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Do T shirt with blazer looks wear?


Is it possible to wear a t shirt with blazer and don’t look like you are from 1980’s?

Ofcourse you can wear this combination! You can totally rock your favourite t shirt with blazer.

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Tshirt with blazer combination is a paragon balance between formals and casuals. When you want to dress up for a formal party but not so night party, you can always wear this combination without any doubt. Then you are ready to rock any place you enter.

Sure, the outfit wouldn’t fly at every occasion like traditional functions or weddings, but super sure to try them at parties.

But however, to rock t shirt with blazer you have got to do it with a great execution. You have to wear the right kind of t-shirt with right kind of blazer.

t shirt with blazer

Rule #1 Don’t get to fancy

T shirt with blazer is already very fancy and tacky, so, don’t feel the need to put on your fanciest suit or jacket.

If it’s got workwear roots, great, and if you’ve got a marled grey T-shirt to add some texture, even better.

Rule #2 Mix it up

I know I say this in every blog, black is my favourite colour but you don’t have to make it your favourite. Try up new colours. Try different pairing of clothes. Get some brown t-shirt under grey blazer.

Rule #3 Balance it out

You can say this as a risky one but if you think it’s not. Try a graphic tee under a more business-y blazer. This will work as a balancing act that seems advanced. But don’t go wrong or inappropriate with graphic tee.

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