40 Great Warrior Viking Hairstyles Men 2021

Vikings have a great history of warriors, which seem to have taken over the modern world. Even though the era of fighters is certainly long gone, their daring nature, fearlessness, arts, tattoos and hairstyles haven’t lost their soul and popularity. On the contrary, man who have the nature and soul as Vikings, follow their trends. In this article, we will show you the 40 best traditional Viking hairstyles men 2021.

Even though Vikings lived a very long time ago, their culture, Viking tattoos and hairstyles remains one of the most intimidating ones. Our brain whenever sees a Viking picture, it began to wonder do they really exist, such powerful beings really exist? However, their manliness, tattoos and hairstyles aren’t for everyone. Only those who dare to look manliness to the next level dares to pull them off. To give you odds, we have gathered the best collection of traditional Viking hairstyles men 2021.

What does a Viking hairstyle men look like?

Viking Haircut men are rugged, edgy and cool. Inspired from Nordic warriors, the Viking hairstyles men has a lot of variations too, and in this article, we have used a mix of lot of modern style into that Viking haircut, including braids, ponytails, undercuts and epic beards. They may have lived centuries ago but Vikings sure were ahead of time with their style and hairstyles. Epic braids, killer disconnected undercuts and masculine ponytails. After all, what man doesn’t want to have look which is fierce and stylish all at once? Of course, these stylish hairstyles and tattoos aren’t for the faint-hearted people. But if you can handle the boldness, then you have come to the right place.

Best Viking Hairstyles Men 2021

Terrific Braided Undercut

A hipster undercut style which men love to sport, which keeps the modernity while expressing the manliness battle-ready attitude. As for daring feature, you can use braids to stretch them along with Mohawk.

viking hairstyles men 2021

Rows Of Twists

Viking series made a huge impact on the trends. Instead going for braids or dreads, you can opt for rows of twisted hair that will keep the hair in check, neat and thick.

viking hairstyles men 2021

Tattooed Head

If you are about to get a tattoo, and want the manliest tattoo and haircut together? Then this cut is for you. Go for a straight bald and get the most badass tattoo there. Its clean and easy, looks great, right?

viking hairstyles men 2021

Crew Cut

Obviously, there were those badass Vikings who doesn’t care about their hairstyle. And believe it or not, crew cut was used back in times, (but they didn’t name it).

viking hairstyles men 2021

Viking Long Hair

Long hairs are mandatory for Viking hairstyles men. All we understand that long hair looks cool and that we want to try it out. You can give it a touch up with blonde hair gathered in a ponytail.

viking hairstyles men 2021

The Alexander Ludwig

From hit TV series Vikings, here is actor Alexander Ludwig’s hairstyle. He plays the character ‘Bjorn Ironside’, the series helped to give rise to the Viking trends. He rocked an awesome blonde lock with an undercut.

viking hairstyles men 2021

Nordic Braids

Here is example of Viking hairstyles men that see perfectly made braids that finish in a man bun. The hair is dark with a caramel ombre that is highlighted by the braids.

viking hairstyles men 2021

Warrior Viking Hairstyles for Men

Warrior style haircut, this is a true definition of a man’s man. The t-shirt completes with metal chain and sleeve tattoos work perfectly well with short sides and long top Viking haircut which also draw attention to full beard.

viking haircut

Rollo Viking Hairstyles Men

Rollo embodies the savage Viking who has beard and long hair and fights naked to scare off his enemies.

viking haircut

Long and Curly Viking Hairstyles for Men

If you have curly hair, then it would be a real shame if you don’t show off. Especially if you possess the heart of a Viking.

viking haircut

Mohawk Viking Hairstyles For Men

The mohawk is a staple of 90s grunge and punk generation. However, if you have a keen eye then you can incorporate Viking into overall fashion. Pair it with beard and some earrings and you are all set.

viking haircut

Minimal Half and Half Braided Hair

This hairstyle is amazing as half is shaved off and other half still has long strands. In the middle, you have two simple three-strands braids.

viking haircut

Easy Viking Haircut Styles

One of the easiest Viking styles to pull off. All you need is to moisturize your hair every time you shower with a good conditioner.

viking haircut

High-Volume Viking Hairstyles Men

Generally, most of the Viking’s heads are full of hair. So, if you also come across as person with head full of hair then you can pull off this impactful Viking haircut. Just grow your hair and let them loose, that’s it.

viking haircut

Viking Man Bun

Man bun is also a very basic mens long hairstyle. You can achieve this hairstyle with any type of hair, its easy to create that you won’t notice that you tie it every day. For giving it a messier and rougher look, use your hands to pull back your hair and not the comb.

viking haircut

Short Faux Hawk Viking Hairstyles Men

Faux hawk is an exclusive genuine warrior look. In fact, you can get this haircut without shaving your sides. To replicate this, create a braid through centre all the way down your head. Braids are great for men with long and thick thatch as they help to achieve the Viking hairstyle.

viking haircut

Slicked Back Undercut

One of the easiest hairstyles to get, just slick back top hair back and use some mousse to give more smoothness. Add an undercut to both sides and keep any beard trimmed for a fresh and neat take on the Viking look.

viking haircut

Braided Ponytail with Undercut

Nordic braids are perfect for men with thick hair, this looks even better with a thin rope or ribbon wound around it and framed with a high bald fade.

viking haircut

Cool Viking Hairstyles for Men

Viking haircut styles are often all about thick long hair on top with short or shaved sides. Paired with the perfect long beard with the Viking warrior hairstyles look masculine and powerful.

viking haircut

Shaved Head and Beard

In many surveys it was shown that the bald men are more successful. This shaved head and beard is a classy evergreen look. It can be used by people with receding hairline or with widow’s peak. This still gives the best rugged style.

viking haircut

Long Hair and Beard

With long hair you can create much more hairstyles. With your long, lustrous hair you can combine it with a beard which I am sure will come across as manly. A thick beat can offer a tough, rough look. It also helps with messier hair, texture finish using clay or pomade.

viking haircut

Long Ponytail with Shaved Sides

This is also known as Bjorn Ironside haircut from the TV show Vikings, a ponytail with shaved sides is among the coolest one. Especially, you can add a braid to elevate your style even more.

viking haircut

Amazing Long Tail Haircut 

This has a great twisted tail which is laid back properly. The fade on the both sides was drawn to provide a comprehensive look. The traditional beard setup of Vikings gives a complete look of Viking king. 

viking haircut

End Folded Brown Hair

Many will say this is not proper Viking look, but I think, it is a well-disguised trendy modern style. Some shade of Viking haircut can be seen on this haircut and colour can increase its aesthetics.

viking haircut

Updo Bun with Polished Beard

In the modern world, an updo bun has become a new trend, girls have a crush on this kind of look. But you need to have a great beard for this look. Some people go with long hair with a bun.

viking haircut

Braided Small Knot Collection

This is a very subtle yet bold look. This twisted hairstyle gives a modern look. The knot on the top gives it even cooler look. However, this is a very casual look, so, don’t wear this to your meetings or interviews. Not a professional corporate haircut.

viking haircut

One Side hair Setup with Amazing Beard 

Last but not the least. This is a very modern setup. The length is not too big, but his beard gets the perfect Viking style look. So, if you are looking to excite your look then you can should this style.

viking haircut

What hairstyle did Vikings have?

There not any actual evidence to confirm what hairstyle Vikings had. Ancient texts and Norman mention that look like reverse mullets and shaven heads as well as beard. Some ancient text written mentioned that only slaves worn the short-cropped hair. However, many Viking hairstyles men emulate those worn in television show Vikings on the History Channel.

Why did Vikings not cut their hair?

Vikings didn’t cut their hair for a reason to separate them from other people. Archaeologist found out that Vikings regularly groomed their hair.

How do you do a Viking hairstyle?

  1. Buns, ponytails and braids are awesome for Viking haircut.
    2. like undercut and fade are good way to get a Viking look.
    3. Beards gives an extra tough look.
    4. Keep your hairs messier to get a more traditional style look. 5. If you want a subtle look then select a taper fade instead of daring cuts.

Did Vikings have mohawks?

There is no evidence that Viking had a mohawk, but it’s likely that could have braided their hairs. The idea comes from the stylistic and what creators interprets of the show Vikings.

These are the best Viking Hairstyles Men 2021! Do you like Viking haircut? if you have one then show us, tag us in your stories!

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