30+ Gorgeous Short Haircuts for Women 2020


Everyone is stuck at home either quarantining or the country is being lockdown, so why don’t you plan your next haircut? or try to get yourself a haircut, yourself! (Amusing as it sounds, be careful) In this article I will show you the best short haircuts for women 2020 you can get for this summer and easy enough to get at home!

Join me in, dreaming when you will be in salon the next time! Or if you are thinking to shed down your own hairs, then start by shedding off a few inches, then think of styling something else.

There are endless options of short haircuts for women haircuts over 50 you can do at home! If you are considering to shorten your hair, then you have got plenty options and so much freedom. These hairstyles don’t need much upkeep.

To get you inspired for your next chop, I have gathered 40+ gorgeous womens hairstyles to figure out which one is the next you can have. I’ve gathered even lovely celebrities hairstyles too! So, read the whole article about best short haircuts for women hairstyles. Save these for your future references too!

Women often thinks that having thin is a curse, buts the either way around, lets dispel this myth! Fine thin hairs are enviably silky and have soft texture, those are much easier to maintain, style and keep healthy. There are plenty short hairstyles you can get for yourself, for fine hair easily build some volume and you are good to go.

This post, is specially for those who think thin hairs are curse, I’ll show you how easy it is to create a sexy, trendy short haircuts for women.

How to maintain short haircuts for women?

Generally, short hairstyle for fine hair are easier to work with rather than long hairstyles for thick hair. From pixie cuts to playful curls, in this article, I’ve got plenty of options for you for best short haircuts for women 2020. Just sit back and relax and choose your next haircut, that you want to try out. I’m sure there’ll be at least 1 or 2 short haircuts for women that you wouldn’t have tried out, and don’t worry they all will look stunning on you!

Best Short Haircuts for Women 2020


Messy Top with Undercut

Undercuts are not only for guys, if you dare to be different, then this can be great way to add some edge to your pixie cut, just many celebrities like Halle Berry did. To add your own touch, add some volume.

short haircuts for women

Choppy Crop

Pixie cut are definitely very popular, pair them with side-swept, romantic bangs. Make sure to put fringe across your forehead. Short layers are preferred.

short haircuts for women

Pixie with Nape Undercut.

You can highlight your hair if you have dark hair. This well give you a fuller look.

short haircuts for women

Tomboy Hairstyle.

Many tomboy hairstyles are becoming common. They are easy to maintain but looks cool! The feminine + tomboy vibes gives a carefree and chill vibe.

short haircuts for women

Shaved Shaggy Bob.

Shaggy bob is one of the rare women’s hairstyle but is great! Add your touch by adding a shaved side. If you have curly hair, then this is ideal for you!

short haircuts for women

Long Pixie Cut.

Pixie cut is great as stated, and looks sophisticated. These razor layers at the crown are perfect, this can create height and adding volume.

short haircuts for women

Long Pixie with Bangs.

Bangs are very popular to add them, and they are the current hair trends too!

short haircuts for women

Silky Stacked Bob.

A stacked bob is another volume-boosting option for fine locks!

short haircuts for women

Super Short Pixie.

Short pixie is a very classy women’s haircut, anyone can easily rock this and is super lovely!

short haircuts for women

Asymmetrical Pixie.

Very different hairstyle this one, looks lovely if achieved perfectly. Use smoothing serum to achieve this.

short haircuts for women

Shaggy Graduated Bob.

This shaggy bob cut will help you achieve the fuller look.

short haircuts for women
Graduated Bob + Side Part.

Shaggy but won’t look good on everyone, other prefer smoother looks. Then go for this graduated bon + side part.

short haircuts for women
Layered Bob for Wavy Hair.

Got baby fine hair? This layered and tousled bob will make it look fuller.

short haircuts for women
Fall-Inspired Bob.

You can add your touch by opting for a bold, red colour. You a hairdryer and brush to give your hair a blowout, the secret to voluminous looks!

short haircuts for women
Luscious Graduated Bob.

If you have mid-neck length hair that’s smooth, this luscious bob may be just the cut for you.

short haircuts for women
Classic Bob with Bangs

A short and simple hairstyle, that you can achieve. Curly bobs are very popular, try a sleek and smooth version.

Zendaya looks QUEEN!

short haircuts for women
Voluminous Pixie with Deep Side Part

This pixie is little different, mix the lengths of the hairs at the top, to achieve much volume, cut the sides short, but the length at the top is plenty to play with.

short haircuts for women
Short Scissors Crop

Many celebrities have rock this hairstyle, like Natalie Portman’s scissors crop.

women's haircut
Old Bob

This special haircut is for the special occasion, the hairs sleek roots with large curls at the tips as 1920s style, perfect for any event.

Lily Collins looks absolutely gorgeous in this hairstyle!

women's haircut

Celebrities with short haircuts for women

Kaia Gerber

Kaia Gerber has short hairs for a long time. The supermodel has stuck with chin-length cut. she has slightly off-centred part and flippy ends. This gives an effortless look.

women's haircut
Kendall Jenner

Do I need to say anything? How gorgeous she looks! One of the hottest women in the world. Try to cut your classic lob into sharp and angular shape, with style barrettes makes this look even more your own.

women's haircut
Jodie Turner-Smith

This cut shows the natural curls can be styled in many ways. Jodie Turner-Smith breakout actress, made this loo flawless.

women's haircut
Bella Hadid

Just look how perfectly this hairstyle suits her, damn who else is jealous? This sultry dark shade and chiselled chin grazing cut, looks incredible on the supermodel.

women's haircut
Irina Shayk

I mean I don’t think, there is any hairstyle that will look bad on her. Everything looks flawless. This sleek, angular bob looks perfect. But when you have that breadth taking bone structures, do you even need to have a perfect hair?

haircuts women
Selena Gomez

Anything is less to say, how beautiful she is. She carries a graduated bob, this a modernize 90s style with colour.

haircuts women
Ruby Rose

Ruby’s long pixie has layers that provides great movements and texture. You can get this look by setting up rollers, to style some shape.

haircuts women
Taylor Swift

To achieve this Taylor Swift hairstyle, mist your hair with any hair spray to give some texture and use straightener to add in a few loose strings.

haircuts women

So, these are the best short haircuts for women 2020, did you get yourself a haircut in this quarantine? Then show us! Tag us in your stories or post, I’ll post them on my social handles!

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