What Things Women Notice in Men at First Sight.

Love at first sight? Many people don’t believe it but surely you will believe in “first impression is the last impression”. Everyone has heard this line. Women have amazing observational skills and can scan you and your behaviour from top to bottom just at a glance. There are lot of things that women notice at the first sight. Many things afterwards too. To extend talks with a woman you will have to impress her with your personality and style. In this article, I will show you, “what things women notice in men at first sight”, which you should know and go well dressed to meet women.

what things women notice in men at first sight

Surely when you meet the women on first date you don’t want to end up looking like a joke, boring and feeling unattractive, especially when you want a stable relationship with a woman.

Just remember,"first impression is the last impression", you can always turn it around.

It is profoundly significant to know what is it exactly that a woman notices in a man when she is meeting him for the first time. Well ofcourse first impression is not the last impression but it is certainly important to stand out from the other competition.

Let’s dig out the what things women notice in men at first sight which makes the man inevitable to date.

Are you a confident being?

If not then you are in some trouble with the ladies. This is the most important part of impressing actually anyone. Even I have trouble sometime, there’s nothing to ashamed off. But the thing is being confident is important. If you are not able to start conversation, feel low. Then before going on a date prepare some questions to have a conversation. Things like you are confident about like music, dance, anything you are confident but not about politics or religion and your confidence will be seen in the way you walk, talk, express and so on. What things women notice in men at first sight? Confidence!

Do you dress well?

t shirt with blazer

Dressing is also the top priority. It is impeccably important to dress well. It can be the most important factor too; it still is the most significant element that a woman notices in a man.

In almost every article, my main tip is to wear the right kind of clothes. Clothes that fits you, clothes that complements your styling, your personality. A lady would fancy a gentleman for a date not a casual dresser. This depicts what kind of personality that you have and carry on. Your clothes will never go unnoticed.

How well you behave?

Girls really look into the persons behaviour, how he reacts to certain situations. Something bad or something weird happens, how he reacts with her or with people involving in the situation. How the person he treating the waiter or opening the door for the girl. I mean it’s really a cliché thing but giving respect to anyone is not bad.

How they are smelling?

what things women notice in men at first sight

Don’t go overboard and if can’t smell nice then don’t even go. Remember first impression is the last impression guys. Just remember, subtlety is key. Don’t wear cologne? Don’t underestimate the power of a fresh smelling body wash. Most new brands have created a formula that lasts well into the day, but won’t leave you worried about going overboard on fragrance.


Noticing your shoes?

So, what do women notice exactly? The state and style of your footwear. It really angers me when people are wearing worn-down shoes? I mean shoes for not so branded shoes come really low. Wear proper shoes, don’t go in slip-ons. Conversely, thoughtful shoe selection is usually the first thing I throw compliments towards.


Everyone know how important it is to have well-groomed hairstyle as it’s is something that lifts one’s personality and enhances the look. If a man doesn’t care for his hairs then he is a lazy and lethargic. Your hairstyle defines a lot about your personality. Just take care of your hairs, try new hairstyles like long hairstyles or short hairstyles.

These are what things women notice in men at first sight. Learn to build your confidence as it will not get unnoticed ever.

But what to do on your first date?

Relax a bit

If it your first time going on a date, then I know it can be really unsettling as in things could go wrong and blah blah. Just be yourself and speak with confidence.

Ask her where she wants to go?

Before going, you should either ask where she wants to go. Don’t go too overboard places. I think avoid bars and expensive restaurants. Take her to small eating places.

Be polite

Give her the respect. Talk with soft voice and not so loudly. Remember be yourself.

Be on Time

Not girls but everyone hates people who are late!

Ask her questions

Before going out, make sure you know her. Ask questions like what is her favourite song and more. Stalk her a bit on her social media, get to know her.

Nobody knows what a women wants! so, just be yourself, be a little excited, surpirse her with your humour. Just treat her like she is your friend then your going to be girlfriend, that way you won’t feel awkward while having conversation!

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