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7 Stylish Summer Outfits Ideas for Men 2020


Summer has come and weather is already getting so much hot, but does not mean that you should look sloppy. You know what you can stay cool this summer while looking cool too. Whether you are at beach or going to chill at party late at night, you can still pull out great style. Here, in this article is a collection of summer outfits ideas for men 2020 for your inspiration. You can look good and still beat the heat easily!

The minute you step outside, you feel the oppressive sun beating down and the moisture floating in the air. I know you are trying not to get toast in the heat or get melt in the ground. That’s why these summer outfits ideas are great and will work.

The Heatwave When You Still Have to Go to Work

Most people, even I lust for fun (I hate cold weather), until it actually arrives. Then we rediscover a universal inability to handle heat. Train tracks warp, headlines scream that it’s hotter than Dubai, and people everywhere shed clothes like they’re lined with napalm. But a glimpse of nipple won’t be welcomed at the morning sales meeting.

There are two important things which can help you from heat to stay cool and decent: fit and fabric. Skinny and slim-cut clothes let the air pass through and doesn’t allow water to hold.

Loosen up, and it starts to flow. “A boxy shirt will keep you cool on those hotter than hot days,” says ASOS head. This shape is already off dress code, so don’t push it any further with hula girl patterns – plain white, light blue or grey designs reflect heat and the wrath of HR.

Whichever material you choose should be just as breezy. Linen and cotton have both tiny holes in them, which allows air circulation. “Linen is a great option in tailoring or for granddad collar shirts,” says Mr Porter style director Olie Arnold.

Essentials for Summer Outfits Ideas for Men 2020

#1 Unbuttoned Button Up

Sunday Funday? Try a denim shirt over a tee. Pair with chinos and suede loafers for a casual look. Don’t forget the shades. This outfit works because of the low contrast and the relaxed tone of each piece. It’s an ideal outfit for a backyard barbecue.

#2 Shorts

Probably the one garment most associated with summer are shorts.

When the sun starts scorching, everybody’s quick to grab a pair of shorts, but few known how to pull them off with style.

Shorts aren’t only for the beach. Dress yours up by pairing them with a button-down shirt and loafers. Don’t forget your watch, belt, and shades. You’ll be the man with confidence to spare.

But before wearing shorts, you should know and this is obvious, is that they are very casual. Shorts are not usually accepted in formal occasions. And don’t even think to wear those in office.

Also, avoid any shorts that have cargo pockets. The thing about shorts is to have clean lines, which makes shorts look cool and clean but cargo pockets make them opposite of stylish. You always want your garments to closely follow the lines of your body, and shorts are no exception.

Shorts shouldn’t have any curve and should be straight and should hit you right above the knee.

#3 T-Shirts, Henley’s and Polos

T-shirts get a bad rep sometimes. I often get e-mails from guys telling me they want to move on from T-shirts and jeans, but neither of these garments are unstylish by nature — in fact, they’re both men’s wardrobe essentials. Many guys simply choose to wrong type or the wrong size.

So first off, I would tell you to avoid graphic tees and go for either a solid or striped piece. If you absolutely must go for a graphic tee, make sure the graphic is relatively subtle and not too in-your-face. Oh, and on no occasions should you ever wear a “funny” tee!

#4 Shirts

Shirts are great option to wear in summer, this will sure make your summer style mix great.

Shirts can bring up your fashion from just wearing t-shirts. They’re just classier. I don’t think you always have to wear a shirt, but definitely when you want to make a good impression on someone.

As discussed earlier, make sure your shirts are made from the right fabrics. Many shirts are made from less-breathable fabrics and they’re not as comfortable when the temperature starts to boil. At least find one or two linen shirts to add to your wardrobe. And for this, Hawaiian shirts are great alternative, stylish too.

#5. Pants

It might seem counter intuitive, but often times pants can keep you cooler than shorts. Pants have the added benefit of keeping your skin shielded from the direct sunlight. With the right kinds of fabrics and fit, you will sweat less and actually become more comfortable wearing pants than shorts.

Most of your pants should be in neutral colours, as they’ll go better with your colourful summer tees and shirts. Of course, you can certainly add some coloured pants to your wardrobe as well. (In the case of wearing those, keep the rest of your outfit neutral, as coloured pants make enough of a statement on their own.)

#6 Footwear

So, in summer you might have loads of shoe options, especially when it comes to casual wear.

summer outfits ideas for men 2020

My favourite shoes are and always will sneakers, I don’t like to wear formal shoes. So, this is the season to switch up your shoe game with some new sneakers. Although I won’t recommend you to wear leather but you can try suede or canvas shoes will keep you cooler.

Some great options are (casual to formal shoes  ranked)

  • Espadrilles
  • Canvas sneakers / Plimsolls
  • Boat shoes
  • Driving shoes
  • Loafers (Especially suede)
  • Suede brogues or derbies

7 Stylish Summer Outfits Ideas for Men 2020.


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Summer Outfits for men #7 Low Contrast Casual

Keep it casual in a t-shirt, shorts, and white sneakers. It’s perfect for those hot summer days. This look works because of the low contrast between the hues of the yellow t-shirt and khaki shorts.

While this summer you won’t be able to out as much you like but where there is hope, there is a way. These are my top recommendation for summer outfits ideas for men 2020.

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