50+ Best Unique tattoos for women 2020

Its 2020, and the taboo surrounding around having a tattoo is diminishing at a good pace. But there are still people having some common fear with tattoo of permanence and the possibility of regretting your ink down the road and that’s totally understandable, considering tattoos are permanent. In this article, we will show you the best tattoos for women which you won’t ever regret having!

However, as the technology as progressed, now you can remove your tattoo with same laser technology but that’s even more painful than getting a tattoo and the risk of getting a scar at that place. But you have already made your mind of getting a tattoo, then you shouldn’t be worried, we have gathered up the best collection of tattoos for women 2020.

Even down the line like, 20-30 years from now, looking at your first tattoo you won’t regret. As age goes you will feel more power and stronger as you now.

female tattoo

Some people still think a woman getting a tattoo must be a butterfly or a rose flower tattoo, but the following gallery of tattoos for women, removes these stereotypical assumptions about female tattoo design no longer hold true.

There are many tattoos designs you can get for yourself woman, from skull, wolf, dragon, from cross tattoo many other designs too. With many from long to small tattoo ideas on hand, shoulderforearm, half sleeves to neck ones. Chest tattoos are gaining lot of popularity among women tattoos.

This stunning tattoos for women collection provides a glimpse of what are tattoo artists are capable of by tuning some of the best masterpieces into female form.

female tattoo

What is the best tattoo for a girl?

  • Butterfly Tattoo. 
  • Dragon Tattoo. 
  • Lion Tattoo. 
  • Semicolon Tattoo. 
  • Wolf Tattoo. 
  • Elephant Tattoo

Where is the best place to put a tattoo for a woman?

There are many places on your body where you can get tattoo with less pain or more pain. Youth mostly get tattoos on the wrist, forearm, neck or biceps. Lower back is a great option for girls. The best for tattoos for girl is lower and neck or biceps for boys.

Do men like tattoos on women?

Most guys say, that the shoulder, the upper back or the hip are the hottest place for a woman to have tattoo. Unsurprisingly, the face tattoo is least attractive to both men and women.

Best Tattoos for Women 2020

The Life of a Butterfly

The butterfly tattoo is one of the most popular and trending tattoo designs for girls. Butterfly tattoos are self-explanatory and straightforward, so it has a good chance you will never regret this tattoo.

Butterfly symbolizes freedom after struggle, this portrays a girl getting out of her bubble and transforming into a grown woman.

Butterfly tattoo looks good in small sizes with placement being from neck, fingers, forearm, arm or a small size on chest.

butterfly tattoos for women
Ghost Design

It’s like a movement that most of the people are inclining towards small tattoo, rather than traditional heavy ink ones. These smaller, minimalist style tattoos also show that girls are not limited to girly tattoos. This ghost cartoon is a very fun and adorable design. Great to show off on Halloween night. Not to mention small tattoos for women are easy to conceal or hide if you work at a place that inhibit visible tattoos.

ghost tattoos for women
Lotus tattoo

Lotus tattoo design are beautiful and aesthetic, it’s a very popular design because it has a lot of meaning. Lotus defines and represents divine beauty and purity, and the spiritual awakening.

tattoos for women
Dreamcatcher Tattoo Ideas

The dreamcatcher has a lot of culture and history and its origin are with American Indian tribes, it is said that women would make it for their children to prevent them from having nightmares.

tattoos for women
Tattoo gun.

At the first glance it looks like a real tattoo gun tucked into garter, but it’s actually a 3D tattoo style. Tattoo artist has done an exceptional work. The overshadowing, detailing everything on the tattoo is prefect. If you are a little hippie or egirl/eboy style and have the badassness in you then go for it.

tattoos for women
Paw prints

If you are an animal lover, then an animal tattoo like elephant, dog, cat or like a wolf if you want to stay more baddy then go for it.

tattoos for women

I don’t want to say much about it. A straight simple and small tattoos for women. It’s one of the most adorable ones on this list. Best option for your first tattoo.

women tattoo
> <. Special key tattoo

Simple shapes like these brackets, semi-colon, colons are very popular and they are one of the best and trendiest in the small tattoos for women bracket.

special tattoo

If you are someone who is into music, playing a music instrument since 9-year-old or you just crush on the Shawn Mendes guitar tattoo then this one is just for you!

guitar tattoo
Bumble bee.

Bee tattoos are not that common but none the less they look pretty in tattoo not IRL, you know

bumble bee
Neck bats

Although this year they have made a ruckus in human life but they were most popular flying animals that people get tattooed. They are a mysterious creature and popular because of release of recent Batman movies.

women tattoo
Wrist fox

Wrist fox are very popular tattoo designs to serve your favourite childhood stories as well as simple designs for those that want to express themselves but don’t want to have sleeves or big tattoos showing.

tattoo women
Elephant herd.

Elephants represent loyalty, strength and love. They are becoming very popular tattoo design. They are such symbols of wisdom, power. They are also considered good luck if truck is facing upwards.

tattoo women
Flower wolf

Here’s an alternative to design we have discussed earlier. This time it is a wolf as the main part of the image and morphing one side of its face to geometric pattern. You can design this tattoo as your own, you don’t have to copy this one.

women tattoo
Demi Lovato’s Tiny Finger Tattoo

Demi Lovato—who, for the record, has a sh*t ton of tattoos—debuted this small finger tat in 2019, courtesy of tattoo artist Winterstone.

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Me first ? thank you @winterstone for my new forever reminder.. #i?me

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Kaia Gerber’s Small Tattoos for women

Kaia Gerber has a cute little curation of tiny tattoos, including everything from angel wings to teeny-tiny flowers (some of which are actually stick-and-poke tats, BTW).  






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Vanessa Hudgens’ Tiny Boob Tattoo

Honestly you gotta respect the replacement of Vanessa Hudgens’ latest tattoo—a tiny sunflower right on the side of her boob. TBH I kinda love it.

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And to conclude our #thirstythursday Hahahahaha ? @drag_ink @bangbangnyc

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Miley Cyrus’s Small Script Tattoo

Miley Cyrus is the queen of tiny tattoos. This tattoo reads, “My head was feeling scared, but my heart was feeling free”.






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Henna Tattoo

Henna tattoo is a great option if you are not ready for a long-term commitment, you may consider this henna tattoo. Just like a permanent tattoo, just final your design and have them for about a week and feel if you would want this design permanently on your body for your life. Henna are very popular in Indian and used in many festivals and in weddings, also called mehndi, traditions in many other countries like Morocco and Egypt.

tattoo women
Cute Little Tattoos for women

Small tattoos for women are adorable and cute! As long as you find an artist who is specialized in small design you can get yourself a detailed small tattoo or a cuter version of a long tattoo. Little dainty tattoos are great if you don’t want your tattoo to be too bold or noticeable.

women tattoo
Flower Tattoos for women

Earlier we saw combination with flower tattoos but now we show you only flower tattoos. Which girl doesn’t like flowers, right? but this doesn’t mean you want a basic flower and can’t create an out of the box design. There are many flowers to choose from.

flower tattoo
Sternum or Chest Tattoos for women

Pain. First thing we see someone getting this tattoo. You better be able to tolerate the pain, it’s just skin sitting against bone. Yes, it looks great something so simple sitting there and tends to be popular region for flowers or an interesting tribal-like patterns.

chest tattoo
Thigh Tattoos for women

Thigh tattoos for women are also very popular if you want one which you don’t want to be on a display all the time. They are normally larger in size, so if this is your third or fourth tattoo, then you can definitely get a thigh tattoo. Thigh tattoos for women are usually thought to be quite sexy.

tattoos women
Does a Tattoo Make You More Attractive?

Will a tattoo make you more attractive? There is not a definitive answer to this, but it surely depends on the person. Some people really dig the concept of getting ink on their body, or some don’t. though it doesn’t really matter what other people might think, as long you are happy with your tattoo.

tattoos women
Take Care of Your Tattoo

Taking care of the tattoo is major part after getting a tattoo. Because if you don’t take care of your tattoo, then it can be infected, colours can get blur and can also leave a scar too. Although after care is easy, you just have to take care of few things. After tattoo artist wrap your tattoo, which usually gets left on for an hour so. Wash your tattoo under warm water. Don’t get sweat your tattoo for a day or so, and just general care with applying cream on the tattoo three times a day.

women tattoo
Don’t Worry About the Pain

Everyone has tere own tolerance of pain differently. Depending on the area, pace and the size, the pain can be more or less. Small tattoos for women anywhere are bearable though and shouldn’t be spent stressing over. Getting a tattoo was your idea after all, so just relax.

female tattoo
Play it Safe

It’s very important to know that tattoos are still not accepted in every corner of the world. Some people prohibit tattoos. While tattoos are more accepted now, there are still workplaces that have strict rules against them. you don’t want to throw your working dreams away because of a silly tattoo. Be cautious though.

female tattoo
Select Something with Meaning

Get a tattoo of something that holds a meaning in your life but also aesthetically pleasing. You want something that has value to you, even when you are old and tattoo has faded you still look it up and feel the memories coming back.

So, these are the best tattoos for women 2020, do you have a tattoo? Then show and get yourself a feature on our website and social media too! Follow us on @thefashionwolf on Instagram!

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