What to wear with Cargo Pants for Men ?

I think we can all agree with this:

Looking good shouldn’t be reserved for dressy events and special occasions. Dont you want to look stylish and increase sex appeal all over the weekend? Men’s cargo pants have become very popular over the last few seasons. And todays millennials have started adopting streetwear, these practical trousers are here to stay. Here’s our style guide on what to wear with Cargo Pants for Men! 

Cargo pants for men are perfect For Casual Outing!

They are comfortable, stylish as well as versatile and convenient. So, if you have a question something like:

·         ‘Are cargo pants still considered as stylish?’


‘Can cargo pants be wore for business casual?’

·         ‘what to wear with cargo pants for men?’

·         ‘How to pull-off cargo pants for men stylishly?’

Then bruh, You’re in luck.

Because in this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know about cargo pants, including five outfits on what to wear with cargo pants for men.

Cargo Pants for Men




In 1930, Cargo pants were originally made for military purpose as they are extremely durable, comfortable and be suitable for tough outdoor activities, their designed are forest area type. They are practically characterize by multiple large pockets that were traditionally used to hold  different types for equipment and field dressings. Despite their rough and tough look, cargo pants are becoming popular as fashion clothing recently. Although they may have a reputation as streetwear and skate-wear clothing, they are becoming more fashionable, cargo pants fits right in.

Different types Of Cargo Pants

1. Men’s Slim Fit Cargo Pants for men

Although cargo pants for men are majorly baggy or loose but the skinny slim style can also look stylish. Take the traditional cargo look and mix it up as per your aesthetic need for perfect slimline modern street style outfit. Try teaming them with a jumper and a light t shirt. Add some casual sneakers or loafers for a smart casual style that is great for this summer season.

2. Cargo Shorts

A Cargo shorts are great for summer look. Just find a camo shorts and they will give a rough cool look. Pair with any t-shirt. Want to know more about white t-shirt? click here

3. Cargo Jogger Pants

Cargo joggers can be worn in two different styles. As sportswear and streetwear have both become more popular over the last few years, the combination of these two looks seems inevitable. They work really well in any casual style and look best in lighter tan or beige shades.

What to Wear with Cargo Pants For Men? – Here Are 5 Outfit Ideas

Outfit #1 : Summer Casual

Khaki coloured cargos are perfect for daytime activities, while your polo and sneakers make you look handsome and laid-back.

Whether you visit the lake with your GF, hang out with friends, or grab some takeaway, this outfit won’t let you down.

Outfit #2 : Chill One

Pair your cargo with one of your shirts well fitted ones that will give you an formal and classy yet casual look going to any club or bar.

Outfit #3 : Athletic Cargo

When your dog is scratching at the door, you need something that’s quick and easy to put on and that also looks good.

Darker cargos like dark cargo pants for men are perfect for day and night strolls, while a V-neck T-shirt and denim t-shirt are sexy and look great.

Outfit #4 : Easy to wear Outfit

Doing a new outfit can be a tricky and are usually quite exhausting.

That’s why dark cargos are perfect for this.

Stains won’t show as easily on the dark fabric, and the cargo pants themselves are super-comfortable work trousers.

Top them off with a crewneck T-shirt, over size shirt (which is easy to take off if you get hot), scarf around neck and finally some leather boots, which can tackle any weather.

Outfit #5: Winter Cargo

This is the home territory for cargo pants: nature. For hikes and outdoor activities, practical clothes are key.

A pair of dark cargos — because they’re the perfect, understated hiking trousers.

A wool sweater — which will keep you warm even when wet.

Ankle boots — so you can cross streams without worrying about getting wet.

Mistakes with What to wear with Cargo Pants for Men

Mistake #1: Too Many Cargo Pockets

It’s easy to understand the designers’ thinking on this:

‘If two cargo pockets are cool, 14 cargo pockets are totally rad!’

But rest assured, two cargo pockets are more than enough.

Mistake #2: Wearing Cargos with These Clothes


 Cargo pants were originally worn as combat trousers, and they’re still super-casual.


So, don’t wear them with collared shirts, blazers, or suit jackets, or any type of dress shoes, such as Oxfords or bluchers.


The easy fix:


Wear these casual pants with sweaters and polo shirts; denim, leather, or outdoor jackets; and sneakers or boots only

Mistake #3: Choosing This Pattern

So we know that cargos are casual, but we need to draw a line between hunting gear and leisure attire. Even though camouflage pants (camo pants) are in fashion from time to time, you should never wear this pattern.

Naturally, hunters wear it when hunting, but sporting camo cargo pants for men around your neighbourhood will just make you look like a paramilitary nutter …

… not exactly the sexy, casual look we are aiming for.

The easy fix:

Instead of camouflage, wear solid neutral colours such as navy blue, khaki, charcoal, and olive green.


So, these are my go-to for what to wear with Cargo Pants For MEN! These are super simple outfits So dont worry they won’t cost a huge price tag!

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