Do you guys know that there are many things that you are doing that are out of style? Unstylish things men do? Do you want to do them or just remove them completely out of your life! These things can take a toll on your life by making you not approachable! Girls hate these mistakes We Men do! So, take a note of these steps and make most of it!


1. Not Properly taking Care of your Clothes

The way you can ensure your clothes will last and stay looking newer longer is based on how you take care of them and wash them. Most men could care less about this step and will completely ignore, but you should start caring about it now so you can save your money later. There are a few different steps you need to do in order to properly take care of your clothes. Make sure you also check what temperature the garment should be washed at; you’ll find this on the tag inside that specific piece. These steps will make your clothes look better and last longer.

2. Wearing Overly Torn Shirts & Sweaters

Unless you are Kanye West, sure, there was a huge trend involved with wearing torn garments, but be honest did it ever look good in the first place. It’s just a dead trend that needs to be left in the past. Save your time and money and just don’t wear clothes that have an overly large quantity of holes and tears in them, it’s not cool.

3. Fake Leather

Pleather made from polyurethane, a fake leather. The most common things to be made from this fabric are knock-off man bags and the shoes from point two.

4. Stop Dressing Like a Child

You need to start investing your money into pieces that will illuminate your adulthood. Run away from the garments that will make you look like a child; these clothing pieces will make you look immature and you’ll be taken less seriously. Just dress your age. Sure, you can wear sneakers with ripped jeans, but make sure you have a dressy pair of shoes with a dark pair of jeans in your closet. Another item you’ll need is a good watch.

5. Invest in a great Pair of Shoes

A bad shoe and outfit combination can ruin it all. Big turn off if you can’t match your shoes with your clothes or your shoes are worn off. Make sure to invest in a branded shoe that are in trend. Always purchase a well fitted ones. Just spend more and purchase a pair of sneakers and formal to be worn universally.

6. Stop Letting Your Girl Pick Out your Outfit

If you want to look like a 10-year-old boy getting ready for school, then go for it. But do you really want that for yourself? It’s time to start acting your age. If you’ve been following my videos, you’ll know what it takes to dress professional at an affordable price. You have the capability to be a dapper, handsome gentleman. Grow up and dress for success, on your own.

So, these the Unstylish things men do and need to stop doing them! Follow my advice and you will see a difference in your wardrobe and your fashion game!

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