39 Best Undercut Haircut for Men 2021

The undercut haircut is one of the most trending mens haircut currently. It has a unique and memorable, high contrast structure, it gives a classy and refined look. So, in this article, check out the best undercut haircuts for men 2021.

Its very to see why – the mens undercut haircut is distinctive and sophisticated. Unlike other short haircuts, you can recognize undercut hairstyle at the first glance. You can even style it in too many different ways, and each of the variations is as distinct as the mens undercut fade itself.

In this article, we have gathered up the best collection undercut haircuts for men. Whether you are looking for a haircut or never heard of mens undercut fade, this guide will discuss all the major points, through which you can get a perfect undercut haircut.

What Is an Undercut?

An undercut haircut is short men’s hairstyle, also long top haircut where the sides are shaved out and all one length. The difference with other hairstyles is that it disconnects from the hair on top which creates a sharp contrast.

Ultimately, the undercut fade is a very cool hairstyle for short to medium hair length that can be coupled with a number of other haircuts to achieve your desired look. The flexibility makes the look distinctive and so popular.

What Face Shapes Work Well?

Undercut hairstyles makes the face to pop more, which allows your jawline to show more. They are perfect for square faces, make the face look more smooth and less boxy. It is also is great for diamond-shaped faces for the same reason.

But people with round faces, might need to consider another haircut since it is a rounder, smoother style. Although how sharp, seamless, blended style that creates a general smoothness to the face.

And always make sure you carry a photo of a similar hairstyle so that you can show that to your barber, so you get exactly what you want. This is very important if you are going for a unique variation on the undercut haircut. if you are after a certain hairstyle with different length on top and sides then you must have an image.

Best Undercut Haircuts for men 2021

Slicked Back Undercut Haircut

The slicked back undercut fade is probably to most common haircut there has been in mankind’s history. It’s a very regular haircut and you’ve seen it or might rocked in childhood. Being regular and plain its still one of the popular one in mens hair fashion and men’s fashion overall.

In a traditional cut, the hair is parted but slicking the hair back is a common style. The slicked-back look also resembles a bit to pompadour. It goes well with all the outfits and works great for all occasions.

undercut 2021

Disconnected Undercut

The disconnected undercut fade is one of the most prominent undercut haircuts. It has got dramatic variations. The top hair is disconnected from the sides with a hard part. This creates defined line where short hair stops and top long hair begins.

The hair of the top can have serious length and volume to it to create an extremely noticeable cut.

undercut 2021

Blonde Quiff and Undercut

Coloured hairs can be very loud, this quiff with short sides, also making it something of an undercut. One of the best if you dare to colour your hair.

undercut 2021

Blonde Blowout with Dark Undercut Haircut

Another one with big hairstyle. This gives a great contrast with the short, darker sides and facial hair.

undercut 2021

Sideline and Degradation Design

This design takes the curly hair and separated from the short sides with a fine part around the head.

undercut 2021

Sideline and Degradation Design

This design takes the curly hair and separated from the short sides with a fine part around the head.

undercut 2021

Stylish Brush Up

This stylish brush up goes well with this as this brings the top into the light. The sides are being taper fade which enhances it and top is slightly dyed for that poppy look.

undercut 2021

Side Swept Undercut Fade

Side swept a very basic yet stylish one and here it is in its fully glory. The hard part acts as undercut place, sides are taper fad with top being dense and side-swept. A great professional look for meetings, interviews and a conference.

undercut 2021

Medium Hair Undercut

The medium-length undercut is perfect for men with curly, wavy or straight hair and are willing to invest some time to style their look. With short sides and medium on top, this maximizes styles you can pull it off.

undercut 2021

Long Hair Undercut

The long hair one has been in the major trend for years. Examples of undercut hairstyles for long hairs, this includes top knot, man bun, long comb over and bro flow.

undercut 2021

Undercut Fade

The undercut fade combines the best ways to cut hair on your sides. This is by far the most stylish men’s haircut you get; the undercut fade works with medium, short and long hair. This is a neat, fresh and youthful.

undercut 2021

How To Get The Undercut Hairstyle

The undercut is basically a simple haircut but it really depends upon your barber how to open up the quest for the best suitable haircut for you. However, due to variations within the style, take a picture to your barber to give him idea what you really want.

Undercut for Curly Hair

This is personally my favourite just because I have curly hair. In this we have a high skin fade that gives a sharp contrast with thick curly hair. use some pomade to hold the hair on the place and make curls extra bounce and life.

undercut 2021

How To Style An Undercut haircut?

Not many people get to change their hairstyle, either because of hair problems or professional reasons, so, consider yourself lucky that you can think of changing your hairstyle. So, take care of your hairs by using these best hair products for men 2021.

Before getting into undercut fade styles, keep in mind that for some hairstyle you might require some hair products like pomade, wax or mousse to hold or give volume to your hair. these products are essential for giving your hairstyle some identity, otherwise they will loose the hold or volume in an hour or so.

So, to style the basic with volume.

  • Get your hair a bit wet, towel dry but not much.
  • Apply small amount of mousse or pomade to your hair and rub it gently and over all parts of hair.
  • Blow dry your hair while combing or brushing upwards. For a side part, blow dry in the direction you want to make it fall and for a slick back, brush through front to back.
  • To give some texture, run your fingers through your hair to give it a relaxed, natural look.

Undercut Short Hair + Shaved Part

There is no hard and fast rule to good haircut, but this one doesn’t listen. Just style into a classic combover pompadour hairstyle and disconnected with the hard part.

undercut 2021

High Fade Undercut with Thick Waves

The high fade skin fade shows off the thick hair on top and you can style them up into some look waves and like a quiff hairstyle.

undercut haircut for men 2021

Brad Pitt’s Fury Undercut

Who doesn’t like Brad Pitt? And you must be kidding, if you have never tried to get like a hairstyle of Brad Pitt, I mean look at him in Fight Club and Fury, Brad’s iconic undercut in this movie, is a must have style.

undercut haircut for men 2021

Pompadour Undercut Haircut

For a more retro feel with a modern touch, this pompadour mixes the old style with the new to create a classic hairstyle with a fresh modern twist. This adds great volume and height to thin hair.

undercut haircut for men 2021

Messy Top with Undercut

If you like a more relaxed look, then prefer this messy, bedhead style, which you don’t do much just a twice in a month just get the side shaved.

undercut haircut for men 2021

Low Fade Undercut haircut

Want to try out undercut fade but worried that it will look too short? With this low fade version, the taper starts lower down on the head, adds the desired shape, with not much length taken from the top.

undercut haircut for men 2021

Side Part Undercut

Side part the basic mens haircut of all time, this has defined side parting contrasts with an undercut for a polished and neat look.

undercut haircut for men 2021

Skin Fade Undercut

A skin fade is an exaggerated take on the classic fade, the hair is tapered short enough that it blends in with the skin.

undercut haircut for men 2021

Textured Undercut

This textured undercut lets you style with minimal styling required; you’ll love this no fuss look. This has more lived-in looks and the cooler effect – so you’ll finally have an excuse to rock the bed head look.

undercut haircut for men 2021

Braided Undercut

Are you a fan of Game of Thrones or a Viking? Then this braided version of the men’s undercut might just be for you. For this, you will need long hairs, it will also take braiding much easier.

undercut haircut for men 2021

What is undercut hair?

Undercut hair is where the sides and back are cut shorter than the top, allowing the hair on top to sit over the sides.

Who made the undercut popular?

They have been in fashion for a long period. Since the Edwardian times. Over the years, it has been common among UK gangsta and the military. However, it recently became famous thanks to Peaky Blinders haircut and Fury.

Can I pull off an undercut?

Believe me, undercuts are great because they are very versatile and can be tailored to different face shapes. Oval, round, square faces look best with a mens undercut.

Is an undercut high maintenance?

No, but they require regular trims, as the key to the look is shorter sides. As such, you should have schedule trips to barber shop twice in a week. Alternatively, because undercuts are generally one length, they are easy to touch up at home and with the good trimmers.

How to Style an Undercut haircut?

  1. Choose an undercut fade which suits your hair length and purpose.
  2. Taken a picture of something similar what you want.
  3. You can choose a layered undercut if you have thin hair.
  4. Use hair products like mousse or pomade to give volume and hold.
  5. Try a pompadour look for some basics.
  6. Use your strands and opt for a disconnected undercut with a long length on top.

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