Best T shirts for men 2021

You know summer is coming and it’s time to take out your t-shirts and shorts. T shirts for men are the wardrobe staple. There were times when wearing suit all the time war the norm but t-shirt was the antithesis: relaxed, unconcerned with professionalism and comfortable. But now you can wear t-short to a special occasion and not necessarily the everyday standard, T-shirts have now become a very normal thing. Read the article to know the best T shirts for men 2021.

Now, T shirts for men have become a lot more common and quality of t-shorts have also been increased. And every occasion has different purpose t shirts. Silky tee that goes with suits, slubby tees go with jeans. There are t-shirts for sleeping, t shirts for running and t-shirts for just hanging out casually.

But you are here for a treat, we have searched endlessly on the internet to find different types of tshirts and best T shirts for men 2021 available in the market. With these recommendations, we’re sure you are going to find your next favourite t-shirt. From tees of V-neck, long sleeves, no-sleeves, trim throughout body, tees that clung to your torso to cover them all. Looking for different quality of an ultra-sturdy option or super-soft cotton, as an environmentalist we also have a recycled material that puts sustainability first, we got them too!

T-shirts are very versatile and has a great deal to outlast a trend. It’s the only piece of clothing you can wear it for any occasion, under a shirt, jacket, suit, to gym, beach and to bed ofcourse.

Scroll through below to find the right kind of t-shirt for you.

They are the true commodities – often purchasing them in bulk and to only think to replace them. but the most basic T shirts for men offer’s perfect colour, size, shape. Style and pattern, here is the ultimate collection of best T shirts for men 2021.

The Perfect Mens T-Shirt Fit

Most important thing while wearing a t-shirt is its size. The fit of the t-shirt says a lot about the wearer, baggy with sleeves flopping sadly from the shoulder gives an impression of a man who has given-up. Contrary, exploding seams and skin fit sends opposite message of a man who can’t get his own reflection out of his head.

Before going out to buy t shirts, then be sure to know your measurements before going directly purchasing them.

Size check before purchasing a T-shirt.

Arms: Sleeves should hit around just at the halfway point of upper to show biceps and triceps.

Waist: If you are jacked or ripped, then try to get a tapered cut, so it skims through easily on your V-shaped body.

Shoulders: Slim-fitting that skims through this part of the body, leaving enough space for air circulation.

A perfect size t-shirt should finish on the top of your hips, so that, when you raise your hand, it doesn’t become a crop top. Short sleeves shouldn’t cover up your arm and should sit close to skin without getting stretched.

Even if you choose an oversized t-shirt, make sure that your shoulder seam should align with point where curve of your shoulder ends.

The Best T-Shirts for Men Colours

Neutral T shirts for men

Black, white, navy and grey, these are some timeless colours that you must have in your collection. These are the most basic t-shirts, because they can easily indulge themselves with any look or serve as one all on their own, is anything but.

Coloured T-Shirts

The rising trends of athleisure and the relaxing in the office dress codes, which means you can experiment with your t-shirts now. However, neutral t-shirts can get a lot boring. You try to inject some energy into your day-to-day look by adding some colours to your t-shirts.

Neck Type

Anyone with interest in t shirts will know that there are several necklines to choose from. Yet rather than complicate a look with everything from V-shape and boat neck to scooped, it pays to stick to the classic round neck.

Fabric Choice

Most people tend to favour thicker fabrics rather than lightweight ones, because it gives a bit bulkier look and as if quality is related to the weight of the garment. Well, the opposite is actually true for the t shirts. Whatever it is, a t-shirt should feel like a second skin.

Best T shirts for men 2021

Mack Weldon Dryknit Crew Neck T-Shirt

Mack Weldon has been a beautiful breathable fabric, covered in crewneck tee made with a proprietary fabric which is moisture wicking, which means NO PIT STAINS!


Brooklinen Prospect Tee

Brooklinen, the purveyor of extremely luxurious sheets, they also offer a fabulous collection of comfortable t-shirts.


Club Monaco Double Striped Tee

Club Monaco has a great collection of t-shirts with some cool added pattern with striped top.



One of my favourite affordable brands, Everlane has taken affordable fashion clothing by a storm. High-quality materials, modern patterns and affordable pricing. The fit is slim and the cotton is great. This Air Crew a light, breezy feel that sets the standard for T-shirts we want to be slipping into today.


James Perse

A big brand started in 1994, James Perse has been in long enough to establish himself. With upscale loungewear, there t-shirts are one of the best sellers, because of the high-end finish and crazy laid-back balance. From a beach wear to boardroom meetings, they solve all purpose.


Calvin Klein

Do we have to say about Calvin Klein, we all have seen some controversial campaign of them, but still Calvin Klein has given lots of great ranges in crewneck tees. They’re nothing special – and that’s exactly why they’re great.

Calvin Klein

Under Armour

Under Armour has made themselves the best workout clothing brands recently. And even as to go far, people are wearing workout tees over regular cotton T-shirts for any form of exercise. With UA, effectively wick sweat and fend off BO for a cleaner, less smelly workout.

under armour

Alternative’s Striped Eco-Jersey Crew T-Shirt

Alternative have been making some of the softest tees in the market and a subtle stripe only adds to good vibes.


Classic Trash Tee

Everybody World

With making 100% recycled cotton, they have emerged as the label who cares as much as the planet as the fashion too.



Outdoor Voices Ready Set Tee

Another great option is Outdoor Voices, is a saviour when it comes to tees on a hot summer day. If you sweat a lot or have some running errands, then take a look at Outdoor Voices.

t shirts for men 2021


H&M Crewneck T-shirt

H&M is another great option for affordable clothing. They have all the trendier and the OG fashion piece. If you have read our previous blogs, you would know how much big fans of H&M we are. Get a tee in a colour you don’t wear all the time, try to experiment with them.

t shirts for men


In this game of fashion and trends, sometimes you pay more or less. However, there are those on which real bargains can be found. But with Uniqlo, which offers up stripped-back wardrobe basics deliver some serious value for money.

With of the ultra-soft 100% Supima cotton tee has become calling card for the high-street retailer. If you like lightweight fabric then check out Uniqlo collection.

best t shirts for men 2021


There are very few label’s better equipped than to supply it than Jean Touitou’s ultra-clean A.P.C. This French ready-to-wear brand is known the world over for its trademark simple styling and premium essentials. This has many tasteful, ever-evolving roster of options present season after season.

t shirts for men


A good mantra for your wardrobe should be, “simple things done well”. This British brand Sunspel’s USP and has been for many years.

Any stylish person will guide you for Sunspel t-shirts, because they are some of the best around. Crafted with finest materials with acute attention to detail. No flashy or tacky logo, product itself is so good.

t shirts for men

These are the best T shirts for men 2021 that are fashionable and easily available in the market. And these are not going around anywhere any time soon, so don’t worry and just buy them all!

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