Must Have Summer Accessories for Men 2020

Summer is also around the corner. This winter was one of the coldest winters. Because of the weather imbalance I guess, summer is also going to be very harsh on us. Want any advice on how to sweat less in summers? Click here. Anyways in summer it becomes very necessary to only carry or wear things which doesn’t make you bulky or make you seat more. So, today I am going to give you tips of top summer accessories for men 2020.

Why summers are better? You have just to wear minimal clothes and you can rock and stun the sun. Just try not to expose your skin when the sun is on full mode. Use full sleeves t-shirts, jeans or any comfortable lowers, a cap maybe and a neck scarf to cover your face and a pair of sunglasses.

Though only some summer accessories for men can satisfy the practical need, sometimes a summer accessories for men can differentiate between a good outfit and a great one when the sun is on the top form.

To the end the description it only comes down to these tips which make your summer accessories for men 2020.

1.The Perfect Sunglasses for Your Face Shape

It’s the summer so obviously, the sun will be out and shining brightly. In summers, sunglasses become a necessity. People treat sunglasses as a way to look good in summers, by wearing cheap quality sunglasses of different shapes or tint, but the main purpose of the sunglasses are to protect your eyes from the sun. As we all already know that sun ejects UV rays which can harm our eyes and the amount of damage can be irreversible.

So, here are some tips for different face shapes sunglasses idea.

  • Heart Shape Face prominent jawline. Sunglasses: Aviators are your best friend
  • Round Face the one with cheeky face. Sunglasses: Square Aviators, Rectangle-rimless, Wraparound Rectangle, Retro Squared
  • Oval Shaped Face This face shape is longer than it is wide Sunglasses: Wayfarers, Aviators (all types), Round frames.
  • Square Face the one with wide forehead, wide cheekbones, strong jaw. Sunglasses: Round frames, Aviators (all types), Shield


sunglasses to beat summer accessories for men

2. Anything Linen

Linen is a classic summer fabric. Why? Because it has an open weave, it wrinkles in a casual way, and the fibres themselves are a little bit irregular making it all more casual, and therefore, well suited for summer. Linen is very lightweight and more washing makes it more comfortable. As it is open weave breathing through it becomes really easy, as sweat can easily evaporate and make your body cool also. Some may argue that it looks a bit unkempt, yet the wrinkling is part of the fabric and it’s a desired side-effect–unlike, let’s say, with cotton or wool suits. Of course, linen comes in different weights and weaves but for summer, you want something that has a lightweight, open weave so you can feel every breeze.

3. Boutonniere

Having a boutonniere is one of the best ways to earn compliments, simply because they’re so different; people usually don’t wear them and even 99.99% of all florists out there don’t know how to make a proper boutonniere anymore. Yes, florists will make them for weddings, but the result is often more of a mini-bouquet and just oversized.

4.Lightweight Footwear

Footwear is the also very important in any outfit. Wearing an off shoe with an outfit can make you look weird, awkward. If you wear formal shoes with casual t-shirt and jeans this will look really bad. So, in summers what should you wear? That depends what you like, I would recommend you to wear sandals or open shoes. This will allow a lot of air to pass up, you won’t feel bad or sweaty and bad smell. In summers you can easily game up your shoes game. You should know to what extend you should purchase high quality shoes. Quality is determined by the construction and materials (leather). High-quality leather means a high-quality shoe. It also can mean a hot shoe.

Footwear is to style as wheels and tires are to cars. The whole look is off when the wheels (footwear) are wrong. Summer is a great time to spice up your shoe game. We’ve discussed at length about understanding and purchasing quality shoes. Quality is determined by the construction and materials (leather). High-quality leather means a high-quality shoe. It also can mean a hot shoe.

5. Neckerchief or Bandana

A neckerchief is a totally unnecessary item. Unlike a scarf, which provides genuine warmth to the neck, it provides no functional qualities and is instead merely an aesthetic addition to an outfit.

summer accessories for men


So, these are my must have summer accessories for men 2020!
With any of these suggestions, not only will you be able to stay physically cooler in the heat of summer, but you’ll look cool as well. And after all, what could be better than hitting the mantra of “look good, feel good” on both counts? That’s why summer accessories for men is necessary.

Want to know more about how to styles for men and clothes for man? click the link

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