20 Best Mullet Haircut 2020 and Modern Mullet 2020

Mullet haircuts have been very popular for a long time. Though they are not much seen in the formal events, as they are more informal types. While mullet on its own is defined by long hair all over at the back, a modern mullet is short on top and the sides. In this article, I’m going to tell you about mullet haircut 2020 and modern mullet 2020.

Mullets while being popular, were also seen as an out-of-date, unattractive style, but right now with culture of work from home #wfh 2020, it does fight right in its part. Here is what you need to know about mullet haircut 2020 and modern mullet 2020.

Mullet haircut 2020 being one of the most iconic 80s hairstyle. While short at front and long at the back has its fair share of jokes, it really is making its way back into fashion. Many celebrities, musicians and fashion stylist haven all begun to embrace the mullet for its too fashion and laidback vibe.

With long hairs at the back and short at the front. It’s is a haircut for men who aren’t afraid to stray from crowd and not look mainstream every day. It’s a very flattering look, with wide range of variety.

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What is the Modern Mullet?

While a mullet is long from all over area, with back the longest, the modern mullet is generally shorter on the front and side, with long at the back only. The modern just refers to short hairs at the front.

With modern being such a broad word to use, you can describe as your own style too. You are free to style it however you please.

However, it’s such basically short at front and long at back, however it may be styled.

Why is a mullet haircut called a mullet?

What is a mullet?

Acc. to English Dictionary, mullet is used for a hairstyle, which was popularized by American hip-hop group the Beastie Boys, who used “Mullet Head” in their 1994 song “Mullet head”.

Is the mullet coming back 2020?

Yes, mullet has officially made a comeback in 2020. As all the trends come, they fade and comeback even stronger, that’s what mullet haircut 2020 has done.

Check out Gwen Stefani doing the Mullet Haircut on Blake Shelton.


Why does Morgan Wallen has a mullet haircut?

The country singer in an interview said that, “He saw the photo album of his parents wedding and his dad had a mullet haircut in their wedding. From their he got the idea of getting a mullet hair.

Check out Morgan Wallen Mullet

modern mullet haircut 2020
How Do You Get the Modern Mullet 2020?

If you want to modern mullet or even the basic mullet you need to have long hairs, to begin with. You’ll need your hairstylist – or whoever is chopping your hairs – cut the front and sides to your desired length.

Cool Mullet Haircuts 2020

Hipster Mullet

This is the most classic mullet haircut 2020. Hipster mullet is super cool and fresh. This fresh look combines medium hair on top styled with plenty of movement, faded temples and some thick back flow. Not everyone can pull this off, but somehow it looks great and works well

Image source Edward Styles You

mullet haircuts for men
Short Textured Mullet + Temple Fade

Just a classic mullet haircut for men with the temple fade with some short textured wavy hair and spiky styling. Temple fade is used for sleek silhouette.

Image Source – Arielle Cuyugan aka Boss Baby

mullet haircuts for men
Cool Mullet Haircut for Boys

This haircut for boys is a fashion forward mullet mohawk with spikes in between forward fringe and length at the neckline.

mullet haircuts for men
Modern Mullet Haircut 2020

This modern mullet haircut 2020 gives your haircut a modern touch with an added twist of still looking line a perfect 80s hairstyle. This is a messy version of a mullet haircut 2020

mullet haircut for men
Mullet with Beard

Ofcourse, adding beard to your facial hairs, will give it more edge. You can always boost your manly looks with a right kind of beard. Check out these beard styles for men and beard products for facial hair growth and maintenance.

mullet haircut for men
Rattail Haircut

This is one, we are not proud of but this haircut from the same family as the mullet, but has short on the top end in a longer section at the nape.

modern mullet
Layered Mullet Haircut 2020

Proper layering is very important in fashion likewise, a layered haircut is perfect for any man. No matter what type of hair you have, layers will always increase the coolness of any look by a mile.

modern mullet
Messy Duck Tail with Fringed Neckline

This is a typical hair stylist design of the mullet haircut for men. you probably need a professional hairstylist for this one. The hair creates a tail that swoops to the side and creates a half moon around ears.

modern mullet
Splayed Dyed Mullet

With your hairs, you can easily create a style statement. Then this mullet might be for you. With a dyed look and mullet spiked this makes this look a definition of attention grabber.

modern mullet
Curly Mullet with Tapered Temple

This is perfect for someone with curly hairs, a shorter and subtler mullet. Give this one a try. The mullet consists of thick curls that only hang past the ear a little, providing the tidier appearance.

modern mullet
Some Burgundy Undertone and Mullet

This is a very eye-catching colour in itself, using a crisp medium fade and long hairs at the back. Luscious locks to create the perfect long mullet haircut style like no other.

modern mullet
Asian Mullet Style

Whether you are Asian or not, or love its culture then go for this stylish Asian modern mullet haircut 2020. Japanese and Korean Mullets have a specific, choppy style to them that is sure to get you the complements to add the youthful vibe to your hairstyle.

modern mullet
Bohemian Mullet Haircut

This bohemian mullet haircut for men is not one of the sleekest haircuts, but its wild and free of adaptions to look even better than its formal counter parts. Suits well with someone who has natural wavy hairs.

modern mullet
Burst Fade Mohawk Mullet

Short hairs are spiked up along the top to create the mohawk effect and back before flowing the mullet. Mixture of two haircuts but works for anyone.

burst modern mullet
Drop Fade Mullet

Either men are growing their hairs or chopping them down to zero. This drop fade is the mixture of two of the hottest hair trends for men right now. Drop fade forms a cool arc effect on your faded part behind the ears. The length of the drop fade is ultra-short and tapered look of the other. If you are one of the brave ones then you should definitely try this most cutting-edge haircut out there.

modern mullet
Mullet with Fringe

For the perfect edgy and emo or eboy look, this mullet with fringe is the look you ought to desire. This adds a statement with bands. A thick and straight blunt fringe, is all you need. This gives a great look for the oval face shapes. While the bangs themselves should be kept blow dried, the long back section is let loose and as un-styled this look gets, it becomes more stylish.

mullet with fringe
Skin Fade Mullet

Although, mullets are not for formal or business events, but this skin fade mullet is a very polished style of mullet which brings a new identity, perfect for formal events. This is an edgy style, with skin fade gets all the sharp angles and endless attitude. Thick hairs are well suited for this skin fade, for your hair to stand up. Combined with streetwear, this is fresh, lean and mean and hella stylish.

modern mullet
Rose Gold Mullet

Rose gold colour has been one of the hottest colour trends in phones and as well as for hair. This mullet with rose gold hair goes on to the next level. The hue suits everyone who have pink undertones. It’s a very bold colour that deserves a bold haircut too – like a mullet. In this lockdown, mullet have been everyone’s favourite haircut to try on, then what are you waiting for?

modern mullet
Rockabilly Mullet
modern mullet

So, these are the best mullet haircut 2020 and modern mullet haircut 2020 you can get. Do you like mullet haircuts? Then if you have mullet haircut 2020, then tag us in your story, to get a shoutout!

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