The 80s Fashion for Men [2020 Updated]

The 80s was one of the most memorable decades, many things that happened in that decade which includes fashion game. From crazy leg warmers, shoulder pads and neon clothing, by the way which is still trending. If you are 80s born or want to know more about the 80s fashion for men, then you are at the right place. So, if you are 80s fashion fan and want to reach out to it again with the likes of Flashdance, George Michael and The Breakfast Club then read along to know more about 80s fashion for men!

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From mullets to suits, mens fashion 80s was nothing short of unique ideas. To put it simply, it was outrageous. But with that too, certain aspects of 80s styles trends for men haven’t lost their expressive edge or style, hence the current onslaught of the retro revivals. Plus, bomber jackets and slogan t-shirts are still in style, so, 80s fashion men is still there!

What Was Men’s Fashion 80s?

The decade was about far more about its loudest style statements. “Decadent”, “edgy”,” expressive”, “colourful”, without conjuring these words, its impossible to define 80s fashion men.

What shoes did men wear in 80s?

  • Reebok Pumps
  • Jordan’s were famous then and now too.
  • Doc Martens, beefy boots
  • Saucony Jazz
  • Jellies.
  • Vans Classics.
mens fashion 80 fashion for men

Whether you just want to discover 90s fashion or the person who was 80s trendsetter back in the OG days, finding 80s fashion right clothing is simple as it gets, you just need to know correct 80s fashion. 80s fashion was all about bright colours and eye-catching patterns. You can be as crazy and creative you can get and more authentic your 90s outfit will be. The more creative you are, the more 80s you will look.

How can a man look in 80s?

80ies fashion for men

The 80s fashion for men

As I have already told you be creative and look 80s fashion man. For the basics, lookout for a fitted suit jacket in any colour, possibly over size with a plain coloured or decorated t-shirt and jeans. The jacket can be patterned, stripes or solid colour. If you don’t own one jacket, by the way you should, you can go for a biker-style jacket which will work great but with a high collar.

80s fashion for men was directed by more of punk and hip-hip culture that are still hugely popular in both fashion and music today. Rock and roll jeans of different colour, which can look weird, are bleached to create patches of different variations of colours and are held together with pins. The 80s fashion for men were style of tight fitting.

mens fashion 80s

You can easily accessorize in 80s fashion by wearing a round hat, huge chains and chunky sun glasses to be wore all day long are key to achieve the 80s fashion.

80s Hip-Hop Fashion

Hip-hop music and culture brought a revolution change in the world. From music to fashion everything changed from slow to loud, high bass and looking funky. In 80s, hip-hop fashion for women was similar to that for men. Baggy silhouettes and athletic clothing gave a pattern look which make the look very bold and bright colours made it matching perfectly. Long chains, snapback caps and oversize clothing played a major role in 80ies.

Top Fashion Icons of 80s

Madonna: Unquestionably the queen of pop in the 1980s, Madonna not only influenced music trends; her incredible physique and energy prompted many young people to adopt the Madonna fashion style, from lacy tutus and leather jackets to wild hair with velvet bows and scrunchies.

(Image Source: Hasshe)

Michael Jackson: If Madonna was the queen of pop in the 80s,Michael Jackson was the undisputed king. His power jackets, military-style accessories, and Jheri-curls African-American hairstyle continue as a fashion influence carried down the decades.

(Image Source: Hasshe)

Jane Fonda: In 80s exercise videos become an instant viral. Jane Fonda was the first major actress to make an exercise video. Already making waves in the fashion world with her role in earlier movies such as Barbarella, she gained enduring fame for the leg warmers and leotards she introduced to the 80’s fashion scene through her fitness videos. Because of Jane, sports clothing walked from the gym on to the catwalk and soon became part of people’s everyday 80’s fashion wear.

(Image Source: Hasshe)

The 80s Punk Fashion

80s punk nurture the way for 90s grunge. This look defined the ending of the 80s decade which made the way for rebellious look to look great. From studded leather jackets to ripped jeans, band t-shirts and huge boots, this 80s punk look was very intense and edgy. This 80s look was very bold and had the in-your-face expression. But now, the look has dropped down in intensity and looks more casual now.
The HairThink ’80s hair and you probably think perms, mullets and flat tops. These hairstyles are very tricky to pull off. But you need some long hairstyles inspiration click here.

mens fashion 80s

What outfits were popular in 80s?

Top 10 Fashion Trends from the 80’s

  • Perms hairstyle was very popular in mens fashion 80s.
  • Mullets
  • Spandex.
  • Ripped knees were classics for youngster.
  • Lacey Shirts
  • Leg warmers for winters,
  • Neon colours by rappers.
  • High waisted jeans.
mens fashion 80s fashion for men
The Mullet

The all-might mullet. There is nothing more synonymous with dated mens fashion than this ridiculous haircut? I think not. The Mullet was popular among the jocks and movie stars, it consist of hair that’s short in front and sides and the long in the back.

If you are looking how to style yourself in 80s fashion, then rock this haircut with a permed mullet wig because why to take such a risky haircut?

mens fashion 80s
Double denim

Yes, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears rocked the couple double denim look in 2000s, but this was trending peak at a decade earlier in 80s. A Canadian Tuxedo in purest form with one shade of denim top to bottom with a darker pant. Opt for acid was to really give a channel 80s era. Brad Pitt is looking great!

mens fashion 80s

Athleisure is famous in many decades but show cast real popularity in 80s with Jane Fonda performing exercise on television. With rise of sporty tracksuits, the all adidas get up has remained iconic with plenty of people still repping the strips.

mens fashion 80s

The Sportswear

The 1980s was the year leisurewear first went mainstream, driven by the explosion of gyms, fitness videos and a growing  sense that  the body inside was at least as important as the clothes that covered it up. Not so different from today.
There was indeed a divide between sportswear and the rest of your clothing you have in your wardrobe. In 80s or even now you can’t rock track suit joggers with a blazer.

mens fashion 80s

The Shirts

Long sleeves fannel shirts, what we called now, were very trendy at that time. It was like short sleeves shirt for lorry drivers but then come brands like Prada to reinvented the Magnum P.I.

Attraction is the one of the most important reason you do fashion, right? The 80ies and this decade reflected that thing majorly, which is why both goes perfectly together even on social media. Which Cuban collar shirt so much popular.

Take the same less-is-more approach with colours; dark bases with an accent or two, ideally in ’80s – Screech Powers is on no mood boards.

The Jeans

Dark, slim denim has had its day. Now, the jeans come in all matter of fits and finishes, from high-waist spray-ons to loose and pleated.
In 80ies acid and bleaches were mainstream in fashion which gives better look. Both which helpfully tie in with club menswear’s current predilection for distressed denim. “Just avoid anything too punk,” he adds.
If you prefer to stick to your standard slim-or-skinny cut, make sure your jeans look lived-in. Ripped jeans were the signature lower body clothing which made a cult. Heavy washes on them made them post-punk, particularly if you throw one of those over-sized blazers on top, the top-heavy silhouette was an ’80s classic. “If in doubt, see Jeff Goldblum,” says Brine. “In the ’80s and today.”

mens fashion 80s
So, these 80s fashion for men ,i think is most inspirational and which led to the rise of greatest fashion in 90ies! Did you feel nostalgic? If you did message us at our social media  Tweet us at @thefashionwolff Also check out: – Business Casual for menMonochrome outfits for men DressingBest formal shoe for menBest Mens haircutsWhat to carry on trips





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