Best Tattoo Ideas for Men 2020!

Considering a tattoo and looking for ideas? In this article I am going to give best tattoo ideas for men 2020.

Tattoos are your personal choice. Keep in mind, tattoos stay forever, so before getting them, give it a thought. When you carry a piece of body art through life, you’ll often forget it’s there. The last thing we want is for you to look down, remember, and regret.

The best tattoo ideas for men range from designs that are meaningful and unique to simply cool and badass artwork. While some guys get tattoos to mark a special moment in their life, highlight a life philosophy, or honour their family, sometimes men just want a really amazing, intimidating or creative piece of body art.

To help you explore the possibilities, we’ve put together a guide on how to get the best tattoos for men. From placement to tattoo designs for men to picking an artist, here’s everything to consider with a guy’s tattoo.

Where to Get A Tattoo?

When it comes to getting a tattoo, there are many different important factors to consider. Many of these major decisions fall into place after this big one: placement. For example, the decision to place a tattoo on your arm will likely dictate what the design looks like.
Factors to consider include whether or not it’s appropriate for the world to see, versus one that can be hidden on your back or thigh.

best tattoo designs and tattoo ideas for men

How to Take Care of Your Tattoo?

Important factor to keep in mind is aftercare is vital. Though taking care of your freshly inked is important, as at the start it might infected, it’s also critical for your skin’s health.

Typically, you will be told how to remove your bandage, ways to keep the area clean, tips for moisturizing, and the importance of preventing sunburn.

Read here to know more about, some tattoo mistakes!

How to Get A Tattoo?

When you are getting a tattoo for the first time, there are a few up-in-the-air questions, and it can be hard to know where to start. Keep the following steps in mind before you go to get tatted up.

Read here to see some couple tattoo ideas!
best tattoo designs and tattoo ideas for men

Pick Out A Good Artist!

Find out a good tattoo artist nearby or even go far if you think no one is good nearby. Ofcourse a reputable, experienced tattoo artist might impact the cost of your tattoo, this is definitely the are not to skimp on. They’ll be decorating your body with something permanent, so it’s imperative to find a trusted artist with skill and a good reputation.

Be sure to do your research. Look up tattoo artists near you online (or at a destination that you wouldn’t mind traveling to), read any available reviews, and check out their portfolio. Most will have an Instagram account, so be sure to scroll through their work. This can also help to inspire you for your own design.

Once you’re at the shop for your appointment, you’ll be able to work together with your artist. They will ask you what you want, and you can go back and forth until you reach a final decision.
Your artist will sketch out the design first and show you the placement, so you can see it visually on you before they get started with the needle. Show up sober and prepare for discomfort; some artists recommend using a numbing cream beforehand if you are sensitive to pain.

Prepare for your appointment by asking for a quote. Most artists have a minimum price for their work. Tipping is customary as well for a job well done. So, make sure to get an experienced artist. These tattoo ideas for men, might give you some idea what would you want get inked.

Best Tattoo Ideas for Men

Mythological Figures
tattoo ideas for men

Many Hindu Mythological Gods have been in popularity for the tattoos. Generally, their followers get those.

Save the superheroes for your bedsheets and re-create an ancient figure like Atlas, Beowulf, Merlin, or Kali. Find a myth you relate to and a figure you like the look of.

Some Personal Code
tattoo ideas for men

Get yourself a code that have deeper meaning for you. It’s fun to get a tattoo that keeps a secret and isn’t blatant. Plus, your piece need only make sense to you.

Black Ink
tattoo ideas for men

Black ink is really basic and simple, you don’t need to get overboard. It’s always a good idea to use black ink. Every tattoo fade with time, but colour rapidly ages on the skin and loses its cluster long before black ink does. Retouching colour is also not fun. Keep things classic and whatever you do— black ink or colour — do not get white ink.

Modern Throwbacks to Childhood
best tattoo designs and tattoo ideas for men

Are you a fan of any childhood memory? Do you remember your favourite manga or anime? I have been a big fan of Naruto. A big fan, believe it. There are not of ideas for Naruto fans tattoo, here is an example.

Abstract Distorted Segments
best tattoo designs and tattoo ideas for men

Abstract tattoos, in essence, fracture an image until it becomes something else. You’ll need a killer artist to pull one of these off but if you do, your tattoo becomes a one-of-a-kind masterpiece. Both for guys who are solely interested in an elaborate visual and those who value deeper meanings, draft the piece with your artist to create layers of context and substance.

Obscure Numerals
best tattoo designs and tattoo ideas for men

You’ve gone back and forth between getting a tattoo and nothing has stuck. Often, the urge to get inked is greater than the love of a design, and this is where trouble arises. If you can’t pick an image or word, screw them both and opt for small, obscure numbers. The alternative is a massive word on your chest. No regrets, right?

Family Names
best tattoo designs and tattoo ideas for men

Not your girlfriend or boyfriend. Tattoos can express your heritage and pride. You can use your surname, keep the name small or medium size.

best tattoo designs and tattoo ideas for men

Similar to a spirit animal, the wearer of a portrait tattoo wants to honour the legacy of the person he preserves in ink.

Leg Tattoo for men
best tattoo designs and tattoo ideas for men

Although some will say, they wear jeans or track pants all the time. Legs no doubt have a lot of room to work with. You have got a lot of option, for example if you like riding a motorcycle, you can have number of gear tattoo at the ankle.

Back Tattoo for men
best tattoo designs and tattoo ideas for men

Biggest space you can you can go tattoo with or fill the area with a ton of smaller individual designs. And last, back tattoos are forever trendy and cool.

Shoulder Tattoo ideas for men
best tattoo designs and tattoo ideas for men

Shoulder tattoos are all the rage. In addition to a flattering shape, this part of the body can either be covered up or shown off to the world. It’s a curved canvas ready for a bold design.

Simple Tattoo Designs for men
best tattoo designs and tattoo ideas for men

Simple tattoos are proof that designs don’t have to be intricate or complicated to be cool. Generally, small and simple tattoos have been very popular for men.

Quote Tattoo Designs for men
best tattoo designs and tattoo ideas for men

Quote tattoos have been in popularity for a long time. When looking at quote tattoo ideas, important factors to consider include the meaning, size, location, and font – all of which play a crucial role in emphasizing the message.

Cool Tattoo Designs for Men


When it comes to tattoo designs, endless possibilities are present. There are some classical cool ideas that can be some basic ideas to use. These include some popular things like a skull, wolf shapes, family crest, trees, or pattern or more.

Below are some tattoo ideas for men. You can try these, but make sure are ready to have a tattoo.

best tattoo designs and tattoo ideas for men
best tattoo designs and tattoo ideas for men
best tattoo designs and tattoo ideas for men
best tattoo designs and tattoo ideas for men

best tattoo designs and tattoo ideas for men
best tattoo designs and tattoo ideas for men

best tattoo designs and tattoo ideas for men
best tattoo designs and tattoo ideas for men
best tattoo designs and tattoo ideas for men


Now that we have the introduction to tattoos and some popular designs, let’s discuss ideas how you can come up with meaningful and unique tattoos.

While tattoos for men can different meanings, most people find their own significance that relates to their own story and personality.

Think about your life

There must be a story in your life or a moment that has stood out in your life? Dig deep for things that matters and make to eternal with piece of body art.

Think about your message

What is the thing that you stand up for? Which you value or a trait important to you? Can you make the thing it a figure or a shape or sum up in a word? Then that an be your message. Message that you hold dearly, aesthetic value or something you never forget.

Think about your style

Your body art should reflect your personality. If you are bold, realistic you make more delicate shading and black and grey play of details black work?

How to Get a Tattoo

Choose the Right Tattoo Artist

Inking your skin is a great deal, that will most probably be remain there for rest of your live, so get some professional help. For the best outcome, seek out a tattoo specialist in the style of tattoo you want to get.

Listen to the Professionals

Be sure to make a note of what your tattoo artist suggests you to do. As a professional, they’ll be able to provide your expert insight and all their experience gonna make your part easy too!

Play it Safe

While many workplace environments still frown upon the in that can’t be covered up. So, before you get that killer or your favourite neck tattoo, be sure to consider your career.

Don’t Worry About the Pain

Ofcourse, getting a tattoo can hurt, buts it’s not bad as some people might say. But some areas of boy like neck or the torse are more sensitive, those can be more uncomfortable sensation.

Does a Tattoo Make You More Attractive?

If you are wondering if getting a tattoo will make you more attractive or not, you should know, you are not the only one to wonder about it. The question is highly debatable but the answer depends on each person, some might hate or others love your big fat tattoo on your back. But don’t worry if you are getting a very meaningful tattoo, because its for you!

To decide what direction to go in, first consult the location of the tattoo. From there, sort through the this-or-that categories. Do you want large or small? Minimalist or over-the-top? Go through all the different options one-by-one until you reach a decision. So, these are the best tattoo ideas for men, do you like one of them or have anyone of them? Then tell us!

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