25+ Cool Small Tattoos for Men 2020

Nowadays that tattoos have become very common, we have seen many guys with huge works of art covering their back, arms, forearm, legs or chest. But what if you work at a place, where people can question your professionalism with visible tattoos, then you might want to switch to small tattoos. In this article, I’ll show you best ideas for cool small tattoos for men.

Small tattoos for men have become immensely popular in recent times for obvious reasons. Whether it’s your first tattoo or want to cover up some left-out part of your big tattoo, there are numerous small tattoo ideas for men that ton load of meaning to put at a tiny space.

After all, small tattoos give more suspense, tastefulness.

small tattoo ideas

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Small is Professional

Small tattoos for men can be hidden easily. That’s why small tattoos also fit at workplaces. A small tattoo idea is to get it on your chest or bicep or back which is easy to cover up, when you go to work. It allows you to get the body art you always desired to have, but couldn’t do it. This remove the hassle of your co-workers or boss to question your professionalism.

small tattoo ideas

Small Tattoos Meanings

Small tattoos for men have a lot of meanings, a small tattoos cross on the wrist or finger can give an idea of person’s religious background. It’s signifies protection from high powers and also gives sense of elegant rebellious spirit.

Like a semi colon on a wrist or neck can be used to represent, despite negative pauses one should move forward without stopping or losing faith.

small tattoo ideas

Other cool small tattoos for men with deeper meaning are, two arrow-like symbols on the hand, which represents reality and makes up Viking symbol. The zen circle which provides enlightenment, strength that resides inside us and changing moon crescent to crescent which signifies continuity of life.

Small is Tasteful

Getting a small tattoo feels like getting an accessory put on. A small tattoo idea is to get on wrist, which looks like a watch and on fingers looks like a ring. Sometimes, less simple looks better.

But the real challenge is picking a small tattoo from thousands of ideas. But to help you out, I’ve put together a list to give you some ideas for the best small tattoos for men, along with the meaning, their symbolism. With so many cool designs, you’ll find some plenty of inspiration and meaningful little tattoo.

small tattoo ideas

What are Benefits of small tattoos?        

The fact that you can easily cover up a small tattoo at our workplace is the biggest advantage and in order with that, a small tattoo wouldn’t be as painful as a big ass tattoo on your back or chest.


Best thing about the small tattoos for men is that, small tattoos for men can be placed at any body part, without much thought. As it is small, it won’t look awkward at some body parts. But if it’s your first tattoo, then starting off with wrist, fingers, arm or neck are great to start with.

small tattoo ideas

As far as the colour goes, they are personal preference, small tattoos for men look great in just plain simple black ink, but it’s your own design which requires to be unique, so add different colours to give it a completely different look

small tattoo ideas

Best Cool Small Tattoo Ideas for Men

Small tattoos for men are underappreciated by people. There are multiple reasons to go for a small tattoo.

When you choose a small design, you’ll end up with a more meaningful tattoo. Small tattoos are generally minimalist, a tiny piece of artwork requires creativity to represent life philosophies and ideals.

Geometric Small Tattoo Ideas for Men

They are simple but a deep meaning. When skill-fully drawn, just a single line that would make the eyes turn.

small tattoo ideas

This is another example for a clean and fresh pattern. The symmetry is mind blowing with stars at the centre being key part of the ink. It’s simple and complex more you look at it.

small tattoo ideas
Tribal Tattoo

Tribal tattoos depict the culture, tradition, and its symbolism. With bold gradients and patterns, they look cool. Mind you, read about the history and culture of the tattoo, if someone ask, you should have a story.

small tattoo ideas
Linework Small Tattoo Ideas for Men

This linework tattoo for one is a very simplest tattoo. If the process of overthinking to get a tattoo is too much, then this is the tattoo which is quite small, simple and affordable and you will experience less pain.

small tattoo ideas
Bird Motion

This a great representation of a bird in a motion, with using stripes, which guides the bird in motion. This signifies to carry on and push forward and the nature and its energies will help you to move forward.

small tattoo ideas
Anchor Symbolism

In the old times, tattoos were not something to show off, rather considered as outcast and misfits. Only sailors or prisoners dared to get one. Therefore, in the old times, tattoos signify more concepts of bravery, strength and overcoming death.

small tattoo ideas
Small tattoos Elephant

Elephants look cute in small sizes. Elephant tattoos has so much meaning to themselves, symbolizes dignity, strength and pride in themselves and their families, they are loyal to their families.

small tattoo ideas
Black Ocean tattoo

This black ocean tattoo, indicates the turbulence of rough ocean just as in life we face many tough situations and emotions and primal state.

small tattoos for men
Small Skull

Skull tattoos are very popular, likewise for small tattoos for men, skull tattoos are a hit. This tattoo has grey-floral patterns on its face, symbolizing remembrance, change of lifestyle.

small tattoos for men
Small Jumper

This is a brilliant piece depicting a small jumper. The sun and fluffy cloud-chute created by the shading, then crisp rope lines joining to the jumper. Top-drawer work!

small tattoos for men

Feathers are great idea for small tattoos for women. They are great being able to convey skillset of particularly shading and linework, by the artist.

small tattoos for men

If you want your tattoo to represent realism then go for biomechanics. The shading of tattoo will create a detail piece a standout. It’s a flawless but its reminiscent of metal knucklebones.

small tattoos for men
small tattoo ideas
small tattoo ideas
small tattoo ideas
small tattoo ideas
small tattoo ideas
small tattoo ideas
small tattoo ideas
small tattoo ideas

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