What is Widow’s Peak Hairline? Widows Peak Haircuts 2021!


When it comes to hair, most men are facing issues with premature balding, receding hairline and this gets talked a lot in hair world. However, another fear which no one talks about is the much feared and dreaded widow’s peak. In this article, we’ll show you the how to deal with widow’s peak hairline and best widows peak haircuts 2021.

You are more or less stuck with the widow’s peak. So, why not make the most of the hairline your parents’ genes have given you! Why don’t you find yourself a hairstyle which will complement your hairline? From short and simple cuts to bold and rugged long locks, we have gathered a collection of best widows peak haircuts into winning look and finding right one couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is choose what will look best with your condition and choose the best widows peak hairstyles. Once you choose your hairstyle, your hairstyle will look like Chris Hemsworth, but well ofcourse you can’t look like him.



  • Natural hairline.
  • V-shape at the front.
  • Possibly inherited.

Anyone can get confused by a receding hairline as it is recognisable by its V-shape. The bottom V is visible at the centre of forehead. It is referred back to 16th century, when widowers used to wear peaked headdress after they lost their spouse. Don’t worry, you should ignore any stupid superstitions regarding it.

Widows peak men is usually inherited by genetics. It is very common if your dad has it, you will probably get it too!

How to Recognize Hair Loss

It is very important to take care of your hair. If you don’t, then don’t complain about hair loss. It is actually normal to lose a bit of hair – average man loses 50-100 hairs daily. So, don’t worry much. As men become bald, the hair follicles on scalp becomes smaller, causing thin hairs and they don’t last long. Eventually you start to go bald properly.

So how do you distinguish if your hair loss is normal or abnormal? Is your hairline receding or its V-shape hairline? Hair loss can be factor for your awkward hairline. For example, V-shaped hairline can be because of baldness as temples and crown are more sensitive to high DHT levels.

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Some Causes of Male Hair Loss

Many factors come into play to determine your likelihood or extent of hair loss.


First consider your age, as you grow older, your hair follicles do not grow as frequently and your hair starts to fall. The older you are more likely you will get some baldness.


Genes are majorly responsible for 80% of male baldness. So, take a look at your family tree or look at your dad, if he also has it, then ask what age he started to feel it, so that you can start to take precaution.

Prostate growth

Due to high DHT levels, an enlarged prostate can be related to male hair loss. Symptoms of it are frequent urination or irritation while urinating. If you have these symptoms then go consult a doctor.

Mental or physical stress

This have become a major factor in recent times with extremely stressful life with work can result to hair loss. After extreme physical or emotional stress, you can experience hair loss. Although after recovering you can grow your hairs back.

Poor nutrition

Healthy food, healthy lifestyle maintains healthy body. If your diet lacks sufficient nutrients such as protein, biotin or iron, your scalp may be being affected, resulting in hair loss.

Thyroid disease

Common thyroid conditions such as hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism can cause hair loss. Consult a doctor.

Hair products and styling

If you use hair stylish products a lot then you can experience rough hairs. They can affect your hairs to a very bad extent. Avoid as much as possible.

How To Fix A Widows Peak hairline

Only way to fix a widow’s peak hairline is to have a surgery or hair transplant. However, there are easy ways to disguise your peaks. Great hairstyles, haircuts, you can always wear a cap. Hairstyles that suits your face shape and take emphasis away from the area. A good beard to make your peak more manly. So, read the whole to see widows peak haircuts.

Best Widows Peak Haircuts

Crew Cut

A crew cut helps to disguise the V-shape on the sides. Cut is often styled to suit the fringe which sits up while the rest of the hair is pushed forward. This makes crew cut to cover up gaps in your hairline. But nowadays undercuts are preferred and tapered mid to low down our head offers a subtle and sleek look. look at Conor McGregor’s Crew Cut.

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Buzz Cut

For Buzz Cut you can very short so your peak is less visible. But you still don’t have to go fully bald. Length should be pretty short and uniform all over to take attention away from your hairline.

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Pompadour is a very stylish hairstyle for anyone. Easily the most recognizable widow’s peak haircuts. Whether you have shot or tall, pompadour suits almost every style. Like the undercut, a high style factor and a high maintenance factor. If you happen to have time to give time for your hairs, then go for a pompadour. If you dig the pompadour’s aesthetic the go for widows peak haircuts.

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Messy Fringe

A very cool medium length which adds fringes to add a touch of youthful energy, shows a carefree attitude to your hair. If this suits your style, then it’s a nice way to cover up widow’s peak. You will need some wax or other hair product to keep this at place. One of the unique widows peak haircuts.



These are the best widows peak haircuts!

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Side Swept Lundgren

Side-swept Lundgren adds just a little more class to your hairstyle. With a widow’s peak, your hair will sweep to the sides and melds together with that central angle.

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Taper Fade with Side Brush

Side brush with taper fade demonstrates how easily you can embrace your peak. With the natural flow of your hair pushing off to the sides, the small V doesn’t seem to be conspicuous.


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Curly Top with Tapered Temple

You don’t a special haircut or hair products just to disguise your widows’ peak. Curly top with tapered temple, can help you with that. A pretty normal cut and looks fine with peak.


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Buzz Cut of Aaron Paul

Crew cut works well with widow’s peak, if you don’t mind about your hairline is exposed. A pretty manly cut.

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Short Hair

People prefer to keep the hair short, to avoid unnecessary complications to grow your hair, maintain them. Short haircuts are easy to get, low-maintenance and look very flattering. When picking a cool short hairstyle, you can opt for an undercut or a fade for a masculine cut on the sides and back.

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Side Part

Adding a side part to your hairstyle will make your widow’s peak more stylish, simple and sophisticated touch. To nail this look. Part a line with the highest point along your hairline. Although the style won’t disguise your hairline, but will help to balance and complement a dapper appearance.

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You can turn the table you know, make widow’s peak as your focal point, you’ll stand out with a unique look. In order to conceal your peak, opt for hairstyle which are more nondescript. That way you will have different set of options that allow you to draw attention away from it.

Short Forward Styled Hair

A very clever way to hide your widow’s peak is to cut your hair short and style them forward which is a fool-proof way to conceal your widow’s peak. Although you think its just to hide your hairline, but it also looks very cool, sleek and smart. A great minimalist looks for conservative office.

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Curly Fringe

It may take a while to grow your hairs with widow’s peak because your hairline is already declining but if you somehow managed to do it, then result is worth the wait. Curl your hairs into the fringes, as their naturally uneven shape will blend and disguise the high points along with your weak hairline.

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Bro Flow

A very cool hairstyle to balance out your widow’s peak in a cool way! Try a bro flow. A very relaxed style. Just combed back the hairs, uses longer strands at back and this will definitely covers your higher hairline.

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Slick Back + Beard

A very stylish option if you can grow a good thick beard. While no one likes the widow’s peak, and no reason to feel self-conscious. Well then grow a beard! This will draw your attention away from the hairline. A stylish and simple way to do that is slick back whatever hairs you have and style a cool beard.

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Medium Length Curls

With medium length curls you can easily cover your prominent part of widow’s peak. All you need to do is to grow your hair and let them sit naturally, without combing or brushing. The texture provided by the curls will work to conceal your peak while also creating a stylish look.

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So, don’t worry about your hairline. There are some widows peak haircuts that will surely disguise your V-shape hairline!

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