Best Plaid Pants for Men 2020


Most of the time, when you go to purchase a suit, you try to go for a whole matching suit. A two or a piece, that will match your some of the occasion needs. But I have emphasized at this, don’t always try to go for a whole matching suit. Individual pieces are much easier to style. In this article, I will show you the best alternative of basic pants, best plaid pants for men 2020.

Use can use a jacket as a blazer. A waistcoat alone can be fairly simple to style. However, the hardest piece is to style pants. Here’s a great option for you today, plaid pants for men and used them in much different context.

When you buy a matching suit piece, it would be very difficult to match your suit colour pants with other pieces. First the colour didn’t match, second the quality won’t match and you won’t be able to match with other pieces. This doesn’t make you creative, it’s just off styling. And if your suit is patterned and there is a bold pattern, it will be unnatural to try and mix it up or cover up with matching jacket

plaid pants outfits

What can I wear with plaid plants mens?

Baseball, snapback caps, joggers, plaid shirt and a bomber jacket are the OG clothing essential that people have. When in doubt go for a plaid shirt and nicer pair of jeans make for the perfect night-outlook.

What goes well with plaid pants for men?

You can also layer down the shirt with a t-shirt to give a more casual look with sneakers or loafers.

Are plaid pants in style 2020?

Many punk rockers wore the plaid pants outfits, plaid pants have crossed social and cultural boundaries and doesn’t seems to go away. Many big brands Burberry and Topman showed us this trend is not going anywhere, and maybe the future of menswear

plaid pants outfits

What goes well with plaid pants for men?

How to wear plaid pants mens? In this article you have gotten much details of plaid pants mens, but now I’ll answer, are plaid pants in style 2020? Yes, given that plaid pants mens are bolder pattern and colours, it’s very crucial to get the perfect mix of the pairing and the proportion right to avoid looking like circus master (not that they look bad, it’s not for everyday look).

What kind of mens pant are in style?

Plaid pants for men are enduring, if we consider inconsistent popularity then plaid pants have honourable mention of menswear. Here, in this article, I will give you brief about the characteristic of plaid pants mens and how to wear plaid pants for men? Are plaid pants in style 2020? Many questions arise after seeing them, but just follow my lead and you will look good, I’ll also provide some brands you can buy from!


If you throw a hoodie or jacket and some cool sneakers, you will end will looking very casual and stylish, this gives a very cool laid-back vibe. If you work place doesn’t bother for formal clothing then you could wear this to work with a collared solid white shirt, a polo or a sweater an put on some dress or loafers and call it a day!

Punk Rock & Tartan

In early 1920s, many monarchs wore tartans or plaids, plaid shed some of its upper-classness at the hands of some punks. If you been a music person, then you probably have seen black and whites of Johnny Rotten in tartan-to-toe, stoking the fires of dissent onstage. And soon after Royal Stewart tartan became an essential wardrobe piece for punk uniform, despite its ones needed to have a secure royal permission to wear it (guess it didn’t last much long). it became popular in 1980s and 90s.

Do Your Research

The most basic plaid pants for men are the Royal Steward tartan, they are everywhere, you can’t go for them. Try to access some other plaid pattern. Instead you can mix the black with black instead of red or any dark colour, which feels like something neutral and earthy. Mackay Weathered tartan is a solid pick.

plaid pants outfits

Choose Your Cut Wisely

I have emphasized on this a lot; fit is the king! You need to make sure your check patterns aren’t slimming too tight. After you get your plaid pant, make sure to go to tailor to fit them perfectly. Tell your tailor to tuck the trouser leg in a bit a small break over your shoe.

Mix and Match with Care

Its really difficult to mix and match, many of the time, mix and match doesn’t really go well. you can’t just match anything. Pattern matches rarely work. Keep try to keep it simple. Keep the top half with block colours and let the plaid take centre stage.

Plaid Pants Outfits Ideas

Colourful print shirt with plaid pants

You can go for this combination if you want to experiment. This look is both effortless and class. It is a very modern office look, gives a lot of benefits of after work party outfit, it would be well suited on for some meetings.

Denim Jacket with Plaid Pants

Denim jackets are very-very versatile. You know pair them up with anyone. Its one of the most modern classics, which looks effortless. This surely brings a lot of funky essence to your outfit. Denim jacket will just camouflage with anything and plaid pants too. It can be good combination if going out for onsite meeting.

plaid pants mens
Black T-Shirt with Plaid Pants for Men

One of the most basic and yet stylish is pairing with black t-shirt. This will give you a lot casual look, pair them up with vans sneakers. You can also check out these black outfits.

plaid pants mens
Hoodie with Plaid Pants Mens

Plaid pants are themselves not of formal of office type but nowadays many working environments has changed. This hoodie with plaid pants combination is a great dress code, try this someday and every eye will be on you, it’s a perfect outfit for Friday night after work party. This will surely impress many people. Pair them with boots will enhance the dose of style.

plaid pants mens
Navy Velvet

This Navy Velvet look, looks very stylish and doesn’t even require much work. Choose a navy velvet blazer and plaid pants and this will be your best outfit. This black embroidered velvet loafers will infuse an air of elegance, simplicity and classy mostly dressed-down outfit.

plaid pants mens
Plaid Pants Red

Plaid pants themselves are OP, so it won’t be bad to add red shirt, they are the perfect ensemble for men who dress effortlessly neat styles. This will introduce some extra flair and to do more, round off with burgundy leather loafers.

plaid pants mens

Best Plaid Pants Brands 2020

Boohoo man

This Boohoo man has a great style, the grey colour and the pattern with black lines gives a great style, match this with a solid white t-shirt.

plaid pants for men
Topman Plaid Pants

This topman plaid pant has a cool neutral mint, this plaid color and pattern, matches with any neutral and light colours.

plaid pants for men
Macy’s Plaid Pants Mens

This Macy’s Alfani Plaid, is kind of matching suits type but you can match it with solid blue shirts.

plaid pants for men
H&M Plaid Pants for Men

This H&M pant, has a great monochrome effect, looks great with a solid t shirt.

H&M plaid pants for men
Perry Ellis

This Perry Ellis, grey plaid loooks really great for formal events.

Perry Ellis Men's Slim Fit Stretch Plaid Pant

So, these are the best plaid pants for men 2020. If you don’t have plaid pants, then plan your next plaid pants outfits.

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