Summer is here, already sweating while writing this post! Not going to drag about summer other stuff. Straight to point. In summers, you should make sure to wear comfortable shoes, for reasons, first, is your feet sweats, they will smell pretty bad. So, in today’s article I will show you the best mens summer shoes 2020.

Summer is one of the hardest seasons to dress for. It’s almost impossible to layer unless it’s a really breezy day, and even then, it can still be too hot to layer. And if you live in a really humid area, your options are even more limited.

Summer is not only just for a bronze tan; it also calls for more dressing of clothing. Our idea with summer essentials is relaxed and comfortable but still super stylish. So, for that we have rounded up the best mens summer shoes 2020 for your everyday or any occasion that calls for special event.

5 Things to Know While Purchasing Best Summer Shoes Men 2020

In summers, I recommend you can go from oxfords to boat to sandals or even flip flops to some places. According to the occasion you can choose casual or formal ones, but regardless you should consider these before purchasing of any kind.

1. The Fit

The most important style tip I gave in almost every article is, “Fit is the King”. For shoes too, fit matters. If you purchase a longer size because you like the specific and they don’t have your size, you will surely regret your decision. I did it once, never worn the shoe again, a total waste.

2. Material

Shoe material plays important according to the weather. You can’t just go and wear leather in scorching heat, likewise just can’t go wearing sandals in winters. So, choose which suits you and is comfortable.

3. Brand

Choose your shoe brand with what you can afford. You can find good shoes was a reasonable price easily. But make sure choose a good quality brand, because they didn’t become well-known brands by producing inferior products.

4. Support 

Finding the right fit is vital for choosing summer shoes that best fit your needs, but sufficient foot support isn’t far behind. Support comes from a variety of elements – from the heel cup to the roominess of the toe box to a footbed that fits your foot’s natural shape.

5. Occassion

Shoes and occasion should not be mixed with. You can’t go in an interview with sandals and formals shoes on a beach.

The 7 Best Mens Summer Shoes 2020.

1. Loafer

The loafer is one of the most basic, simple and yet the classic ones that everyone should own at-least one pair. It’s perfect for a smart casual attire and business casual events too. They don’t allow sweat, as they are breathable to a lot extent. You can opt for lighter colours for day events and darker shades for evening attire.


Who doesn’t know about Vans? It’s a dream shoe for every skater boy out there. No matter how old they have been in the market, there popularity has not gone down even a single bit. I just recently bought two pair of Vans. Black and Maroon colour (wanted to try something new).

The latest version of the Vans Low-Top Sneaker is more comfortable than ever thanks to additional arch support, foam insoles, and a one-piece interior that doesn’t have seams that rub against the foot.

Cool summer shoes abound, and the Vans Low-Top Sneaker is among them. They feature a memorable design while providing all-day comfort.


Puma also have been in the market for long now, and for obvious reasons because they produce high quality products.

Puma has just such a sneaker with its Ignite Flash EvoKnit, which looks good, feels good, and delivers all the performance you need from a shoe that combines casual fashion in a shoe with sports capability.


I see around 10-15 people wearing adidas stan smith every day. It’s like a staple shoe to have.

First made popular by tennis great Stan Smith 50 years ago, these leather sneakers have achieved almost cult-like status ever since. And while they retain the look and many of the features of originals, they’re more comfortable and functional than ever.

5. Luxe Espadrilles

Sandals are great option to wear in summers but they can’t be wearing at many occasions, so, alternative? Espadrilles. These resort wear staples ooze Riviera sophistication and make for a valuable ally when it comes to tackling your summer vacation in style – keeping you cool, comfortable and looking breezy.

6. Suede Derby

Suede Derby are actually good for all year long. But are more suited for summers. Suede are very versatile and can be worn at many different occasions.

7. Penny Loafers

Penny Loafers are actually a great option but keep in mind, while wearing them your trousers length should break just above the ankle, which will cover the top of the shoe. Going sockless or not is personal preference and when the sun’s really blazing, they can even be worn with shorts and a polo shirt to keep the sweat patches at bay. and also gives the perfect formal look.


I love summers but not really high temperatures. Anyways, summer styling is more casual, relaxed vibe feel for everyone. That doesn’t mean you can’t dress formals or shirts or polo t-shirts.


While many men do wear summer shoes without socks, especially boat shoes, others give the appearance of no-socks by wearing invisible socks that don’t show above the top of the shoe.


Speaking of socks, you can add a bit of character and coolness by wearing socks that doesn’t match your outfit or just wear a different pair of socks. This is great idea to style if you are going to a beach or house pool party.


Loafers and boat shoes are great option, do not hesitate while wearing them. They give the perfect vibe of the summer. By giving relaxed and comfortable look.


You’ll want to rock some nice-looking shorts when the weather warms up but be careful what you wear with them. Moccasins, boat shoes, and casual penny loafers look best with shorts – and don’t forget to wear hidden socks or no socks at all.

Summers can be a real drag, so make sure you drink a lot of water and stay inside as much as you can and use sunscreen! These are my recommendation for the 7 best mens summer shoes 2020.