How to Take Care of your Moustache? 10 Moustache Styles 2020.


Although moustache have always been in style but still there are lot of to make them perfect. Some people give more attention to beard. They think beard makes them look manly, but actually moustache makes a man, the real man. To pull off a moustache look, you really have to have a great personality. Moustache surely gives an age factor but most women fall for this look. Gives a save feeling when around. These moustache styles 2020 will give you great idea about all the things about moustache. So, in this article I am going to tell you best moustache styles 2020 and answer some questions like how to take care of moustache?

Why Grow a Moustache?

Waaaay back in the day, men’s moustaches were practically ubiquitous, but by the 1980s, the trend had become relegated to porn stars, police officers, and actor Tom Selleck. In recent years, however, the style has returned in full force. As a result, any cultural stigmas associated with the modern moustache have been lifted. Hence, to the question of why one should grow a moustache, the answer might very well be: why the heck not? After all, if it’s good enough for Nick Offerman, surely, it’s good enough for you.

A quick introduction to the best mustache styles 2020 around.


Whether you spell it ‘mustache’ or ‘moustache’, there’s no question that it’s been a longstanding mainstay of the male upper lip. If you’re ready to adopt your own, you’ll soon learn that there are many types of mustache to play with – and not all mustaches are created equal. Check out our list of the best here, and find one that perfectly complements your look.

moustache styles 2020

How to Grow a Moustache?

As with a beard, moustache growth occurs in stages and requires a little patience. Speaking of beards, you should grow one (presuming you haven’t already) before starting in on your moustache, as it will help conceal the somewhat awkward development of hair above your upper lip. Furthermore, you should harvest a full moustache and then hedge it down to your intended moustache styles, basically treating your face like a Bonzai tree.

Again, moustache growth will be a somewhat slow process and one that requires occasional maintenance. For example, when the hairs start to crawl over your upper lip, you’ll want to trim them accordingly or groom them out to either side. After a few weeks, you’ll ideally have a full moustache to play with. Of course, you should have settled on a particular type or style long before that. Now, it’s time to bring that vision to life using the trimmer and shears.

There’s no shortage of great mustache styles and moustache types, but the moustache is a tool of self-expression. And with such a wide range of styles to choose from, there are many ways to express yourself. Here’s how to choose a mustache style to suit your face:

10 Best Moustache Styles 2020

#1 Chevron Moustache


Popularised by actor Tom Selleck, the Selleck moustache (also known as the Chevron moustache) relies on coarse hair, which can take months to grow out. This one is a moustache without beard. Relatively neat, this style is one of the most simplistic takes on moustaches. Something you should consider before trying this out is what kind of facial hair you have. It works best on those with straighter hair and can be maintained by trimming longer hair that begins to grow over your mouth.

moustache styles 2020
#2 Horseshoe Mustache

Lacking the upper-class breeding of the handlebar moustache or the delicate fronds of the Fu Manchu, the horseshoe is the less-civilized ‘black sheep’ of the moustache family. You might have last seen it on Hulk Hogan or another of his pro wrestler brethren, causing as much bad luck as any other upside-down horseshoe. This best for people with round and square faces looking to add some length. This moustache can style with or without beard.

moustache styles 2020
#3 Walrus Moustache

Certainly not one for the faint of heart, the walrus moustache is undeniably a statement. This style relies on growing out your facial hair for over five months. During this time, the hair will begin to hang over your top lip, giving the desired ‘walrus’ trademark. Ensure to shave your remaining facial hair for a true recreation of this traditional trend.

moustache styles 2020
#4 The Moustache Handlebar

Resembling the handlebars of a bicycle, this signature moustache styles features upward curves at both ends. This style is moustache without beard. Whether you combine it with a full beard or strut it out naked, be prepared to turn heads. If you need some additional pointers, check out men’s fashion YouTuber Robin James, who’s become something of an authority on this particular style.

moustache styles 2020
#5 The Full Moustache

True to its name, the full moustache comes in dense and somewhat long. While you’ll want to groom it on a regular basis, it shouldn’t look overly manicured. This is a stache in the truest and most traditional sense of the concept, which accordingly offers up all sorts of masculine vibes.

moustache styles 2020
#6 The Beardstache

One of the most common ones, some people don’t know they have this moustache styles 2020. Obviously this one is moustache with beard. Not in total way, this moustache styles a total facial hair is taken care of. Less eye-catching than a clean-shaven face as there’s a reduced contrast in the skin-and-hair tones, but you do need a decently even stubble growth to make this work.

moustache styles 2020
moustache styles 2020
#7 The Anchor Beard


Perhaps the worst facial hair style ever devised and one that even the patron saint of male grooming, David Beckham, has fallen victim to a combination of a pointed beard that traces the jawline and peaks in a sort of below-lip soul-patch, sitting below a disembodied moustache. This can be styled as moustache with beard with a small goatee.

moustache styles 2020
#8 Cowboy Moustache

Mostly a messier, longer and scragglier version of the Selleck moustache, this version should not be too neat, but rather rugged and less groomed. Naturally, tidy up this ‘stache with a pair of scissors, so you’re not totally unkempt, but avoid precise cuts of large portions of hair to maintain the roughness of this version.

moustache styles 2020
#9 Fu Manchu Moustache

Fu Manchu moustache is not really common in the western world but my work is to provide all the styles, right? So, Fu Manchu is something out of a comic book or what you see in some Jackie Chan’s old movies. This style requires you to grow out the sides of your moustache, so they hang over your chin. Pair that with some longer hair on your chinny chin and you’ve got yourself a more traditional moustache ‘do.

moustache styles 2020
#10 Scruffy Moustache

This is by far the most used moustache styles by high profile actors. Perhaps the easiest and stylish way  groom your moustache is this style. It is a failsafe option if you’re a little sceptical about growing out your ‘stache. It won’t take you long to grow out your facial hair to the length required for this style, but remember that it can be altered for those with thicker facial hair. For inspiration, think of Johnny Depp, James Franco and Ryan Gosling.

moustache styles 2020

How    to   Care     for Your Moustache?

Some men might make it look easy, but maintaining a moustache often requires a decent amount of consistent attention. Thankfully, there are plenty of tools for the job, including trimmers, combs, waxes, oils, and washes. But do you really need these tools to maintain and take care of your beard? It depends how serious you are to style your beard. If you are just going to have a Scruffy moustache then you need to worry but if you are going for a subtle or heavy moustache, then you have to take care of them. However, don’t take that to mean you won’t benefit from them.

Moustache Trimmers


Moustache trimmers helps you to sculpt and define the shape of your moustache. Truth be told, you should probably own one electric trimmer for the broader strokes and then a pair of professional-grade sheers for the finer details.

moustache styles 2020

Moustache Combs


When left to its own devices, your moustache can become somewhat unruly or unkempt, especially if you’re aiming for a longer style. That’s why you’ll want a trusty comb, which reinforces definition, and furthermore preps your moustache before you get busy with the trimmer.

Kent 81T Men’s Handmade Beard/Moustache Comb

moustache styles 2020

Moustache Wax

Moustache wax is really just your call. As told above, if you are serious about your moustache, then depending on the specific type of moustache you’re growing, you should get one. As you can probably guess, it helps with definition and sheen, keeping each and every follicle in its proper place. If and when you apply moustache wax, you’ll definitely want to use only a small amount.

moustache styles 2020

Moustache Oil

Oil will help to grow moustache gow faster!

How to Make a Moustache Grow Faster?


For healthy facial hair, you will need to do a few things to stimulate growth. Firstly, vitamins and minerals in your diet or as a supplement will promote hair growth. Specifically, keep an eye out for beard growth oils with vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin C and vitamin E and biotin to nourish your hair follicles and strengthen hair from the inside. Exfoliating your face will also remove dead cells, keeping your face clean to grow healthier hair. Don’t forget to moisturize your face which will also allow a better environment for faster hair growth. Also, keep hydrated and drink plenty of water, which will also help with speedy hair growth.

So, what do you think, you like to have moustache too? if yes, then these 10 moustache styles 2020 is perfect for you. Follow these tips to groom your moustache.

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