50 Best Two Block Haircut 2021

The best two block haircut has made its way across the world all the way from Korea. It’s a short haircut which is very easy to maintain. Many K-pop artist rock this hairstyle, which has boosted its popularity. In this article, we’ll the best two block haircut for men 2021.

Some men make their straight and while some gets the top more permed. This creates a soft appearance. You can play with this hairstyle a lot, if you have hair in good quantity. By having medium length hair, you can do a lot more hairstyles with it. Two block haircut has a rapid spread of its popularity all over the world. Colouring the hair is also very popular.

There are many K-pop starts who rock this hairstyle. The whole band members of BTS styles this hairstyle.  T.O.P from Big Bang and Korean star Lee Jong Suk.

short haircuts for men

What Is a Two Block Haircut?

A two-block haircut is similar to under or taper fade, long at the top, shorter at the sides and back. But you can cut it differently by varying the length of the hair at the top. Instead, there is a clear differentiation of layers, from middle or the side parted. The middle cut is what made it hugely popular. This type of hair gained popularity because of K-pop singers. Which is why it comes from Korea.

It called two block haircuts because the hair is cut in two separate blocks. One is long and other blocks are short.

What Does a Two Block Haircut Look Like?

Two block haircuts have varying length from short, medium to long. It totally depends upon how much hair you want at the top. The longer at top hangs over the shorter sides. You can either blow dry the top hair for volume and smoothness. Or keep it straight for a parted look.

How Do I Describe a Two Block Haircut?

Best way to describe a hairstyle is actually showing a picture of it. Show a similar kind of haircut to your barber and ask him if he can do that hairstyle, make sure he is confident otherwise you can easily go from two blocks to undercut.

How Long Should Hair Be for Two Blocks?

It depends what style you really want. A general rule, top of your hair should come around your ears. While the hair of the crown should come close to neck and bone at the back of your skull. Although doesn’t require long hairs to achieve it, but then you have to select a short-styled version. Medium hair length suits it the best.

How to Ask for A Two Block Haircut

People usually doesn’t have idea how to ask their barber on how to explain them two block haircuts.

So, I will tell you how to ask for a two block haircut or any haircut!

First of all, make sure you have a picture of the hairstyle.

A barber would probably know the how to do the undercut, with the hair at the back and sides trimmed off. There should be contrasting change in two blocks.

As the K-pop is on the rise, things related with K-Pop are also booming. Korean hairstyle also known as two-block haircut and two-block hairstyle is also booming. Hairstyles of K-pop stars has gain immense popularity ever since BTS has gain traction.

As Koreans have thick and healthy hair so they are able to pull off any hairstyle. From bowl cut hair to slick back. From shaggy haircut to messy hairdo, you have got so many options to choose from. If you want to try out different hairstyle for each month then you have to check one of these two-block haircuts. Just look at the ideas we have for the best two-block haircut for men 2022.

One popular style is to just leave the hair long. The sides are cut in a way that sideburns would be seen on a Caucasian. Place the fringe above the side of eye. A slight perm can give some good waves.  also, could go for the curls and messy appearance.

Young people are adopting stye where hair is shorter, but fuller on the top. the light perm can produce waves in the hair. The fringe is trimmed to hang them straight across the forehead.

When it comes to styling two block or Korean haircut, the important point they keep in mind is that they keep it practical and stylish. Since they have pretty thick hair, that’s why it makes it easy to style them.

How can I get Korean hair?

Yes, anyone can have Korean hair and hairstyles but with a lot of good care routine and bunch of styling products. Lots of maintenance, conditioning and mask are keys to getting Korean hair.

How Do Koreans Get Shiny Hair?

Not all can have natural shiny hair, but with thick hairs Korean can maintain it pretty easily. For shiny hair you have to maintain a lot. Use some egg white – it cleans the follicles to eliminate the excess grease. Diets can also affect the hair growth. Protein rich diets can strengthen your hair more.

How to Style A Two Block Haircut?

Nothing is worse than getting a haircut and coming home to see that it doesn’t match what you wanted. Styling this one is not difficult till the time you have the basics right!

You just need some basic things like hairdryer, bit of wax or mousse to hold the hair at the place. Doesn’t need much efforts to get it.

How to Get a Two Block Haircut yourself?

Here we have written down all the steps you need to follow to get yourself a two-block haircut.

Step 1: After a cold shower, brush off extra water but not all.

Step 2: separate the top from bottom.

Step 3: Trim your sides and back.

Step 4: Carefully cut your sides and back, cut only you like.

Step 5: Use scissors to slowly cut the ends of your hair.

Step 6: Use the wax or mousse to give the hold to top hair.

Step 7: style as you like.

But what does this trendy haircut look like?

Are there different ways to wear it?

How can you know if it’s the right cut for you?

In this article, we have gathered a collection of best two block haircuts for men to show different variation of the hairstyle. With that you can know what will style you more.

short haircuts for men

Best Two Block Haircut Vs Undercut

The difference between them is there is a contrasting change between the lower block and the upper block in the two block. It is more disconnecting than the undercut.

Things to consider before getting if haircut suits your face.

What is your head shape?

Know your head shape. Actually, the shape doesn’t matter much, but it’s all on you. Wet your hair and slick back your hair to know your shape. Check your hairline, front and back. 

You don’t want to pick a hairstyle which showcase your widow’ peak or receding hairline.

Does it fit your personality and your professional lifestyle?

This is a lot more important to above to points. You can’t really style this if you are professional corporate person. You may want to choose to a pompadour. Otherwise, if you are an artist, or do a job at not so professional environment then this hairstyle is perfect for you.

Best Two Block Haircut

Long Two block haircut

I personally prefer long over shorts or even medium is better. Although it takes time for them to grow, it’s worth the wait.

With long hairs you can try much more than just top spikes.

short haircuts for men

Short Haircut

Keep your crown hair and fringe long and shortly cut your sides. Also, a great turn on for this hairdo is that it goes so well with round glasses.

short haircuts for men

Side Part

This article will show you why two block haircuts is so versatile hairstyle. If you want a quick change, you can just flip your bang on the other side and voila, you have a new hairstyle.

short haircuts for men

Korean Two Block Haircut

Layer your fringe and colouring your hair will surely give an eye pleasuring look. Arrange your bangs and side to orient on the one side.

short haircuts for men

Long Fringe

Asian boys know how to rock this hairstyle. Shave your sides and gradually trim the back hair. Leave the to p long and your bangs on your forehead.

short haircuts for men

Edgy & Short Two Block Haircut

Belonging to Korean hairstyle as trendsetting haircut can be created and style very differently. For example, the slightly textured top blends with an edgy fringe with shaved sides.

short haircuts for men

These are the some of the best two block haircut 2021.

Slicked Back & Neat Haircut

Once you top is long, you can make it cool and slick back to give a touch of popular Pompadour style. Use some mousse or wax with trimmed sides.

short haircuts for men

Haircut with Straight Bangs

You can go for bangs also. Not only this will make it a style look modern but it also gives good face framing touch.

short haircuts for men

Punky Two Block Haircut

A bowl-inspired all-over fringe and it’s punk quiff or Mohawk.

short haircuts for men

Messy Hair

This is just my type of haircut. The messier, more I like it. The wearer can add waves or brushing and blow-drying the hair in different directions. You can use some texturing product will give illusion of the messiness is well-groomed and stylized.

short haircuts for men


Layering with haircuts look really great. Just keep the crown hair growing out long while for the sides and back, shave or trim it. A layered would look balance the thickness of the crown’s hair. Brush it evenly around the head. But how you style it depends upon how you blow dry it.

short haircuts for men


Another variant for this is straightening of your hair. However, it works best with oval face shape.

short haircuts for men

Two Block with Fringe

Texture is the main game about this hairstyle. It aims for volume typically alongside one side of the hair more than the other. Wet your hair and settle with some pomade or spray for definition.

short haircuts for men

Wavy Style

It’s a bit of messy look, the wearer has to be confident about looking messy. Go all-out with the subtle or strong waves. To create more create waves, it’s best to start with washing and de-tangling your hair. Dry with hair dryer to achieve appropriate amount of edginess.

short haircuts for men

Brown Two Block Haircut with Side Part

It you naturally black or brunette hair, it would be appropriate to start with getting a brown shade for your haircut. Apply a light shade of brown that can differentiate your natural hair colour.

short haircuts for men

Silver Two Block Haircut

These are my favourite, although I have never tried them, but I will soon. This colour will definitely turn some heads!

best two block haircut

Middle-Parted Two Block

The middle part is something very common but with this modern twist make it in the two block category. It has the perfect 90s grunge modern vibe for you. It doesn’t have to be prim and proper. Just get the hairstyle and just part from middle. Easy right?

best two block haircut

Rounded Bang

This offers a both professional and casual look, with round fringe that covers your forehead and partially covers your eyes, you can rock this style with ease!

best two block haircut

White Blonde + V-Shaped Fringe

This cut has fun and cool side, the V-shaped fringe gives a modern look while looking fresh with the blonde shade. To maintain this haircut, you just have to get a cut every two weeks.

best two block haircut

Light Purple & Layered

With hair on top, you easily do some layering and experiment with colours. Fringe for face-framing can give a new look. But if you have thin hair, keep it low with layers to maintain. You can for highlights or just go with whole hair.

best two block haircut

Asymmetrical Voluminous Styling

With so many styling options, you can include asymmetrical tresses. This goes with shaved back and sides with keeping it stylish. Just apply some hair pomade to achieve this look.

best two block haircut

So, this is how you style best two block haircut! Do you like this haircut? then share it with your friends!

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