19 Best Family Tree tattoos for men 2021

People find unique ways with tattoos have been known the deliver good messages and people to live by the rules written on them. Tree tattoos for men are very unique. Tattoos have long lasting impression and many people are using this tactic to send message for a climate change. So, in this article, we’ll show you the best family tree tattoo for men 2021.

Because of this reason, that to promote nature, tree tattoos for men are getting popular lately. To send a positive message you surely need to have a good idea for tattoo design. Here we have gathered up collection of some amazing tree tattoos for men that can help to change a view point of people regarding climate change and global warming. For that reason, some people just simply choose tattoos of trees. That may sound boring but not if you look at what trees have meant in various religions and cultural mythologies. Trees represent wisdom, life and community, they give great meaning to tree tattoos beyond merely being a fan of landscapes and nature.


There is literally no shortage of ideas to incorporate a quote tree into a tattoo. Some people give emphasizes to the branches while some prefer roots. You can even represent your tree tattoo into a family tree, which adds more meaning to the tattoo. You can also represent tree as a shelter to birds and animals and adding lakes to create a full scenic of nature. And of course, there is an option of getting a laid-back palm tree.

Over the years, getting a tattoo has become a point in everyone’s bucket list. Tree tattoos for men have become a popular choice for many. So, in this article I will show you 49 best family tree tattoo ideas that you should look at for some inspiration. I have gathered a collection of forearms, chest, back, neck and at other places too. Feel free to experiment with the tattoo.

Why Tree Tattoos for men?

Trees are the core heart for humans to survive on this planet. They absorb the CO2 and release oxygen which is vital for human and animal survival. Therefore, there is no reason why tree tattoos shouldn’t be popular!

Not only they are vital, but also trees hold a lot of different meanings for people across many different cultures. They signify beauty, strength, peace, life, regeneration and rejuvenation.

They say that your body is a canvas. Get your inspiration ready because you are going to see the best family tree tattoos for men and women with their meaning.


What tree tattoos for men represent?

Trees represent life and origin of life, that’s why they are respected so much in various communities. In the significance of trees are very high in religions, like in Christianity, the bible the tree of life is mentioned and plays an important role in how things happened and how those events affected humanity afterwards. Trees were also used as shelter. In Egyptian mythology, trees were sign of start and end of life. In current life the role of trees has become sustainability and brings about more respect for the symbol.

The second reason as to why tree tattoos for men are popular is because they transcend time, whether be it any religion, they all have deep devotion and respect for trees. In modern times, with many scientific discoveries, with what trees do, but they still hold the same core importance of what they are born on the world for. Of course, in different cultures, different trees have different meaning with a particular design too. There are quite few designs to choose for tree tattoos for men.

Best Family Tree Tattoo 2021

Trees tattoo on arms

Trees and humans are both living beings, helping and nurturing the elders and young ones.


Palm Tree Tattoo

Palm trees are found in many places and specially withing beachside and getting palm trees as tattoo will give you a tropical vibe everywhere you go.

They represent love for the water and ocean lifestyle. Brings a soothing calmness, and is a universal symbol of relaxation and leisure.


Forest Tattoo Ideas

Forest tattoo will offer a wide range of details which you can include and forest can be made very unique and very rare that you will meet someone with same tattoo.

The horizon of forest is very vast and range of imagery is indefinite, from alpine forest through lakeside views and shorelines.

Birds and animals can add some depth and natural look to your sleeve tattoo, while bigger forest at back or chest can have creature like bear, deer and wolf.


Cherry Tree Tattoo Design

The cherry blossom tree also called as Sakura, is one the most cultural icons in Japan and often part of Japanese traditional tattoos.

Cherry blooms for a short period and is celebrated with blooming parties, where locals and tourist sit under the blossoms to enjoy great company.

family tree tattoos for men 2021

Small Tree Tattoos

Trees are ultimate symbol of enduring strength and majestic beauty. They make a simple and dignified choice for a small design.

They are majestic beauty and enduring strength and play a major role in supporting human life. One of the oldest and most radiant and graceful members of the natural world.

In many traditions, various trees have spiritual meanings. For example, the apple tree signifies abundance while the ash tree represents sacrifice. A skilled tattoo artist can help you design a small and meaningful tattoo to convey your message.a

family tree tattoos for men 2021

Forearm Tree Tattoos

You can turn your forearm into a stunning topiary. Trees signify traditional knowledge and life, so forearm tattoos are popular for their ability to convey their existence. With a forearm tattoo, the tree design can coordinate in any direction, whether the focus is on full species of tree or a small section of branch.

There are many great styles to choose or you can also create your own unique design from a stark black tree or palm trees or completely bare tree with a colourful depiction of an evergreen tree.

family tree tattoos for men 2021

Tree root tattoos

Tree root tattoos offers perfect balance between artistry and humble craft. Celtic tree of life tattoos deploys design focus on roots as much as tree. These designs are highly detailed and when put together with clean line of work and canny quality application, the shadows, shape and spacing delivers a symmetrical tattoo.

Each tree root tattoo explores the finite depths while trying to create expansive heights.

family tree tattoos for men 2021

The hand is the host of this tattoo as its lines, stream-like, pour across the fingers. A lot of hidden meanings in the tree, a hole resembling a gazing eye with full of some dark force.

Tree House Tattoo

If you know a skilled tattoo artist then, you can definitely try the tree house tattoo in a very detailed manner. The longer you look at it, the more things you’ll find. Pssst…did you even see the swing?

family tree tattoos for men 2021

Family Tree Tattoo

If you live in a joint family and love your family the most, then why not get a family tree tattoo? It’s the most beautiful way to signify your love for your nearest and dearest, both alive and deceased. It represents strength, close bond and love. The best part is that you will always get a unique design for you. As per your preference, you can get a large and detail version of it, or just a small one with your parents and siblings name on it.

family tree tattoos for men 2021

Cherry Blossom Tree Tattoo

With the beauty of Cherry Blossom tree, you can honour the life and beauty surrounding us. The flowers have pink hue which makes it one of the most eye-catching plants, but it has meaning than just being visually interesting. The blossom has varying meaning to different cultures, but in Japan, it signifies our fleeting existence, as flowers do not last long. Which makes it very popular to get this ink design onto your body. It will remind you to be grateful every-day. Although you would require a rather larger area to get this design.a

family tree tattoos for men 2021

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