Triund trekking with my two best friends

Before starting, just know a little about the place. Triund Trek is a perfect getaway to the heights in McLeodganj. Situated between the Dhauladhar Mountains and Kangra valley. Triund Trek is one of the most sought-after treks in Himachal Pradesh. Trekking in Triund if you ask me was not difficult at all, a young person could easily do it but it nevertheless gifts you the stunning views and thrills any other high-altitude treks can give. Triund trek is for all and most popular activity in Mcleodganj and you will definitely not regret it.

I mean just have a look at the top of Triund! Doesn’t it looks like the top of the world and you feel accomplished?

triund trekking


So, i going to start day by day. From taking Bus from Delhi to Mcleodganj and back all the crazy things that happened in between 😛 . Enjoy and read the whole blog and don’t forget the give feedback :D. 

–Night 1

So, the day was Saturday we had two mid-terms paper on the same day on which we had to leave for McLeodGanj. But do you think this was difficult part? Lol no, a day before we didn’t even know we are going or not, thanks to my friends :P. It’s crazy how we have been planning this from last 2 months and still couldn’t confirm it till the last night, by booking the bus tickets only and not a place to stay. We just casually choose hotel when we reach the place. So, 9:20 pm bus departure from Delhi to Mcleodganj. We, were Hella excited for this trip. It was just 3 of us and we could sing “We’re the 3 best friends that anyone could have”, yes, I stole it from Hangover! We were more excited when a cute girl sat next to us. But here’s when life becoming tough again, she changed the seat. Lol, never mind. We chatted all night, slept for good amount of time. Our bus took 1 stop in some place we didn’t even know. Usually people eat a lot in between pit stop. And I just prefer Tea every-time, no wonder I belong to Uttarakhand. Just took the sip of the tea and had all the excitement back.

So, anyhow we passed the night, watch the sunrise from the bus, the view was impeccable, from plain night to see a beautiful mountain sunrise is blissful. I think it’s time to switch it to Day 1.

–Day 1

Is life easy? I would say a big NO! We reached Dharamshala at around 8:30 am, had all the bus lag :P. Now somehow, we got ourselves to hotel and we somehow bargain for the room and it had the best view you can get in the Mcleodganj market. We took some rest, woke up, freshen up and went ahead for the day. The adventures started with the breakfast and searching for a place to go. Luckily, all the sight-seeing was within walking distance. So, around 1:30 pm we left for Dalai Lama temple which was around only 1.2 kms from our hotel, not a big deal.

Dalai Lama Temple

It is a really interesting place by seeing how Buddhist monastery are. It was such a holy place. No noise, dead silence and prayers were going on! If you go to a place to visit and doesn’t involve in the culture of that place then whats the point on going?

Mcleodganj Market

After the temple we roam around the Mcleodganj market which is full of local artefacts, jewellery just like a flea market. But I would say this all the mall roads looks the same, be it Mussoorie, Nainital or Shimla.

Bhagsu Waterfall

Then we decided to go Bhagsu Waterfall which was around 3.2kms from our hotel, it took use almost an hour to reach the waterfall by walking. The way up was so mesmerizing. You don’t get to see it every day. The water was cold, sun was at the peak, just the perfect balance of mother nature. We three just sat at the top for some time, chatted and return back walking to the market.

There was a bakery I don’t remember the name, but it had the most delicious donuts and apple pie I have ever had. Must try, just find the bakery yourself :P.


We went to the hotel, took some rest and there was a very small local restaurant and we knew we had to try the best local dish, Thupka! Funny thing as that we saw a lady, she was eating the same with chopsticks but when we ordered they gave us fork LOL! But we insisted for chopsticks and told them to teach us. Yes, we were successful!

But the sole reason of this trip was the trekking in Triund and camping overnight. But Trekking is not allowed over the top of Triund, so we asked the local travel agency for camping, and voila we found someone who can make that happen.
So, after this for dinner we went to this fancy Restro bar in the market, which had the live band performing all the old songs which was perfect to end the day! So, after having dinner we just explored the whole market and went straight to sleep! We had to sleep or the trekking would result in disaster!

Day 2

The next morning, the morning we had been waiting for 2 months. The day of trekking hell yeah! Let’s go.

So, we went to the person who will get us through to the start of trekk. So, we took taxi from Mcloedganj market to Gallu Temple and the road was damn, you can’t even say uneven.

So, we reached Gallu temple, filled the register of the Check post at the start, just a place which they last saw you for safety reasons.

So, we started the trek at last!! It was not that difficult for me at all, I don’t know for others :P. We were trekking with some music on the way but mind you, playing music is not allowed while trekking, so beware. Mid way a small shop comes which ofcourse over charge you for “difficult to bring at the top”, but whatever, just bring water with yourself for the top. Don’t use plastic there and don’t litter the place 😀 . The shop is exactly the middle of the trekking almost 3.5kms. Still 3.5 kms to go and now we started to feel the burn a little bit, because ofcourse we had all our clothes with us. We found our guide, who will get us to the camping place.

Alas! We reached the top, it’s so so so beautiful you can’t even imagine! After the hard work of trekking, the view is all the sweat worth. It’s so so worth it. You should definitely try trekking. After spending some time clicking photos and eating at the only shop at the top we went to place where we had to camp. It was around 3kms from the Triund top. The Descend is really tough. Tougher than the uphill. I got slipped twice, my friend got slipped twice and broke is ankle in a lot of pain :P. After trekking for so long we reached our camp site. There was only one group already there of 5 people.


So, again we clicked photos, we love getting photos :P. Saw the beautiful sunset. And as the day was ending, we started the bonfire. We 3 and the other group got together, laughed a lot, shared stories, danced and everything else. They had some alcohol to end the night perfectly.

–Night 2

In the night, you could almost see the whole milky way on the sky, it was so freaking beautiful! Camera lens couldn’t capture the stars.

So, we had to see the sunrise. We woke up around 5:40 am in the morning it was still dark, you never know to turn behind and see something fishy lol don’t look behind! So, as the sun was coming up I had the most perfect seat at the edge of the mountain, looking at the sun like I have had everything I want in life, yes I got sentimental by the view 😛 , but it was so beautiful I can’t explain. The photos don’t justify the view

Call me drake because the view!!

–Day 3

Ahh! Last day before we leave for Delhi next morning. We have to leave this beautiful place. Why god why? 😛 . So, as we were getting down from the camping area. The decline was damn. It’s really difficult to go down, dude. Around 11am we reached the bottom through the Bhagsu waterfall, took an auto from Bhagsu water fall to Mcleodganj, took our belongings and went to Dharamshala. We went to the first hotel we got, because we were so tired. And best thing, we bargained from 3000 per night to 1200 per night :P.

So, we took some rest, it was a hard-felt rest. We needed that. After that we went for some lunch, it was great. There’s not much to check out in Dharamshala, we just wanted to be at new place on a new day, it was a last-minute plan to go Dharamshala. We went to see world’s highest cricket stadium. It was around 3 kms I guess from the place we were staying. We took so many shortcuts. On the way helped an older woman to start the scooty, ha-ha that shit was epic. Because she couldn’t do it and I did, you can call me PRO :P. Stadium was beautiful, we took a bus back as we were tired. On the way back we had some refreshment drinks.


–Night 3

Then we had the last walk on Dharamshala main road in the night, we had some dinner from dominos, because you know you have to have pizza. The time was 10 pm, we ordered my favourite tea and we 3 had the conversation outside our room. There was a place you chill outside the room and we took the whole advantage of that. These are the moments you will remember for lifetime. You should have some memories because after college you don’t get shit time to meet your peeps. Make the use of the time that you have. Because, “Vo ek din, ek pal ka intezaar karte rhoge toh, Zindagi nikal jayegi!”, Yes, I teared a bit lol.

–Day 4


We left the hotel room at around 6:20 am for the bus stand to take the bus back. Bus depot was very very close to our hotel. The bus was for 7am, and as we look back, behind we saw the flashback of just getting out of the bus on the day we reached here and now we are leaving, sadly that’s life, you eventually lose the good things.
Worst bus experience we had. Never take a bus back or even going anywhere in the morning, it will ruin your whole day. The bus took so many stops on the way, it took us 14 hours to get back to Delhi. It was so so tiring, huh! At least we were back Alive, ha-ha period!
The journey was over, so as the best trip I have ever taken in my life and wish I can have these more trips, memories with the 2 best friends I went with.
LOL, “We are the 3 best friends that anybody could have”. “Wolf Pack”.
Hope you guys enjoyed and can feel the trip as you were reading this blog of mine on travelling. Hope you guys liked it. Feel free to share your opinion.

Let me know if you have any suggestions! Tweet us at @thefashionwolff. 

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