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10 Most Fashionable Pixie Cut Haircuts

No, I am not talking about Pixie Lot, lol bad joke. In today’s article I am going to show you Most Fashionable Pixie Cut Haircuts and which celebrities have been rocking pixie cut hair.

If you ever consider getting a pixie cut haircuts, then read the whole article before getting pixie cut. There will 10 Most Fashionable Pixie Cut Haircuts you can get and 10 Most Fashionable Pixie Cut Haircuts Celebrities have. This will your ultimate source of inspiration. From classics to modern ones, to celebrities rocking in past and now, pixie cuts have come a long way. Sense of style changes as you change your hairstyle to short hairs. Shorter hair as they look require more dressing style, more make up!

What Is a Pixie Cut and how to get it?

Pixie crop or pixie cut for women just like a undercut for a man but in a classy way. Pixie cut looks really great in silver or blonde hairs. They may be longer on back, short from side, about 3 inch in top.

In 1950s, pixie haircuts become famous because of Audrey Hepburn, she rocked the short hair pixie cut in the movie “Roman Holiday”. Many actresses since have tried and rocked pixie hairstyle, in 1960s actress Mia Farrow and supermodel Twiggy wore the cut as well. Moving to modern day, many celebrities have tried pixies, too, such as Katy Perry, Cara Delevingne, Pamela Anderson, and Miley Cyrus, among others.

Pixie Haircut 2020 Benefits

Here are some reasons to choose a pixie:

  • It’s practical. That means less time and money on styling.
  • It’s expressive. It perfectly frames the face and makes cheekbones pop.
  • It’s ideal for hair colour experiments. Less hair to bleach and your tresses quickly regenerate.

Most Fashionable Pixie Cut Haircuts 2020

Modern pixies are often paired with long side bangs or a shorter angled side fringe. They are upgraded with choppy, spiky layers and undercuts. The contrast of lengths, such as long hair on the top and very short tapered sides and back is very in. A great idea for a pixie is to try a new fashionable hair colour you’ve never tried but have always wanted to. Now’s the time! Check all these variants and other beautiful ideas — flip through!

#1 Pixie Wedge

Before getting a pixie haircut you should know what you want, you can’t just cut your hair short, that could disastrous. Find a picture of what kind of pixie cut you want to have. In this pixie wedge, keep the top and sides than normal pixie, this will have more volume and you can play with this more.

#2 Classic Pixie

The classic pixie. This is what, which will look on every girl. Short hairs mean a classic pixie, this is a timeless cut. Best thing about this, you don’t have to style it, just leave it there and try on with some different hair colour.

#3 Undercut Pixie

12 most fashionable pixie cut haircuts 2020

In this undercut pixie just make your sides real short, this will make your look edgy. This is a really great haircut to showcase your inner bad girl, while still maintaining the innocence of a lady-like side of you.

#4 African-American Messy Ashy Pixie

12 most fashionable pixie cut haircuts 2020

Ash blonde hair with light cool-toned skin is an evident solution, but this picture proves that ashy hues can be pulled very well by darker complexions as well.

There’s something magnetizing about an African-American lady with cool blonde hair, but the cut itself also counts. Short pixie haircuts with plenty of crescent layers are very flattering on black women. By the way, did you know they pair great with hoop earrings?

#5 Stacked Pixie-Bob with Long Bangs

Pixies are really great if you want to add volume around the crown area which looks flattering. And with balance of long bands they give the perfect overall cool and bold girl impression. High or low contrast balayage highlights won’t hurt either. As a result, you get a style that turns heads. In a good way.

#6 Short Choppy Side-Parted Pixie

pixie cut long

This won’t appear boyish when it features a height on the top, which is achieved with tiered layers. Add this parted on the side cut to your inspirational gallery if you have a round or square face, as it has an elongating effect flattering for those face shapes.

#7 Two-Tone Pixie

12 most fashionable pixie cut

Normally, there is no such thing as any style being age specific, but a disconnected haircut could be too extreme for the working professional.

Modern pixie hairstyles may seem too mainstream for some girls now, many girls are now scene with them. It requires loads of sassy and confidence to rock them to their nature. To get that put some neat texture on them. Using a little pomade to emphasize the texture will do the trick in adding that missing spunk, and also a bit of shine.



#8 Pixie-Bob with Temple Undercut

The temple undercut give a picture of leader of the trendy edgy haircuts group. Asymmetry is what always makes your hairstyle way more interesting. So does a dimensional two-tone colour. And tousled texture.

#9 Angled Pixie Bob with Layers

12 most fashionable pixie cut haircuts

Having a right haircut according to your face shape is really important. That enhances your best facial features and follow lines of your face. For example, if you have a proper jawline then you might want to have this long pixie cuts cropped at the same angle as the angle of your jawline.

#10 Pixie Cut Long Curly

pixie cut long curly

Curly pixies are they mainstream for pixie haircuts. And they are seen in every article of women’s short hair article. Long curly pixies are difficult to tame but you can do that with curls, braids and regularly trim them to the shape.

10 Most Fashionable Pixie Cut Haircuts By Celebrities

Kristen Stewart

Soon after the break up with Robert Pattinson she started to rock pixie cut. but it’s her recent grown-out blond pixie that catapulted it to icon status. Did you see her in the SNL’19 she looked bomb.


Halsey have been changing her hairstyle in almost every music video but in every haircut she looks more strong. In her music video, “without me”, I mean oh my goddess!


Charlize Theron

Charlize Theron has cropped hair short multiple times, most recently transitioning her shockingly chic bowl cut (for her role in Fast and Furious 9) into a pretty pixie.

Joey King, 2019

After chopping her hair short for Hulu’s, The Act, King transitioned from buzz cut to pixie perfection effortlessly. Her look has remained versatile, sometimes worn spiky and severe and others, as she did at the Emmys, styled soft and layered.

Scarlett Johansson, 2018

Scarlett Johansson gives her cut a deep side part and casually sweeps it across her forehead. The talented actress has kept her hair short for over three years now and it doesn’t look like she’ll be going back to long locks anytime soon.

Cara Delevingne, 2017

In 2017 Cara Delevigne chopped off her hairs, since then she has been rocking with pixie hairstyle and sticking with it. Delevingne can accessorize a pixie like no one else, adding headbands, clips, and bows to spice it up.

Zendaya, 2017

I think she can pull off any hairstyle, anything else and make it look natural. This platinum blonde bowl cut is a piece of cake for her.

Katy Perry, 2017

Katy Perry since started was flaunting her black hairs but she decided to switch up. She shared her undercut journey on Snapchat, too.

Jennifer Lawrence, 2014

Jennifer Lawrence is living proof that a pixie can’t can be as versatile as any hair length. She debuted her chopped hair on her Facebook, during her Hunger Games: Catching Fire press trail.

Miley Cyrus, 2013

“Tick tock tick tock,” Cyrus wrote to her Twitter fans, only a short time before posting a photo of hairstylist Chris McMillan about to chop off her girl-next-door locks. She revealed the drastic bleached pixie cut with shaved sides and long bangs, that made her fans crazy. But the singer stood by her look.

Anne Hathaway, 2012

As she shed her hair for playing the role of grisette Fantine in Les Misérables, Hathaway admitted she shed tears as well.

Rihanna, 2012

At the MTV VMAs, Rihanna took home the award for best video of the year for “We Found Love,” and also put together one of our favourite beauty looks of the year, with the debut of her pixie cut that looked downright stunning with bright red lipstick and a white gown.

Emma Watson, 2010

Watson got a magical makeover when the Harry Potter series wrapped filming, trimming her shoulder-length hair into this pixie style that transformed her from Hermione Granger into a red-carpet superstar.

Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid’s Moschino Met Gala look wasn’t complete without a side-parted and ultra-glossy pixie cut.

Emilia Clarke

The Game of Thrones star chopped off her hair (and went blonde!) to mark the end of the HBO series.

Rita Ora

The singer went all out at the 2015 Grammy Awards, pairing her ice-blond crop with a full-length crystal dress.

Lily Collins

Actress Lily Collins amps up the texturized volume with her layered chop.

These are the 10 Most Fashionable Pixie Cut Haircuts for women and pixie cut haircuts which many celebrities rock! Which one is your favourite, tell us on our social media!

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