Self Grooming Tips For Mens

Confident, masculine and stylish! Women wish their men to be so. Think of grooming products for women and you can perhaps name a thousand but the same cannot be said for men. For all those who want to look stylish and confident at work, attractive for their women and charming for their friends; self-grooming is an important attribute that you better include in your routine. Top self grooming tips for mens are-

1. What are you carrying?

Last but certainly not the least, there is bound to be stuff that you ferry around. However, placing them in various pockets of your trousers is neither advisable nor safe. A bag, wallet or an organizer that can organize your stuff and also complement your outfit in the best possible accessory when chosen well. There is hence, no wonder why several fashion designers have introduced their own designer line-up of bags and wallets for the metrosexual man.

2. Marry your Belt and Shoes

Your belt and shoes should be matching each other, it is an important tip in grooming for men. Although, this tip is by no means tiny especially if you want to take your sense of style from good to amazing. If you are wearing black shoes, you should not adorn a brown belt or vice versa. And, this simple tip can make you look better.

3. Watch Your Posture


Posture, the most basic self grooming tips for mens is very significant if you want to project an image of confidence and style. Do not slouch and walk straight because this reflects assertiveness in men. Your mom may have always emphasized the need to stand up straight and she is right. Walking tall shows how assured you are and people will also take you seriously. You command respect through your posture and good body language is elegance and charm personified.

4. Sunglasses are not just for your Eyes

Nothing else attracts and looks more appealing than a pair of sexy shades. A well groomed look should be complemented by sunglasses suitable to your face. Sunglasses are not just appealing and attractive but they serve as a means of protection for your eyes against vagaries of weather. Sunglasses provide a magnetic feel and nothing can be more attractive than a well groomed man in a pair of suitable shades. At spot 7, sunglasses manage to reign supreme in a man’s world of style.

5. Shoes are a man’s best friend

Formal occasions demand formal shoes. Wearing sneakers with formal clothes is the first mistake to avoid when it comes to shoes. Also, formal shoes must be polished and shiny. Casual occasions must be complemented by neat and clean shoes without frills and ruffles. By all means avoid dirty and tattered shoes if you want to look good. Shoes can be your best friend but also has the potential to shatter your image. Hence, a pair of good shoes usurps spot 6 with ease.

6. Get A Clean Shave

Cast Away Tom Hanks may have earned a lot of reputation but he had a reason to sport the long and unruly beard and moustache. Finishing on fifth rank is the modern man who must shave regularly so that he can look his best. There can be no mistakes in a close shave unless you get too close to skin so as to leave a scar. And if you are sporting a beard or moustache, it must be trimmed neatly so that there are no stray hairs sticking out. Poorly groomed beard or moustache does not just make you look shabby but also portrays a very unprofessional look. Certainly not a keeper at work or even when with friends.

7. Clothes make the man

This  self grooming tips for mens makes your sense of style gives away a lot of information on the kind of person you are. Wearing well-fitting clothes that are clean, neatly ironed and smelling good. Picking clothes from your laundry basket when you don’t find a clean shirt to get into is not a trick that will fool anyone but you. Secondly, expensive shirts and branded clothes do not fetch you any brownie points if the fit is wrong and the colour is obscene. Ensure your dressing style is suitable for the occasion and your personality. Dress to charm and hence choose appropriately. Sitting comfortably at spot 4, clean and well-fitting clothes definitely make the man you are.

8. Personal Hygiene

It is important to note that personal hygiene is not an option but a need and so is an effortless spot. Your teeth may not be white or straight but they must definitely be clean. Unless, you are playing dumb, there is every need to brush and floss everyday so that you don’t ward off people from you. Food stuck between teeth and very visible plaque are turn offs. Dirty and long fingernails make a ghastly sight and give off signals on poor maintenance. Keep your nails short, clean and well maintained. And those hairs that peek from your nose must be trimmed regularly since this is something people notice about you and is definitely not appealing.

9. Check off the body odour

Every time, body odour is a complete turn down wherever you are. There is a good deal of fragrances in the market that can prevent, eliminate or mask odour. A woman’s quintessential list of attributes in a desirable man always includes smelling good. Hence, this ranks number two in our listing. However, this does not mean that dousing in cologne or perfume will do the trick. It’s important to smell good but you don’t have to make the whole world know about it. Choose a fragrance that best suits you and indulge in only as much as is necessary.

10. Get to the basics

A healthy body is often an attractive body. Therefore, there is no denying a healthy body’s placement in the first rank when it comes to grooming. When you take care of your body, more than half your job is done. Eat healthy and regular meals so that you neither look impoverished nor gluttony. And do not forget to get your share of physical exercises every day. There is nothing more attractive than a fit man despite his age and women find themselves attracted to a trim physique. Fine tuning your lifestyle to bring down the amount of activities that can cause potential harm is necessary for a fit body.


I think these are basic self grooming tips for mens that you can easily include in your day care. For that great first impression and to sustain it; looking, smelling and feeling good is important. Looking good does not have to be a deliberate act but something nonchalant and casual so as to reflect a more confident and stylish man in you.