20+ Top Man Bun Haircuts Style 2020 [2020 Updated]

I don’t remember when suddenly, every man was having a long man bun! Sometimes, it becomes difficult to distinguish from behind is he man or women! Although because of the pandemic, even I tried out growing out hair, reaching just enough to make a great man bun. I’m sure, you too have thought of growing hair because salons are closed. So, in this article I’ll show you the best man bun haircuts for men!

Many celebrities have started to style and rock the man bun haircuts. Footballers like Gareth Bale have been rocking man bun since a long time and even the GOAT Cristiano Ronaldo has joined the league!

Check out these wavy and medium length hairstyles if you are stuck at the awkward stage of hair growth.

David Beckham was the real OG, who introduced this man bun haircuts. Jon Snow another celebrity who rocked the man bun haircuts in the show,” Game of throne”.

But don’t be too hasty, to have man bun hairstyle just like that. A lot of things get into this, to maintain, tie them every morning, and much more, and even so, won’t look good on some people. It is one of the trickiest men’s hairstyle to have!

In this article, I’ll show you the following about the man bun hairstyles!

  • What is a man bun?
  • History of Man Bun Haircuts
  • Do Man Bun Haircut suits to everyone?
  • Different Man Bun Haircuts
  • Do’s and Don’ts about Man Bun Haircuts
  • Man Bun Culture
  • How to Maintain Man Bun hairstyle
  • Best Man Bun Haircuts
top man bun fade

What Is A Man Bun?

The man bun can be very tricky to some. Its very different from other hairstyles that everyone have! Like what it is? Having long hairs and tying them together and ka-boom you get a man bun! Seems simple straightforward, right? Well, No!

Man bun also comes in various different styles like man bun braids, man bun fade and many more. I’ll talk about it in next part.

History of Man Bun Haircuts

Don’t you dare to think man bun was invented by some other celebrity. NO! it has a long heritage, with many cultures.

With cultures from long time of samurai of Japan, and lot of Chinese descent used to rock the man bun!

top man bun fade

Do Man Bun Haircuts suits to everyone?

Many celebrities have sported their own man bun, why not us? Different hairstyles suit different people with different face shapes and man bun haircuts is not an exception.

Topknot man bun suit people with less defined bone structure. That slims your facial features. Hair type is also just important as any other thing. Thick hairs can be a lot harder to control, gives impression of round face.

What Do I Need to Create A Man Bun?

The most important thing to need know before getting man bun haircuts is patience. If you don’t have enough long hair, then you must be in awkward stage of growing hair. You need to have around 6 inches long hairs. Otherwise you won’t be able to achieve the look you want.

top man bun fade

Man Bun Hairstyles

A lot of variables can affect the man bun, the size of the bun, position of the knot and hair on the side of the head. If you have long hairs then you would get a very large bun to handle. That avoids the precision styling, allowing to grab your looks.

Also consider, the position of the bun. You have to get the perfect form, from start and at the end too. If the bun becomes large at the back then it becomes a pony bun.

All the hairs from the side and top are tied together for the man bun. But if you don’t have enough on the side then consider for man bun undercut to maintain them.

A Few Dos and Don’ts of Rocking a Man Bun

Don’t try man buns if you have super curly hair.

I have curly hairs and I know the problems of it. This man bun hairstyle is not advisable. When curly hairs start to grow out more often leaves the curls with a situation that’s less than desirable or too short to work with.

Sometimes curls when they grow, at the end becomes loose, then only you might try man bun. Just grow out 6 inches long, and properly fit into the ponytail holder. So, if your hair tends to get straighter as it gets heavy then you are the one for man bun.

Don’t try a man bun if your hair is thinning on the top

Man bun requires to pull the hair from start to back. That can put a lot of pressure on your hairline. Don’t try too hard to achieve this look, if you suffer from receding hairline, then I would suggest instead go for short hairstyles.

Don’t assume your man bun looks great without asking for your friends’ advice first

Ask you dear friends tell you about your new look. Ask your closest friend, they give you the best idea. If they insult you, after first seeing you, then you should straight head to a barber. Let’s face it, not everyone can wear a man bun, so don’t get offended, instead thank them, they told you before, you go on a date.

Do consider a man bun if you’ve got a head full of super-thick hair

Thick hair can be good or bad. So, if your thick hair has the good grip and with no split ends then it may become in luscious locks, then it’s perfect for you! This long, straight, thick hair is the ultimate combo for man buns.

Do pull the bun to the top of your head if you insist on man-Bunning with thinning hair

You can pull your hair at the top too, to make the topknot. This gives the illusion helps, if you don’t have long enough hairs., but makes it looks that you have.

top man bun undercut
What to Know Before You Make Your Mark on the Man Bun Culture

If you have hairs longer than 6 inches, then you can start experimenting with your hair for man bun haircuts. But if you sport short hairs currently and thinking of having long hair someday, then you have to wait for 9 to 18 months, before you even think of it. You have to maintain your hairs too. Think of the split ends at the end. Go for maintenance cut, if you need. Make sure to go to a barber you already know. Otherwise it may get out of hands.

top man bun undercut
How to Maintain A Men Bun?

A lot of care and maintenance takes t o immaculate man buns. While growing hair doesn’t seem to be like a difficult task, but this step might be the difficult task. The longer hair you have, the longer and difficult to maintain. Longer locks becomes oily faster. Keep these basic tips to follow to maintain your hairs.

  1. Use shampoo and conditioning 2-3 times a week.
  2. Don’t use shampoo every day.
  3. Use shampoo which suits your hair, use dry shampoos for dry scalps.
  4. Don’t tie your hair very tightly, otherwise it can cause hair to damage.

Top Man Bun Haircuts 2020

Twisty Top Bun

There are many countless ideas for man bun, but this one is the most basic and relaxed one. Gives a carefree look with a topknot bun, gives an effortless image. Just twist your hair loosely, and the look is ready!

man bun haircuts 2020
Undercut Man Bun

This man bun undercut, if not everyone could rock. Many even can’t even dream to rock it. All the focus is turned on the top hairs of the head. The sides have the faded and shaved look. With textured top can be turned into a high bun. As undercut already highlights your facial feature, thus this look totally justifies the look.

undercut man bun 2020
Loose Man Bun Hairstyle

When you see someone with man bun hairstyle, how casually they are rocking the hairstyle, makes them look so cool and carefree.  Loose man bun hairstyle is one of the most comfortable and gives a nonchalant vibe.

man bun haircuts 2020
Low Bun Hairstyle for Men

This low bun is exception that mostly of the man bun are held high, this is alternative towards the back of the neck. this also gives effortless way of styling long hair man bun.

man bun haircuts 2020
Tight Man Bun Styles

But if your hairs are long and still strong, then why not try to tighten your hair more. Start by combing back the hair. Then try to pull them back tightly together in a full man bun and here you go, you got the tightest hairstyle you can get.

man bun haircuts 2020
Short Hair Man Bun

You actually achieve man bun with short hairs! If you have just started to grow your hairs and at the awkward stage you can choose to have man bun now, you can tie tips of your and make it into a small man bun. But make sure not to tie too tightly.

short man bun 2020
Infinity Man Bun

This hairstyle is someone who is bored with the regular man bun hairstyle. Make your own twist and turn in your hairs, which will allow you to make your own style. This will give you an eye-catching man bun.

man bun haircuts 2020
Bun with Undercut Taper Fade

This man bun, has the top as thin hair but he dense volume with undercut taper on the sides. Make your beard to blend with your hairstyle, make this balance and organized or obviously if you have chiseled jawline then go clean shaven look.

man bun haircuts 2020
Messy Bun and Highlights

A messy bun doesn’t require much maintenance and all it needs a good length and whack! There you go. You can also add your touch by adding some highlights in this messy bun, that’s for thick hair.

man bun haircuts 2020
Braided Man Bun with Undercut

This is the ultimate man bun hairstyle. Just imagine man bun braids + undercut + fade, this combination never fails. Undercut makes the skin fade and pull of the attraction to the top, for that, use your beard to make all the balance.

man bun haircuts 2020
Braids with Lined Up Skin Fade

Braids hairstyle are on totally another level and adding a bun to them. This offers an afro hair or very thin hair with tied braids to make up a bun. Layer it with undercut taper fade. You can again add your touch by making a mark with razor to show vivid each detail matters.

man bun haircuts 2020
Samurai Bun Hairstyle

If you follow Japanese culture or just it just amazes you, how they look, you can have a samurai bun as your next longer hairstyle. But the thing it is longer than usual, which can also become difficult to maintain. A wide hair tie will help you obtain this look.

man bun haircuts 2020
top man bun undercut
top man bun undercut
top man bun curly
top man bun curly
top man bun curly

Check out these hair products to make sure you maintain your hairs properly!

top man bun curly
top man bun curly
top man bun curly
top man bun curly
top man bun curly
top man bun curly
top man bun curly
top man bun curly
top man bun curly
top man bun curly
top man bun curly

So, these are the top man bun haircuts 2020. Are you planning to grow your hairs longer? Then make sure to follow my tips!

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