How to spend time in quarantine and lockdown.

Our world and its people are going through a lot currently. As coronavirus has taken a toll of this world and in times of these crisis as the almost all the countries are in lockdown, which should take some time appreciate, our presence and living, pray to God that you are still fine and thank God. Be grateful that you are with your family at this time and not stuck somewhere very far away from your family. So, I am going to tell you ways how to spend time in quarantine and lockdown.

How to spend time in quarantine and lockdown.

Spend Time with Your Family

I think this is the most important thing to do in this time. Interact, communicate with your family members. Be grateful you got this opportunity, you will probably won’t get an opportunity like this to connect with your family. Tell your stories, ask them theirs.

Begin Reading Books

how to spend time in quarantine

Reading is a really great way to get away from negative thoughts. Read a general book or anything you like. There are many places to read a book from, if you have kindle then its great. There are many online platforms provides reading books online. Check out here to know more about online reading . If you really a serious reader, then you can also start to write a book yourself too.

Do Yoga and meditation

how to spend time in quarantine

Yoga and meditation are considered workouts but they do more than that. Doing meditations can seriously improve your mental health and will bring peace in your state of mind. Meditations can improve to control your anger and have many other benefits.

Do Some Workouts

home workout

While in quarantine, you can do some workouts. Although, I think it’s not necessary to do workout. Just enjoy this time by doing nothing stay inside in your homes. You do workouts at home, it will keep you fit. Doing workout also gives very important self confidence boost.

Play Games

If you have never played games or just don’t have time, this time is for you. Do things which you never do or never have time for, at HOME. Playing games can also give you reflex and sharp thinking. For example, if you have a gaming console, you can download plenty of games from the internet and can play them with your family or friends.

Because why not try to do things which you don’t do while working! This is a great how to spend time in quarantine tip.

Learn Cooking and Baking

Learning cooking and baking will really help you if you live in a PG because you don’t know how to cook. Learn cooking this time and shift to cheaper option of renting out a flat with your friend.

You will be able to cook your favourite foods and make great breakfast and start your day with a bang.

Start Freelancing

Who wouldn’t love to earn cash while at home? This is, in fact, one of the best ways to spend time when you are self-isolating yourself. You can start freelancing and try exercises to do at home as part of your career. In case you do not know much about this industry, we suggest you speak to a few writers, graphic designers, web developers, and designers or other people who are already doing freelancing.

Clean the House

Finally, you can clean the house. If you have ever gotten the services of someone who can write an essay in an hour on the benefits of hygiene, you will get to know that it is really very challenging to ensure your hygiene. It is not enough to take a shower and wear clean outfits; you also have to clean your house and throw the garbage outside to stay safe and healthy.

Make To-Do Lists

Each day, set yourself the tasks and essentials for the work day. Make sure you understand what tasks are high priority and tick off as you go. This also breaks up the day as you can allocate a different task for different times of the day whilst ensuring they all get done. It also helps boost productivity as you can look back at the end of the day and see all you have accomplished.

Eat Healthy

This is a CRUCIAL rule that needs to be followed as we all love a binge. Whilst sat in the comfort of our home we are susceptible to snacking and eating our way through the cupboards. This needs to stop, as well as eating healthy, we need to eat smart. Set aside an apple or banana for a boost throughout the morning or a healthy homemade smoothie / juice. The nutrients and goodness in the fruits will give you the added boost you need to get through the workday.

Stay off social media

Unless your job depends on it- you MUST stay off social media. This is the biggest distraction of our generation and it is right at our fingertips. If you can, leave your phone in the other room and keep off Instagram and Facebook- everyone is in the same boat and we can’t fuel the distraction.

Listen to music

The best way to keep focussed is to fill the empty background noise. Once your mind is completely occupied you will focus more on the tasks at hand as well as jamming’ along to some good tunes. We suggest some smooth jazz or mellow piano music to help create a calm, stress free atmosphere.

So, in these times of crisis I hope you got to know how to spend time in quarantine! I hope you are able to do your incomplete work properly. Many companies have given option to do work from home and that’s a great thing! You know the most important point in this article is to spend time with your family! You never know when will you get a chance like this in the near future!

Summary of the article

How to spend time in quarantine –
  1. Spend Time with Your Family
  2. Begin Reading Books
  3. Do Yoga and meditation
  4. Do some workout
  5. Play Games
  6. Learn cooking and baking
  7. Start Freelancing
  8. Clean the house
  9. Make To-Do Lists
  10. Eat Healthy
  11. Stay off social media
  12. Listen to music
Dont forget to wash your hands!

hand washing


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