Tell show us! Tag us in your story!

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