What are the Peaky Blinders Haircuts famous for?

The cool and classic Netflix drama is what you all need this summer. Peaky Blinders will give you all the suspense, twist and turns you need. But also, with the excellent cast and thrilling plot, this criminal based drama will give you a lot style inspiration. Set in the aftermath of world war I, in England. The show features 1920s gangster looks. With the likes of Tom Hardy and Cillian Murphy. They made the peaky blinders haircut popular. In this article, I’ll show you how to get the Peaky Blinders Haircut just as good as the cast members.

The show features razor-sharp suits and bloody good haircuts. The show follows a story of a gangster family running a crime racket in the Birmingham after First World War got over. Its one of the stylish drama shows up on the Netflix since 2013. Undoubtedly, the show features impressive costumes, but another thing which made the cut was the Peaky Blinders Haircut.

So, if you need a new haircut, then why not look Arthur Shelby and the gand for the inspiration.

I’ve rounded up the boy’s haircuts to give you details on every peaky blinders haircut appeared on the show.

peaky blinders

What is the history of the peaky blinders haircut?

The story of the Netflix drama might be fictional but they Peaky Blinders were the real street gang in the Birmingham in the late 19th and early 20th century, known for the criminal behaviour, distinctive haircut and dressing sense.

Most wearing flat caps, which hides an underlay undercut – a hairstyle feature longer hair on the top and clean shaven sides and back.

The style is practical, less maintaining and looks incredibly, gives the distinctive feature. As the story is on criminal gang, its practical to have short hairs while fighting, right?

Peaky Blinders haircut is a serious style, in the drama, which does not have a most wholesome origins and it gives the sharp – especially when teamed up with a smart overcoat.

What is the Peaky Blinders Haircut?

When we first see the boss, Thomas Shelby played by Cillian Murphy, he has retuned from the hell of trenched to Birmingham. He is seen in a disconnected, unblended style that is very short and slick. It draws attention and worn by sloggers or hooligans from the late 1890s.

While most of the characters have no fade undercuts, the style on the top of hairs still varies. Some characters Peaky Blinders haircut have a side parting, others have textured French crop and some just slick back the top. the versality displayed in the Peaky Blinders Haircut, is the other reason why it became popular IRL.

peaky blinders

How do you cut the peaky blinders haircut?

If you observe the cast members that will give you idea all of them have shorter hair on the top and shaven sides and back, although not completely. As the hair is shorter, they will look good on anyone. Just ask your barber to shorten the hair on top and shave the sides and back, or ask for a disconnected undercut with no fade.

In short, the Peaky blinders haircut as just another side swept French Drop, of a crew cut or buzz cut. However, if you observe, it’s a fade since the sides are completely shaven. However, you can choose to have a fade which will definitely look better.

Here’s a reference video




How to Style the Peaky Blinders Haircut?

Styling of a Peaky Blinders haircut is relatively easy, as the hair are shorter. Just use a medium hold pomade or you can even use wax to your hair. For textured and natural look, make sure the product gives light matte shine and just slick back your hair on the back and let the hair drape messily on the sides.

Why do peaky blinders have that haircut?

In the interwar in Glasgow, Peaky Blinders of Birmingham preferred, peaky blinders haircut that is short hairs on top and the Neds (precursors to the Teddy Boys) preferred a haircut which was long on the top. Peaky Blinders preferred Peaky Blinders haircut because the longer the hair on the wearer, greater the disadvantage in a street fight.

Is peaky blinders haircut authentic?

Peaky Blinders haircut has been popular among young working-class man since 20th century. Originally created in Glasgow while the interwar was going on.

But what is peaky blinders slang for?

The Peaky Blinders were an urban street gang based in Birmingham, England, that operated from the end of the 19th century to after the First World War. … However, even though they had disappeared by the 1920s, the name of the “Peaky Blinders” became synonymous slang for any street gang in Birmingham.

Tom Shelby

Tom Shelby played by Cillian Murphy, is the crim boss with style. Although the character often wears a hat, and when he’s not wearing a hat, his awesome haircut is on the full display. Considering the look is from 1920s, it looks just as good now, as it did hundred years ago. The haircut is a short crop with shaved sides and back. The undercut has longer hairs at the top. the texture with layers and a natural wave. His style creates a short fringe that swoops across his forehead.

Tom Shelby Haircut Tom Shelby played by Cillian Murphy, is the crim boss with style. Although the character often wears a hat, and when he’s not wearing a hat, his awesome haircut is on the full display. Considering the look is from 1920s, it looks just as good now, as it did hundred years ago. The haircut is a short crop with shaved sides and back. The undercut has longer hairs at the top. the texture with layers and a natural wave. His style creates a short fringe that swoops across his forehead.

Arthur Shelby

Arthur Shelby Peaky Blinders haircut is a more natural floppier and less textured with hair on the top are left long, slicked back and they are stylishly left to drape messily to the sides. Unlike the Tommy’s Peaky Blinders haircut, Arthur’s is sleeker and more slicked and the style can be easily created using a good Pomade.

the peaky blinders haircut

Pomade has great consistency, provides a firm hold but light shine. But in Arthur’s Peaky Blinders haircut, make sure to reduce the volume and make them look polished with a slight edge. However, the look is more disconnected haircut that truly defines the wild character Arthur is playing. The sides and back are completely shaved, top have long hair.

And the Arthur’s moustache style with this undercut, makes a classic wild look. The overall appearance is masculine and harsh, that’s why this become most popular Peaky Blinders Haircut style.

Ask your barber:

This is a very hairstyle to get, if you already have long hairs on the top, just ask your barber to shave your back and sides completely. And slick back the top hairs.

One of the easiest Peaky Blinders haircut to achieve.

John Shelby

The good thing about the Peaky Blinders haircut is that they require little less maintenance. So, if you are into the Peaky Blinders haircut then John Shelby the man to look forward too. A

shorter-on-top cut and a disconnected undercut, this Peaky blinder haircut require less time to work with, due to its short length, this is a perfect short haircut for men.

Ask your barber:

Ask your barber to give you a very sharp and shaved undercut but only with a short crop at the top, just like John’s.

the peaky blinders haircut

Also, John’s haircut seems to match a lot with both Arthur and Thomas’s hair, although it’s a shorter version of Arthur’s slicked back hairstyle.

How to ask the barber for John Shelby Haircut?

The sides and back of the hair are shaved very short (number zero or one) until the scalp is highly visible. After enough length is left on the upper part of the hair, the top of the hair cut with short crop haircut technique.

Michael Gray Peaky Blinders Haircut (Finn Cole)

Michael Gray played with Finn Cole, cousin of the Shelby brothers. His haircuts considered among the Peaky Blinders Haircuts, is the best one which more natural and classic hairstyles. A little side parting and also, hair is gradually tapered from top to bottom.

the peaky blinders haircut

Alfie Solomon Haircut (TOM HARDY)

Tom Hardy really did give the haircut justice, although it’s not the haircut that grabs the most attention, it’s the beard that defines the iconic character’s appearance. Tom Hardy played a rugged looking yet classic Alfie Solomon’s, the unruly beard that may inspire you to grow your own.

But it can be tempting to change some epic facial hair, then remember to do in a modern way. While beard is always on trend, though a well-groomed with neatly trimmed edges are best appreciated. Also, you can keep your head tidy looking while not projecting like a caveman.

the peaky blinders haircut
Ask the barber:

Be prepared to explain at every step. Ask you barber to maintain a long, lumberjack-style beard. Make sure to carry a reference photo too. Start with cutting few millimetres, to avoid cutting too short. And make sure to trim the beard properly and ask advice for where you should shave ling around your jaw and neck area.

So, here is the peaky blinders haircut for you. do you like it? If you don’t want to work on your hair in the morning, then the peaky blinders haircut styles are for you!

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