9 Outfit Ideas for Polo Shirts for Men 2020

The term Polo shirt has been in use way back in 1920’s as tennis shirt. They were usually designed as the long sleeved, thick button-down shirts used to play Polo. In the 1920’s a tennis shirt embroidered with a polo player on it was the first of its kind and by the 1950’s, even tennis players referred to the style as a ‘polo’ shirt. Being for long they have become one of the staple clothing to have. So, in this article you will know how to wear polo shirts for men 2020.

Polo shirts for men are classic and very versatile clothing. It can be worn with any of the basic clothing essentials like jeans, shorts and even a suit with proper fit. Length also plays a key role. But do you know how to wear polo shirts for men or what to wear with polo shirts for men? Try to find one with detailing on the bottom where the side seams come together. This will allow it to be worn either tucked or untucked. And yes, tucked polo t-shirt is also okay. I would reserve this look to be worn with a slim fitted, flat front dress pant. We are going to give you some options for colour blocked, contrast tipped, stripped and solid.

3 types of Polo t shirts for men 2020

Block Colour

Yes, in colour blocked ones, there are large blocks of colours which makes up the t shirt. Either being a two colour or multi coloured ones. There is no specific pattern to follow, but diagonal blocks are big No! Colours used in this, should be complementary.  Grey and blue or white and navy are a couple of examples. Colour blocking on a polo shirt is a bold modern look that can also be slimming for the husky guys but again, fit is imperative.

polo shirts for men 2020

Solid Polos

The most important thing to decide here is button colour. By the way, solid polos are my favourite they give the perfect classy yet stylish look without any hard work. The wrong colour or white buttons can ruin the look. White buttons can be tricky, so be sure to pair it up against the pant you are looking to match it with before you commit.

Contrast & Stripped

Contrast can mean a different colour pinstripe around the colour and sleeves known as ‘contrast tipping’. It can also mean a different colour collar and matching band around the bicep. For stripped polo shirts, avoid vertical stripes. They are too distracting and rarely look appealing. If you are huskier in size, avoid the stripes all together since the only style that looks good is horizontal stripes. This will make you appear larger. Thinner guys rejoice as this style might be best. The pants must be solid. Go with a dark colour chino or jean or the outfit will look too nautical.

3 Ways on How to Style Polo Shirts for men 2020?

Lose the Buttons

It’s your choice to lose the buttons. The thing is buttoned up will give you a very classy and formal look, which is accepted everywhere but with lose buttons it becomes very casual and can only be worn in parties.

Seek Out Stripes

Polo t-shirts are themselves designed very loudly and profoundly announcing their presence. So, wearing strips can also be tricky but the important part is to match up with a correct complementary colour with it or you would end looking too loud.

Go Beyond the Pale

In summer almost everyone’s got a little bit of added glow about them: we’re talking tans, not sticky foreheads to be clear. As a result, it’s the perfect window of opportunity to lighten up your polo (and everything else) game.

Start with a grey, white or stone polo shirt, then instead of instinctively grounding the look with dark trousers, try stone, cream or white chinos down below then park your feet in smart leather trainers.

9 Outfit Ideas for Polo Shirts for Men 2020



Chinos are great apparel for a smart casual look and with polo t-shirt it notches up the fashion statement.


Shorts are perfect summer outfit, so, why not add polo t-shirts with it? The combination of relaxed polo with shorts is a sure shot winner. This outfit will keep you breeze up when you are out and cool too.


Is there any top which doesn’t go with a classic pair of jeans? If you know, you are too much into useless details! Start with a good washed pair of jeans with a polo t-shirt, it’s an easy go to outfit which won’t let you down in any occasion.


If you think you need to mix things up, then try a dual colour polo. This is a perfect one if you are going to party. Try a two-toned polo that uses a different colour for the collar.


Black is my favourite colour no doubt, so black and white combination look is understated yet expressive. The white trouser will pop up your look with a black polo t-shirt.

#6 Long Sleeve Polo Shirt

For summers long sleeve polo shirt is kinda bad options, but for colder months, it’s a good choice. Long sleeves kind of takes away the essence and presence feel of the half sleeves ones but that doesn’t mean they don’t look good.

#7 Knitted Polo Shirts

A good knitted polo shirt looks very rare and classy. They are good for both warmer and colder months. Just choose cotton ones for summer and wool ones for winters. They look great when styled with suede jacket and slim tapered trousers to tap into that 1980s Hollywood vibe.

#8 Polo Shirt with Sweatpants

Sweatpants gives a relaxed and cool vibe. That’s the great thing about polo shirts, that they goes with sweatpants with ease. The polo shirt act as an instant casual vibe with cool and comfortable bottoms. Wear sneakers or snapback to complete your look. Make sure your clothes are fitted or you will wind up to look sloppy, there’s a fine line between athleisure and messy.

#9 Polo Shirt with Blazer

Polo shirt and blazer magnifies the business casual look, a polo shirt with a blazer work wonders together. Really great option for a casual dinner meeting. For more formal events, wear a white or black polo shirt with a dark suit. To add some fun into the mix, try a polo shirt with colour to stand out in the crowd.

How to Wear Polo Shirts for men 2020?

  • Keep the buttons done, create a polished ensemble.
  • Make sure the fit is not too tight nor too loose.
  • Tucking looks great so don’t shy away from it.
  • Put a blazer upon it complete a winter look.

These are my recommendation on Polo Shirts for men 2020. If you found something you like, then tell us!

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