7 Top Ideas for White Outfits for Men 2020

You don’t always need colour to create a bold and striking outfit. In fact, some of the most eye-catching looks around today feature nothing but white. While white garments appear less than exciting when worn individually, a head-to-toe white ensemble can be positively thrilling. So, if you’re confident enough to go completely colourless, why not try this simple yet statement style? If you’re not sure where to start, that’s no problem. We can help. We’ve rounded up the coolest all white outfits for men 2020 that can suit a range of occasions.

But white? All white?

Yeah, I know, you will ask, how to pull off white outfits for men? What to wear with white outfits? When to wear white outfits for men? Usually, that’s left to nineties boybands, Simon Cowell loafing about a Mediterranean villa or P Diddy at peak bling. It’s a big look, and one that’s easy to get wrong. Even the High Priest of Menswear himself, David Beckham, looked sub-awesome (sorry, Dave) when he got married in an all-white suit.

So why the hell is it trending? The SS19 catwalks were dusted with all-white outfits, from sportswear to tailoring and amazingly, it looked good. So how do you do white-out menswear without looking like you’ve seen a ghost?

All-White Doesn’t Have to Mean All-White

To avoid looking like a crime scene investigator, you can break things up with contrasting shoes, belts and accessories.

“Steer clear of black as it’s too much of a clash,”. “Instead, opt for tan or darker browns.”

Fit Is Everything

There’s a careful balance to be struck when wearing all-white. Skinny fits are best left on Johnny Borrell circa 2006, while anything too oversized can end up feeling a bit ‘mum on a family holiday.’

“Stick to regular fits or experiment with slightly exaggerated shapes and layering for a more interesting silhouette,” says Eley.

DO’s and Don’ts of Wearing White Outfits

White on white can be overpowering so do not use white everything. Break up your look with ivory, cream or off white if you want to stick to this colour. Avoid heavily contrasting or odd colour choices with your white outfit e.g. orange, neon green etc. Instead keep it neutral. Although it may sound ridiculous, it is best to shy away from certain foods especially if you’re at a formal party i.e. a wedding. The last thing you want is a red wine stain down your stunning crisp blazer.

Top Ideas for White Outfits for Men 2020

White Outfits Ideas #1 Casual White Outfits for men

Wearing a casual, white outfit needn’t be complicated. All you need to do is keep things simple and comfortable. To do so, try investing in a pair of white jeans or sweatpants. Once you have your casual white pants, you’ll likely be able to create a cool all-white ensemble by adding items already in your wardrobe. For instance, a white T-shirt and white sneakers are piece most gents already own and can look great with white pants. If the weather’s cold, add a white jacket to complete your look.

White Outfits Ideas #2 Casual Party Style.

As the name suggests casual party, if you are going to party during summer or going on a date, huh? You should definitely try this look. It’s a real deal breaker for a super cool look. Button down shirt with white chinos and mix match with some accessory to make your look glow more. Match belt and shoes. A little pompadour hairstyle and a chin strap goatee style will look nice.

White Outfits #3 Casual Party Attire.

7 top ideas for white outfits for men 2020

White Outfits Ideas #4 Smart-Casual

As is always the case with a smart-casual invite, it pays to analyse the dress code a little before stepping out.

All-white isn’t really suited to business casual settings, but it can prove an excellent choice for weekend outings where a little more effort than usual is required (think: the birthday drinks where you’re bound to bump into your ex).

White Outfits Ideas #5 Casual white outfits for men

While white-on-white can feel a bit plain, this is something you can easily remedy by crossing it with the uber-utility trend. This is an aesthetic that’s all about pockets, straps, technical fabrics (and did we mention pockets?) – all of which help to add interest to an otherwise monochrome outfit.

Or for something softer, become a man of athleisure with a white hoodie or sweatshirt worn with straight-fit trousers or jersey shorts in an off-white neutral.

White Outfits Ideas #6 White Outfits for Winter

White is undoubtedly a great colour for summer, but it can also make an excellent choice for winter. Appearing just like crystal clear snow. While rocking a total white outfit in cold weather can be challenging due to more layering. However, rocking a head-to-toe white outfit in cold weather can be challenging due to thicker fabrics and more layers. The key to nailing the look is to add subtle colour variances that’ll keep your outfit interesting and balanced. Alternatively, if your outfit is all one tone, consider adding strong contrast through accessories.

White Outfits Ideas #7 White Jeans Outfits

White jeans make an excellent wardrobe addition for gents. Especially ideal for spring and summer, they work well with white T-shirts, polos and button-downs to create a simple yet stylish look. When shopping for white jeans, there are several factors to consider, including the cut and style. As white can make you appear bigger than you are, you should try opting for a pair of slim or skinny jeans to maintain a lean silhouette. Also, you should consider selecting a distressed or ripped design to add instant interest and excitement to any outfit.

Although you have to take care of your whites, as they tend to get dirty really easy. Take care for them. These are my recommendations for white outfits for men 2020.

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