What is a soft boy aesthetic and outfits? Soft Boy Starter Pack

Tik-Tok has given rise to many trends this year, although two fashion trends which picked up are eboy and soft boy fashion. We have already written about what is an eboy and eboy outfits! Tik-Tokers like Noah Beck, Bryce Hall, Josh Richard are the prime examples. In this article, we will show you, what is a soft boy starter pack, soft boy aesthetic and outfits!

Ask any Tik-Tok user about soft boys and you’ll see them with a swooning sigh. Being sensitive and artistic natures them instant hit with them ladies!

soft boy aesthetic

He is someone who is flipping the masculine culture. Instead of being tough, he is sensitive and nonthreatening. Instead of spending time with his boys playing football, he’s busy reading, writing poems and listening to the Smiths.

In this article, we’ll show you, how and what is a soft boy fashion and where it comes from. After reading the article, you’ll easily be able to recreate soft boy outfits.  

soft boy aesthetic

With megastars like k-pops, BTS, Timothee Chalamet and Harry Styles all sports this trend, it’s time for you change your look to an internet-famous #softboy.

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What is a soft boy aesthetic?

In definition, they are described boys as, having features and behaviours that most would qualify as almost feminine. With sensitive sides differentiates them from eboy and fuckboy!

soft boy aesthetic

K-pop as an influence

K-pop has influenced them a lot. many says that are watered-down version of K-pop and its boyfriend aesthetic which influenced western culture. Having classic hairstyle, muted hair colours, that perfect jawline.


Soft boy Aesthetic examples

As Guardian’s posted What is a softboi? You might be dating one – and you don’t even know it,  Timothée Chalamet is probably perfect example of soft boy. His style, embrace a little femininity not in a bad way and rejection of traditional masculinity has struck a nerve with audience.

soft boy aesthetic

Very similar, Harry Styles, who recently showed a lot feminine side in Harry Styles vogue cover shoot, by wearing a dress, nail varnish, pearl necklaces!

Its weird whatever outfit they put it comes out great. They pull off almost any outfit while not hitting their pocketbook too hard.

If you are just hearing about soft boy aesthetic, then you are here for a treat of article.
This is our guide on ‘How to dress like a soft boy’.

It’s not an exactly something new. You can always find a soft boy lurking in cafes, dark bars and libraries for decades past. One example of it is, Joseph Gordon-Levitt’s character in 500 days of Summer (Must Watch!). The boy bands were too feminine to be classically masculine types, soft and sensitive.

With the rise of tik-Tok and many teen social media influencer this year, soft boy aesthetic has gone beyond just style. As the term suggests, they are individuals who display tender traits, in contrast to manly traits. In how they act and how they dress and stereotypically associates with a little femininity. More emotions, vintage looks, they challenge concept of toxic masculinity.


If you use the word “beautiful” to describe him, then he is a ‘soft boy’.

Many Tik-Tok accounts embraces the viral aesthetic skyrocketing fame to amassing hoards of followers. They shares a lot of similarity with eboy fashion. Painted nails, floppy haircut and feminine silhouettes.  Much of fashion trends of them are from K-pop boy bands, which tend to explore more modes of self-expression.

soft boy aesthetic

With increasing progressive ideals of society today, designers are encouraged to explore less rigids, Gucci started men’s dresses, Harry Styles wearing Gucci dress in Vogue photoshoot. Fashion has never felt so open, fluid than now, and soft boy style is a manifestation to that shift.

If you are still having doubts from where to start and hard time picturing it, there are plenty of celebrities who fits the bill, Timothee Chalamet or Harry Styles. Another trait of them is that they are actual softie. For example, Styles ordered pizza for fans waiting at his Saturday Night Live Performance in 2017 and also left a handwritten note for a fan after stopping at her house after his car broke down.

soft boy aesthetic

The Origins of the Soft Boy Aesthetic

Although the personality traits have been for a long while but major fashion changes came in late 2010s. The soft boy aesthetic is considered part of the same internet subculture as Eboy Style. In 2019, trend got viral like a fire on every social media platform.

Their traits are they like to sit at home on the weekends and into things such as poetry, music, photography, art and philosophy. The aesthetic and fashion are actually easier to pull off rather than the traits.

soft boy aesthetic
Here’s our guide on ‘How to dress like a soft boy.

Wear Vintage-Inspired Clothing

Soft boy style very easy to recreate their look, that’s why it’s so popular. You can easily find these clothing items in local flea marker or vintage store; you don’t have to look them up in expensive stores.

Basic soft boy clothing items.

The Hair

Hairstyle is very important to rock any style. Even for them, hairstyle is where you need to start with hair. Grow out some around medium length, trimming the sides and styling in a messy or creating curtains or bangs.

soft boy aesthetic

Put amazon glasses link

The look utilizes a variety of accessories.

You don’t want to accessorize much but enough, like, larger Cuban link chains and round glasses, maybe? You want them to compliment your outfit.

soft boy aesthetic

Soft Boy Outfits

Once you have gotten the basics and hair and accessories then the rest is quite easy.

Their outfits are all about vintage and comfort

The Shoes

Although they stick to the basics like Vans, Converse and Adidas Stan Smith. But in 2020, popularity of Nike Air Forces has increased a lot. The more beat up the better. they have a soft corner for white sneakers with tube socks with their sneakers and often cuff their pants to show them off.

Most soft boy outfits feature classic shoes such as:

soft boy aesthetic

The Pants

A loose or slim fit would be best. You can achieve this look with a pin roll

A lot of their jeans are just classic Levi’s.

Some other pants to consider:

soft boy aesthetic
The Tops

You can choose over from a lot of tops. Some of the most common tops for achieving soft boy aesthetic are.

  • Oversized vintage long sleeves
  • Oversized sweaters
  • Vintage wind breakers
  • Bowling shirts
  • Denim jackets
  • Striped shirts
outfits eboy

Soft Boy Outfits

Their outfits are not that much difficult to recreate. Plus, mostly are some of the comfortable clothing you will ever wear. Mostly are oversized fits and soft fabrics.

For a casual day soft boy outfits, pair a striped long sleeve t-shirt with black or light wash skinny jeans with those stan smiths white or vans. Roll or cuff your pants and accessorize efficiently. You can also layer short sleeve with a long sleeve inside too. Be sure your tees have an oversized vintage feels.


Things needed for a perfect soft boy aesthetic

Champion Big Sky tie-dye bucket hat

Soft boys are soft, non-threatening, non-toxic. This tie-dye bucket is just their taste. This fits the canvas perfectly.

Vboy oversized striped cotton shirt

Oversized printed patterns and stripes are the perfect soft boy outfits. Yellow stripes and exaggerated long sleeves give a nice silhouette.

Blue oversized Pelton jeans.

Important aspect of soft boy clothing is the vintage clothing. These blue oversized Pelton jeans are perfect way to complete to look. Distressed, faded and hand-painted are right up their alley.

Soft boy celebrities

Harry styles
soft boy aesthetic harry styles

Timothee Chalamet

timothee chalamet

Jaden Smith

jaden smith

Paul Rudd

paul rudd

On a serious note, increase awareness around mental health has also aided in the Soft Boy’s rise. Suicide rates are higher for males then females. Many athletes have come up and said their fight against mental pressures. The concept of suppressing emotion has become troublesome. Men are now more vocal about it to speak.

So, now you know what is a soft boy aesthetic and soft boy starter pack!

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