14 Most Stylish Mens Fashion 2019 Trends to follow!

If you’re a regular visitor to The Fashion Wolf, you know we’re not much for trends. What we preach is whats truly best for you. In previous articles, I have mentioned many times finding clothes that fits and make you feel confident are the ones we are concerned about. That’s why in this article I am going to show you, how in 2019 people wore what makes them different made in the list of trends of mens fashion 2019 trends.

But here’s the thing. This doesn’t mean that you abandoned the trends altogether. Ofcourse trying trends can be really fun! Its like you get something new feeling! Just like you feel good while eating something new, similarly wearing trending clothing feels the same, at least for me! it can be helpful to break out from your usual patterns from time to time.

And who knows? What you might wear something opposite of trendy fashion becomes the new fashion, in fact that trend is not for you. But how will you know if you don’t try?


You can try of all of them, or hell with them, don’t try any of them! But if you see one and think you see something not in your wardrobe, then you should surely try it out. Try out, you should be bold enough to try, no one will laugh at you (except if you have bleached your hair or whatever) and if they do, they’re a dick anyway.

If you really need true inspiration for fashion, then you should definitely check out Pinterest. Pinterest is an expert at all things trending—including all things men’s fashion 2019 trends. All these mens fashion 2019 might also be trendy in 2020. You might see all these in mens fashion 2020 article (if this pandemic gets over quickly), hope you are safe! Pinterest has tons of data about who is searching for what and when, meaning they can predict the new year’s  trends incredibly efficiently—making it easier than ever for you to shop for your dad, brother, partner or any other guy your fashion-loving heart has decided to shop for.

So here are the 14 Most Stylish Mens Fashion 2019 Trends

Men’s Fashion 2019 #1 Loosening Up

First of all, you will say wear only stuff that fits you, yaya I am a hypocrite, but these oversized have been in trend. The main thing about oversized clothing is you need have a proper scrupled body. Your shoulders should be broad and not a fat stomach for obvious reasons. If you fall in these criteria then surely you can make great use of oversized clothing. This will be marking a sartorial shift that looks set to continue long into the next decade.

From oversized sweater on top and switching for relaxed, straight-leg and wide leg fits – and boxy ’90s-inspired outerwear reigned supreme.

Men’s Fashion #2 Commando Soles

Commando Soles have been in market and trend for a long time. But in last year they made surprises jump in their popularity. The rise of maximalism has been most evident in the sneaker world, but 2019 saw it take hold of our boots and brogues, too.

Men’s Fashion 2019 #3 Tailoring & Knitwear

Texture, patterns and layering on top of that are pillars of advanced dressing and they are integral to one of the 2019’s hottest tailoring trends. Knitwear patterns and texture have always been in fashion from business casuals to casual wears too, they can indulge in any situation. Stuffy shirts were replaced with fine-gauge rollnecks, fisherman beanies were teamed up with unstructured blazers and statement crewnecks lent simple suits a fresh lease of life.

Men’s Fashion #4 Corduroy

Denim are and always will be the timeless MVP, that we never see going anywhere soon. But in recent times corduroy have taken a hit in mens fashion 2019 trends and have become essentials in winter wardrobes for men. And and of course, it’s trending. According to Pinterest, searches for “corduroy” are up 507 percent. That’s a ton, so it should come as no surprise that tons of your go-to retailers have stocked up on corduroy clothes this season.

Oh, and pro tip? The best place to find sweet corduroy pants: thrift stores.

Men’s Fashion 2019 #5 Cropped Trousers

Cropped trousers pervaded the women’s fashion zeitgeist in 2018, and they’re heading straight for the men’s fashion zeitgeist in 2019. According to Pinterest, searches for cropped trousers are up 671 percent—meaning its time for guys to show a little skin (ankles, guys, ankles). It’s the perfect opportunity to show off a cool pair of socks—or that limited-edited pair of sneakers your dude stayed up until 3 a.m. to score that one time.

Men’s Fashion #6 Neck Scarves

Neck scarves too plentiful purpose, to keep warm and look incredible. Neck scarves are more of women’s accessory but if you wear it correctly and correct colour then you can easily rock it. I personally wear neck scarves in winter as mandate, because first, I easily catch cold and look fantastic, lol. Although you can experiment with many colours, but I personally feel having just two colours are fine, black and grey. So, encourage your dude of choice to stock up, start experimenting and stay cosy.

These Stylish mens fashion 2019 trends have taken over fashion industry by storm make sure to try them out!


Brands like The Elder Statesman, Todd Snyder and Amiri are jumping aboard, with sweaters and sweatshirts that strike a balance between cosy and achingly cool. Fair warning, a lot of these are relatively pricey ($1,200 for a Kardashian-favourite Balmain sweater? Uhh, yeah right…). ofcourse I am not urging you to do purchase from these brands, who am I even kidding, even I won’t purchase from them, well ofcourse if I had extra bucks lying around, but whatever, if you’re interested in trying the style without breaking the bank, head to eBay or your local thrift shop to source vintage finds. Etsy is also a good place to have local artisans create one-of-a-kind styles for you.

Men’s Fashion #8 Quarter Socks

Socks were trending but why? Who needs to have trendy socks, damn? But there must be a reason, you know. So, because as mentioned cropped trousers and wide jeans have made the markets, socks became visible. Don’t get me wrong, even never cared about socks. I used to get late for college, so, I would wear even different sock pair, with no guilt. But you never know what will make the mens fashion trends. But 2019 is ushering in an age of moderation. According to Pinterest, searches for “quarter socks” are up 266 percent—meaning it’s time for your guy to start shopping snazzy socks and showing ’em off.


Who doesn’t have a denim? You don’t have denim? You must be naïve to fashion. That’s not wrong, most people don’t realise when they need to up their fashion command. After you’ve got the basics covered, feel free to have some fun with your jeans. A good tip to keep in mind is that your outfit should include some contrast, like Becks’ navy jacket with military details and black Doc Martens.


New to suits? First, check the basics off your list. Check the difference between suits, jackets and sports jacket, business casual suits and mens casual wear suits. That means navy and charcoal, single-breasted notch lapel suits with a modern, flat front pant.

From there, feel free to add a double-breasted suit to the mix if you a) have regular occasion to wear suits, and b) have the confidence to add this more stand-out style to your repertoire.


When it comes to wearing a hat of any kind, the rest of the outfit is key to not f*cking it up. Note Golding’s suede jacket and slim-fitting cranberry-hued pants. This is a head-to-toe outfit with a capital “O.” He’s pulling off a whole “international man of mystery on vacation” vibe. In mens fashion summer, hats can play a good part to protect from heat.

The main thing about pulling off a hat by accessorizing it is being played a real cool dude. You just can’t be rude or showing attitude to much.


The good thing about sling bag is they are small and can stuff important stuff and best part they are stylish, if you are into a lot casual wear! As with plenty of the trends in this list, the key to pulling off skater style as an adult is all in the execution. First, aim for one piece that says “skater” to you. Maybe it’s a pair of checked Vans. Or a five-panel hat. Next, keep the rest of your outfit more neutral in style. Although I wouldn’t tell this specific trend to an older person.


Puffer jackets looks great right? Yeah, in my opinion they look just a little too much if the puff on the jacket are big. Now, I totally understand the impulse to wear winter outerwear that’s as dark as your heart feels when you have to go outside in sub-zero wind chills, but try to resist! Wearing brighter colours not only puts a pep in your step, you’ll be like a visual shot of espresso for everyone who sees you on their own chill-filled commute.


Patterned pants are great way to just break through the normal black pants or timeless denims. But be sure choose a pattern that will match your wardrobe, don’t just blindly purchase any pattern. But my recommendation would be purchasing a proper outfit which connects whole outfit from top to bottom. This ensures you’ll have multiple outfits you can pull together with your new pants, rather than resorting to the same one shirt and sport coat, or same one sweater, over and over.

mens fashion 2019 trends

So, these trends made the list of mens fashion 2019 trends! Although mens fashion 2020 would have taken over major part of mens fashion casual 2019 but because of recent events, that idea seems a little absurd. Hopefully everyone stays safe!

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