Alright so today I have got a inside view of my favourite kicks. Who doesn’t like to have a cool and sick pair of shoes to go for a party? I remember when I was a little young, I used to save my favourite shoes for any party or any school trip. Good ol’days. But now lol I wear my favourites everyday even if they don’t go with my outfit lol! Everyone has a sneaker collection but they don’t know how cool is that! So I am going to shoe my favourite sneakers collection!!

Everyone is judged by the shoes they wears. But for men shoes are same as Makeup- Accessories- Jewellery- Dresses for women. THAT IMPORTANT.
When it comes to buying the right pair of shoes, we lose our track of sanity and go berserk. I will give you an insight about what all shoes I own and must add in your shoe collection.

So, these are my Sneakers Collection that you can also include in your fashion game! 

1. New Balance 791

Aren’t they eye catching? They surely caught my eyes. I have had my pair for a while now and have zero co plaints. They are ultra-comfortable and can be dressed up or dressed down.  They are definitely a pair of shoes I would recommend you pick up.

2. Nike Air Force One

Odds are you have had a pair of Nike Air Force Ones in your collection at some point. This has to be one of the most timeless sneakers due to its versatility. They can literally be worn with everything. On top of this, they are super cheap, so you can even buy multiple pairs at a time.

3. Vans Old School

My Personal favourite, The Vans Old School sneaker is another one of those sneakers that is super timeless. They have been worn for decades now, and for good reason. They are comfortable and just an amazing sneaker. I have worn vans with chinos, dress pants, and even a suit. Yes, a suit! The best part of these sneakers is that there are high and low top versions that you can play around. Overall, they are a sneaker you should own.

4. Converse

Converse I personally I love them so much, I buy these pair in every three well ofcourse they are rough and tough go for years but I was at growing stage every part is growing alright. So back to the shoes,  You know how cool are they you can even use t hem for gym routine for that leg workout squats deadlifts. The cool thing with Converse is that they have collaborated with brands such as, CDG & Off-White. These lines are some of my favourite, and if you have a little hypebeast in you, they are definitely worth the purchase.

5. Adidas Superstar

I love white and white shoes are just perfect and Adidas has a perfect blended solution for this. They are a serious brand. Good quality goes for years. I have more than enough shoes but none are like adidas. They elevate your outfit to new heights and just make you look like a stud. These have to be my favourite on this list, because I just love them and they have always helped increase my style.

So, heres my sneaker collection and feel free to use these and if you do then ping me!

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