5 Casual College Outfits for Guys

When I was going to college, I was just another kid in the crowd, looked damped, under styled etc more bad words. It doesn’t require a lot of money to look good. It’s just a myth. You just need to find out what looks on your body. And be Confident about it. That’s why you need 5 Casual College Outfits for Guys. They will do wonders for you.


Remember Siddharth Malhotra and Varun Dhawan from ‘Student of The Year’? And ‘Wake Up Sid’ those cool graphic and Slogan T-shirt that Ranbir Kapoor rocked in the movie? Well, you guessed it right, we’re talking of most basic casual wear brilliance to sport at college every day.

Because we have to admit that college is a fun place to be at. You only realise this after graduating. You go on trips with your classmates and become best buds on the way back (for life time) and unlike the dressing rues of school, you can finally wear the hell you want! No, one is stopping you from being who you are (of course, with restrain)! So, since college life is eventful anyway, time to also grab the trophy for the best dressed person in the college. Like who doesn’t want to look best on the first day? With these 5 must have college outfits for guys, I am sure as hell you will scape through college in style!

1.White T-Shirt +Black Jeans + White Sneakers

You can never go wrong while pairing a simple crew neck or V-neck white T-shirt, slim-fit black jeans and white sneakers for college. Because on some days, simplicity and minimal efforts are going to save your day. While going out, don’t even dare to forget to throw on the wayfarers on and well guess what? This is also ensemble to turn to when you are very lazy and don’t want to work your ass off.

2.Graphic T-Shirt + Denim Jacket + Suede Brown Shoes


Yes, plain basic t-shirt is very good but whats better than a cool graphic t-shirt with a humour’s slogan? Like this, which has a cool graphic under the hood haha! — the stuff that was literally born for college-going guys. Pair them with a pair of jeans and your choice of sneakers. I personally prefer white or black sneakers. And trust me you will realise how effective yet simple this outfit can appear. Now just top things off with a denim jacket if the weather is cold and you are all set for a Stylish day.

3.Checked Shirt + Dark Wash Jeans + Boots




Checked shirts can really make you look stylish and give that edgy yet a cool look too. You just need to find a good colour one. Checked shirts will never go out of style. Checked shirts come in millions and millions of designs , colours , textures , pattern you name it, easy to pull-off Keep them simple: just style with a pair of jeans and complete with a pair of boots in brown or black (depending upon the colour of your shirt). You don’t even need to do more but they do more when you wear it!

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4.Denim Shirt + Classic Jeans + Coloured Sneakers.


Denim is one of the most noble fabrics available for men. There are a million types of it available out there, that are simply perfect for college outfits for guys. One of the simplest denim combos really, is the pairing of a basic T-shirt, topped with a denim shirt and completed with jeans and coloured kicks. Also known as denim-on-denim, this is your starter-pack to channelling a runway-approved trend in your college corridors. 

5.Floral Shirt + Dark Wash jeans + Sneakers


Florals for summer? Yes! Florals for college? Why not? But as floral are to shiny try to be minimum with other pairings. Go supremely classic with your choice of the corresponding separates, go supremely dark on the bottom (either very dark-wash or black). Easy.  H&M is a great place from where you can easily find yourself your next favourite floral print clothing.

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6.White Shirt + Brown Chinos

Got a presentation today? Don’t worry, this outfit will save the day for you (even if you’re not prepared). In my opinion, instead of opting for complete corporate-office formal wear look, turn to semi-formal pairings for your big presentation day at college. Stick to a white shirt of your choice, choose chinos over trousers and instead of closed dress shoes; opt for smooth leather slip-ons. 

So, this is the complete guide for the Must have 6 College Outfits for guys Fashion! Let me know if you have any other great idea about college outfits! Tweet us at @thefashionwolff