11 Best Wallets for Men 2020.


When it comes to men’s accessories, many people tend to forget the wallets. For ofcourse reasons, as wallets are not shown at every time, ties and watches may be on prominent display. But to think that most important thing in your outfit is your practical and attractive wallets for men.

Some men tend to take the easier process, by just using a rubber band to hold some cash and cards together, not only its risky but it gives a really bad impression too. While some people use their while lives in the wallet, including photos, important receipts, cards, a lot of cash and more.

Either way, most people tend to carry all these every day, so make sure you get the best wallets for men 2020.

There are thousands of different styles for wallets for best men to choose from. Whether you like a simple wallet, a bifold wallet or a tight and tactical wallet that looks like a multitool and can open bottle caps. You can select different types considering your options like a front pocket or for a back pocket one.

Different kind of material used like cotton, leather etc. with some additional feature like RFID-security features. Anyone can find the best wallet for themselves if they know what they need.

The biggest difficulty for discerning is by narrowing down your options and to find the perfect wallet which can bare your essentials. So, consider this your lucky day, today I’m going to show the best wallets for men, for your consideration.

Functionality are equally important, when you are looking for a wallet. Even if you frequently use your cards for app purchases and cash aren’t entirely obsolete yet. Still, with so many options, you have to find the best one which suits your aesthetic and holds everything you need to carry.

Whether you need a wallet to carry your whole lives or a wallet to hold your passport while travelling or daily use, here are some of the best men’s wallets to consider.

6   Things to consider before purchasing wallets for men 2020.

Choosing a wallet is not so hard. But I encourage you not just to grab the first wallet that appeals to you and then toss it into your shopping cart.

So, before going to purchase the best wallet, consider these basic for the best wallets for men.


You don’t need to go for a fancy or wallet which has too many pockets. Go for wallets which only have the only that much room enough to take your belongings.


Choosing the right size wallet is another important part. Don’t go overboard, because no one ever fills up the whole wallet.


Some popular styles of popular wallet style.


The most basic and classic is one of the most commonly used and popular wallets available. Bifold allowed you to access your cash and card with lift of flap.


This has multitude of compartments contained within it. If you carry more cards than average person, then trifold is your excellent choice.

4. Money Clip


Carry a money clip if you don’t usually carry much cash and depend on cards. Just carry some change in cash and use a money clip, then it’s a good option.

5. Materials

In terms of materials, there are lot of varieties. From cotton, polyester, leather to canvas and etc, each type has its benefits but I think leather is the perfect one.

6. RFID technology

RFID technology protects your card and identity from been stolen. Many wallets manufacture now include this technology on their product. Well, ofcourse you need to pay more for added technology RFID, but it can save you from a lot of trouble.

11 Best Wallets for Men 2020.

Ti5 Slim Wallet

This card carrier will speak to anyone seeking the slimmest, lightest and strongest product for carting cash money. Made from titanium paired with durable elastic band, this wallet holds to 7 cards and offers RFID protection. With streamlined form and function, plus a corrosion-proof exterior, this could be the last wallet a minimalist ever buys.

best wallets for men 2020
Taylor Stitch Minimalist Wallet

If you need is couple cards and some cash, this no fold wallet has the simple utility you’re looking for with just four exterior card slots to accommodate bills. With Taylor Stitch products, you’ll get high quality, including 100% full grain Spanish cowhide and hidden card slot liners to minimize stretch.  For featherweight carry with long-lasting value, this minimalist wallet is just right.

best wallets for men 2020
Holden Card Wallet

This simple, bifold wallet its in both fronts and back pockets, making it very versatile. Ofcourse 6-pocket design won’t hold a lot, but that only helps to a maintain a slim profile. It’s a win for men that don’t carry much.

best wallets for men 2020
Ridge Wallet

best wallets for men 2020

The Ridge Wallet Company of Santa Barbara, California prides itself on products that are stylish, functional, and surprisingly healthy. The slim silhouette includes a metal card case and money clip for minimalist, modular appeal and unique utility.

Taylor Stitch Minimalist Billfold Wallet

With three card-size slots on each fold (six total) and a larger pocket in the rear to accommodate cash, it doesn’t get much more basic than this minimalist beauty in understated navy leather with tan leather lining. If you’re looking to downsize and carry only the essentials, this pocket pal performs admirably.

best wallets for men 2020
Fossil Men’s Ingram Leather Trifold

For a basic everyday wallet with room for cards and cash (without taking up too much space), the Fossil Men’s Ingram Leather Trifold wallet is a top choice.

Available in both black and brown, this men’s wallet is made entirely of cowhide leather with a classic textured finish.

best wallets for men 2020
Herschel Hank RFID Bifold

Whether you’ve ever had your information stolen or you’re simply concerned about digital theft, an RFID (radio frequency identification) blocking wallet can give you protection and peace of mind. Criminals use RFID readers to steal information from your credit cards, and RFID blockers work by using a Faraday cage, which distributes an electrostatic charge that protects your credit cards from the magnetic charges of an RFID reader. 

best wallets for men 2020
J. Crew Leather Card Holder

Cut from green Italian leather, this card holder features two exterior card slots and a central compartment for folded bills or other necessities. Relatively understated, the brand’s logo is embossed on the exterior of holder.

best wallets for men 2020
Leather Works Minnesota Front Pocket Flap Wallet

The majority of Leather Works Minnesota’s leather comes from Red Wing’s S.B. Foot Tanning Co. This minimal wallet is stitched together from two pieces of leather, creating three pockets for your cards and cash. Waxed nylon thread is used to increase the wallet’s longevity and monogramming is optional for $15.

best wallets for men 2020
Pioneer Carry Molecule Card Wallet

Pioneer Carry Molecule Card Wallet is made from nylon ripstop, which is per weight ten times stronger than steel, made from polyethylene yarn. the material is incredible durable and lightweight.  It can easily hold some bills, five to six cards in three slots.

best wallets for men 2020

Australian-based Bellroy began in 2010 because its founders believed that traditional wallets – outside of card sleeves and money clips – were too bulky.

Considering the popularity of their wallets today, Bellroy successfully hit upon a design that appeals to the masses.

best wallets for men 2020

What should you carry in your wallet?

A wallets usability is determined, by its compartments. You should only carry the important cards and not every other card. And keep some change of cash in case of emergency. Before going to purchase make sure you know how many cards you want to keep. Remember, the simpler the better – then look for a wallet that has all the necessary slots.

Another feature you should consider in wallets that are transparent pockets in which to hold your identification cards, like your driver’s license.

Wallet are not only important for accessory but for the usage. You need to get yourself a good deal for a wallet, to make sure nothing goes wrong. So, here are the 11 best wallets for men 2020.

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