13 Best Mens Winter Fashion Outfits 2020


Winter is coming, and this year with all the pandemic going around, (stay safe guys!), you need to amp up your mens winter fashion outfits to look different. Here, in this article, I will show you individual clothing items and best mens winter fashion outfits 2020 you can get.

Menswear is becoming more and more experimental, with celebrities like Harry Styles Vogue Photoshoot created a ruckus on the social media, I don’t know the world is ready for that transformation. Anyways, menswear is getting very personal and transgressive, the more we see the more we want. This makes it more fun than it’s ever been before. But with changing times, it sometimes becoming tough to identify trends. To help, we’ve have broken down the looks that has been the best for mens winter fashion outfits 2020.

mens winter fashion

For this AW20, all that rule-breaking and ostentatiousness that’s been inside a bubble, wanted to get out erupted in a carnival of colours, prints and fabrics.

Below listed are the individual items that can seriously amp up your winter fashion.

Best Mens Winter Fashion Outfits Ideas.

Mens Winter Jackets

Leather Jacket

As soon as a little cold comes, leather jackets should be the first thing to come out. Easy to style, keeps you warm. I personally love leather jackets, I’m bike rider, and while riding they look stylish AF and keeps you warm in cold, how convenient, right? You can easily pair your leather jackets with a t-shirt inside or even a plain hoodie inside.

leather jackets for men
Bomber/Flight Jacket

Bomber jackets needs no introduction. They have been in the menswear for over a century. Used to be manufactured for pilots in World War I. Bomber jacket with thick and sturdy leather and fur lining keeps you warm. Can be paired easily with black jeans and sneakers for a perfect weekend casual party look.

bomber jackets for men

These are the best mens winter fashion outfits 2020

Field/Military Jacket

Military jackets have lots of different styles and variations. M-65 also M-1965, the year it was introduced to US troops, is likely the predecessor of most army-type outerwear. They are not super warm, but you can easily pair them up with layers.

military jackets

You don’t dress up do you? There are Sundays, where you just lay on your bed. That’s when hoodies come! Normally hoodies are considered outerwear, but winter inhibits wearing just a sweatshirt. Hoodies are stylish, cool and most importantly comfortable and cosy. Pair a medium weight hoodie with a jacket or overshirt for an easy layered look.

hoodies for men

Mens Winter Coats

A Wool Overcoat

When the temperature is dropping, this wool overcoat is the best option. Although, wool overcoat are expensive, they are absolute must of any well-dressed man. They are available on different colours and length, great way to complete the dress of an outfit. Stick to basic and bold colours like nav, charcoal. They are some timeless pieces, will never go out of fashion.

wool overcoat for men
Trench Coat

For the ultimate look, opt for one of the classics, Trench Coat. This a perfect way to finish off your look, it will surely keep you warm and dry when its pouring outside. Choose a neutral colour trench coat, (as they are long, they draw more attention, and opting different colours, might look unprofessional).

trench coat
Pea Coat

For all the gentlemen around, it’s a must. It looks stylish and sophisticated, perfected for formal events and meetings. The pea coat is a classic option. Opt was a navy colour with denim jeans, pair with light-coloured outerwear. However, you style it, you will grab many eyes after wearing it.

pea coat for men

Mens Winter Sweaters


Turtlenecks for men are very stylish.  They provide extra warm around the neck area too. The staple piece looks fantastic with a shar, blazer or with a denim jacket. With it with a pair of trousers, a dark skivvy and slicked back hair. With choosing black and white you can’t go wrong. But also, no one is stopping you from going ahead and choose different colours, but make sure to think of layering it too.

turtleneck for men
Crewneck / Sweaters

Crewneck Sweaters are very basic, no introduction needed, I’m sure you would probably have enough sweaters in your wardrobe. They are best for the mens winter fashion outfits 2020, an effortless garment that keep you warm and cosy. Cotton, wool or cashmere are common sweater materials. You can go for crewneck, turtleneck, V-neck and different patterns too!

crewneck for men

A kind of traditional outerwear, which can range from light fishtail parkas to heavier fur-lined ones. Parkas are becoming more and more staple in streetwear. A little heavier and puffier model like the Alpha industries N-3B is a great bang for the buck to stay warm in winter months.

parkas for men

Mens Winter Lowers


Black Jeans

Black jeans are the most basic lower item, you must have. Although plain, blank jeans are staple. No matter what style you rock, black jeans will surely make its way. You can amp up your style easily pairing black jeans with a leather jacket, hoodie, scarf and a slick pair of boots or sneakers. Casuals or semi formals, black jeans fit both criteria.

black jeans for men
Wool Pants

Although not seen much, rare to see someone wearing wool pants. But they are incredibly warm and provide some awesome depth to an otherwise flat outfit. They pair with boots, dress shoes or even some sneakers. Pair a regular chino with a thick pair of wool pants to do the job.

wool pants
Mens Winter Boots

You won’t find an article with coming up with some good winter boots suggestion. Aside from being durable, boots look damn good on just everybody. They are warm, comfortable, stylish and should certainly have a place in your wardrobe. Stick with a service boot or chukka with Goodyear welt construction. Avoid anything suede this season.

winter outfits

Mens Winter T-Shirts/Shirts

Button-down Shirt

During the first month of winter, button-down shirts are the best option, they look cool and stylish and protects you from starters of the cold which are beginning to come. You can use heavy fabrics like oxford or broadcloth.

mens winter fashion outfits 2020

Henley’s aren’t the most stylish, but they are good layering pieces for when the temps drop. Shoot for some neutral colours like white, grey or navy.

mens winter fashion outfits 2020

Flannel shirts belong in every man’s winter fashion wardrobe. They are pretty easy to pair with anything, wide assortment of colours and patterns.

mens winter fashion outfits 2020

Mens Winter Accessorizes


Scarfs are great way to accessorize in winters. they protect you from cold winds, looks stylish and cool. They can be a lifesaver. Aside from saving you from the cold, they add some extra flair or pop of color to any outfit.

mens winter fashion outfits 2020

Trap the heat, not letting it escape your head. This simple headwear, can either up your outfit or let it down. The thing to keep in mind that, always purchase a beanie while keeping a mind of the outfit you want to pair with.

mens winter fashion outfits 2020

What should men wear in winter?

Men’s attire winter should consist of clothing which can provide both warmth and style. When it comes to layering, get yourself a leather jacket, trench coat, wool overcoat, denim jacket. You want something cosier and comfier, then go for crewneck, turtleneck, jumper, hoodie. Get yourself a good pair of denim. Accessorize with boots, scarf, leather gloves, a beanie and wool socks. Its very important that you accessorize correctly for the best mens winter fashion outfits 2020.

How should classy men dress in winter?

If the classic look you are looking for winter then, opt for a classic silhouette in luxury fabrics like merino wool. A trench coat, blazer with do the job. You can also accessorize with a scarf, formal shoes, Chelsea boots and leather gloves.

What should I wear for winter 2020?

For a casual winter outfit, choose a good leather jacker, to be on safe side choose a black one, denim jeans and a good beanie or scarf. You can also mix it up with flannels, cardigans and crewnecks. If it’s a formal meet then you can go for a classic coat such as a pea or trench coat. This will get you the best mens winter fashion outfits 2020.

So, these are the best mens winter fashion outfits 2020, do you have all the clothing items? If no then what are you waiting for? Buy them all!

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