Long hairstyles for men

Not all are lucky enough to have great hairs. I wish I was one of them. But still, I try to grow my hairs. Being teenager, I never had long hairs, my parents wouldn’t allow me to have long hairs, lol. But now, I am trying to grow my hairs, and I’ll be honest I love my hairs now. Long hairstyles will give you flexibility in order to try many hairstyles. Long hairstyles for men are of one the most versatile.

Having long hairs, flowing locks of hair so many follicles challenged men only dream of, we decided to create a quick guide to help ease you through the transition process of going from short, cropped hair to long hair that frolics in the breeze.

Many men are hesitant to grow their hair out, not because they think it looks bad, but because they worry about how difficult it will be to maintain. But if you still prefer to have short and regular hairstyles then refer to this guide for best hairstyles for men.

Growing out long hairs is a very challenging task to even start with, maintaining, conditioning and many more things to even start. Lol, its very difficult to do that. Growing hairs could take time, even 1-2 years properly to even get to point to make man bun. In other words, don’t even think of doing a mullet, that’s why you should try these long hairstyles for men.

I will give you a secret tip, that is, ask a woman at salon. When you’re at the salon buying new products, instead of asking the stylists look for other shoppers with healthy looking long hair and ask their opinion. For the most part, they’ll be happy to help, and if you’re a single guy, you might just meet a new friend. Stylists can be a great source of information but the women with the hair you want to touch tend to have the best information.

The Main Principles of Successful Long Hairstyles for Men

  • A layered haircut adds volume to long hair and allows for flexibility when styling.
  • Don’t forget about the details. Consider your personal style when choosing layers. Long layers that blend with one another look smooth and sleek, while a long shag hairstyle looks more undone and messier.
  • While cutting down the layer, try at the shortest layer as they provide clearance for the best part visible area of cheekbones.


So, here is the list of Long Hairstyles for men

  1. Long Curly Hair

A loose bun A lot of brushing and maintenance is required. Constant brushing and just casually bun the last part of the hair.


2. Messy Medium-Length Hair

A lot of care goes into these eye-covering bangs. Personally, this is my favourite look. If you have straight locks, long bangs are a good choice.

3. Messy + Textured + Beard

messy long hairs

4. Shaved Sides + Long Parted Hair + Beard

shaved side long hairstyle for men

5. Long Curly Hair

These long hairstyles for men are somewhat tricky to attain and maintain, so make sure you have enough time to take care of them.

6. Wavy bob

Style your hair in long waves and hold onto them with some gel. If you have curly and long hairs you are good to go for this long hairstyles for men.

wavy bob

7. Long waves

You can easily go wrong with long hairs. So, try to maintain every inch of your hairs, so that you don’t look like a girl. But if you Harry Styles you could do anything!

Harry Styles long waves long hairstyles for men

8. Tight high bun

A high and tight bun is a hairstyle that suits any occasion. Actually, it might you have short hairs. So, whenever you need to go to some formal event, a high bun is a good choice.

tigh high bun long hairs

9. Ombre

Who isn’t the fan of backstreet boys? Remember this old handsome hunk, Nick? Whenever I used to watch the song video,” I want it that way”, his hairstyle gives me chills. How does he carry this so easily?

Nick ombre backstreet boys long hairs

There are thousands of more long hairstyles for men, but here I provided you the best of them.
So, these are my favourite long hairstyles for men in 2020. Hope you like them and incorporate for yourself and look stylish.

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