What is a Simp? What does Simp mean 2021?

If you wondered around in this time on TikTok, before it gets ban, you surely have gone through Simp, Simp Nation. Everybody wonders what is a Simp? What is simp meaning? What does simp mean? Read the article to know more about simp meaning.

Social media have been filled with drama lately. Gen-Z keeps calling each other “Simps”, the chances are you see people commenting each other “simps” or proclaiming themselves as “sims”.

Thanks to TikTok, its now spilled all over to Twitter. But what does simp mean actually?

There are several simp meaning. The most basic meaning is, it means fool or a silly person. But, as time passes, new meanings have been given to the work.

So, what does simp mean now and why are there so many memes about it?

Basically, the term Simp is used to describe a man who will do absolutely anything and everything to win over a woman. So, if someone is doing this action, then it’s called simping, means essentially begging or doing anything to please a girl.

what does simp mean

But well, ofcourse there is more to it. The original slang simp meaning, and the slightly less offensive. Here’s what you need to know.

Thanks to TikTok and social media, we have become incorporating new phrases and acronyms into our dictionary. But Simp is exception and interesting too. The term describes a man willing to do anything for a woman, while that sounds romantic to some, but the actual meaning of the word is associated with begging or grovelling. Even popular YouTuber PewDiePie gave a rundown to Simp craze.

What does simp mean in slang?

Simp or Simps – man or group who values and foolishly defers to a woman, putting her on sidelines. (slang) OR a person who lacks common sense, a simpleton or fool.

What does simp mean in 2021?

From old times, the word simp meaning was short phrase of simpleton, meaning a foolish or silly person. Quite a lame term to insult by today’s standard, but in 2020, TikTok has boosted Simps popularity.

As we tracked back its meaning, it would be a boomer exercise as none of the current users are likely unaware of its decades-long misogynistic past. In laymen language, “simp” was targeted at men with overly nice behaviour to compensate their romantic failures with women. No points for guessing the assigned gender neutrality. In 80s and 90s, rappers employed the usage of simp in their songs for being “soft” or “overly sympathetic” particularly to women.

Despite getting major popularity through Tik-Tok, the word has been in rapping culture for years. Some tracks like “Sippin’ On Some Syrup” by Three 6 Mafia, for example, which was released way back in 2000. It opens up with first line that, “ “I’m trill working the wheel, a pimp, not a simp / Keep the dope fiends higher than the Goodyear Blimp.

So, We Shouldn’t Use It? 

The word usage has taken a light approach but they meaning and usage in the past doesn’t make it good to use it. Its insulting other men for being considerate towards women and respecting their autonomy in a relation. The word was picked up in reddit forum for years and thrown around anti-feminist forums.

What do you say when someone calls you a simp?

Do you want to do what they do or do what make you comfortable. No matter what you done to be called a simp trust me be glad you did cause now it don’t coast you nothing to leave mr.


What does Simp mean on social media?

Kids are calling each other simps, proclaiming themselves into simphood or the are in the SimpNation or they are rooting against it.

what does simp mean

Everyone is confused about this, for once you might be a bit old or you just don’t use social media enough. Even my friends are confused about this simping stuff, and even I’m not sure to tell you the sure thing because it is really a lot confusing. Even TikTokers can’t agree.

In early 20th century, the term simp was used as abbreviation for simpleton, so, it’s not a new invented word by Gen-Zers. Before the term got viral in TikTok, it was used in black culture for years, used in songs like “Sipping in Some Syrup” by Three 6 Mafia, in 2000s, opens with the line, “I’m trill working the wheel, a pimp, not a simp / Keep the dope fiends higher than the Goodyear Blimp.” In this context, “simp” is used as the opposite of a “pimp”.

There are some obvious markers of a simp. Here are some ways to identify a Simp –

  • Trying to please a woman.
  • Where my hug at?
  • Doing most for a female who doesn’t like them.
  • Put the girl before them.
  • Hates slander of any female
  • Has no game to impress.
  • Lets female walk over them.
  • Always trying to impress a woman.
  • No natural charm or game, just tries to grab attention.

And the last but not the least? The woman doesn’t want him back. Thus, the Simp Nation was born.

what does simp mean

The other simp meaning refers to ideal of a submissive man, ergo cannot be sexist, that all men must be dominant.

This s the controversy with the word and its connotations, just like other things. Some say that men using #notallmen are just bad as they are different from. While, now people say women are the sexist ones. A never-ending cycle.

Its even murkier area to spot online sexism. What category words like this, falls? Do all men deserve this category? 

Is this the new simp meaning?

Wow, so this is incredibly misogynistic, right?

Yes, it is. But until the time people gets it going in there every day life, till then its all fun and games. But rather stay away from these controversies, right?

Another word which resembles Simps is Incels. The link between them is interesting one. Each group appears in one way, but true intentions suggest an ulterior motive. The definition of each is loose and with use of Simp getting somewhat flippant, its highly likely that term will become watered down version of itself.

Some Simp Meme.

what does simp mean
what does simp mean
what does simp mean

If you are the type of person, to just be nice to someone just to get the way around something into your hands later, then reconsider your approach. Hold back, focus on yourself and ditch the simp attitude, because it’s toxic. Its not about misandry or insult, it’s about growth.

Personally, I feel it’s just another one of trend, which comes and goes away at the end of each year. Some might think it as a funny word that makes their post more popular. So, avoid using things that causes trouble, right?

General FAQs

What is a Simp?

Simple meaning, Simp means a man willing do to anything to get the girl’s attention, even if the girl doesn’t like him back.

What is Simp Nation?

Simp Nation, got viral on the TikTok, where one person engages which puts him in the ‘Friend Zone’, when the girl he wants, doesn’t like him back.

So, now you know what is a simp and simp meaning! What do you think of this? Should Simp be a word which teenager should now you for any purpose? Tell us your thoughts on our social media!

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