40+ Best Lion Tattoo Designs

The lion is one of the most popular animals, that’s why it’s called the King of the Jungle. Lion tattoo designs are very popular too, for obvious reasons, but lion symbolizes strength, power, dominance, courage and family. In this article, we’ll show you the best lion tattoos for men and women 2020.

Lion, the King of the Jungle, finds them inspiring. From realistic to tribal, small and big, there are many lion tattoo ideas to consider if you want to get this majestic animal on your body. Whether it’s a fierce with wearing a crown or a lion roaring, winged and flying, or lying with pride. You should try to explore different lion tattoo designs to find something unique and totally related to you.

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If you are looking to get a tattoo on your sleeves, shoulder, back, chest, forearm or neck then, we have picked up the best lion tattoo designs you can find nowhere else.

Ultimately, with a lion inked on your body, you can’t possibly go wrong. Choose a good artist and make sure he takes care!

What is lion tattoo meaning?

Lion tattoos have many meanings, and the definition depends on different people and symbols used on the lion tattoo design. People tend to gravitate towards lions, because they represent qualities that everyone admires, being muscular and bold. Lions represent strength, guardianship, courage and power. As the King of the Jungle and one of the top predators, these fierce animals are connected with royalty and authority.

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The lion represents Zodiac sign Leo. So, anyone with this birth sign my get lion as a tattoo! Some people also choose lion as their tattoo choice to represent strength, royalty and power.

Lions are courage, they attack a prey greater size than them, which is a trait that many people connect and relate too. In history of Egyptians, the lion used to symbolize both strength and balance. Egyptian lion tattoo designs were often of two lions back-to-back. This shows balance.

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As for women, many go for the little Simba tattoos, some opt for a tattoo of the lioness. Lion’s pack is called a pride. In each pride, there is one dominant male. The dominant male is the chill dude of the pride and the lioness bear the children, go hunting and raise the children. So, getting a female lion tattoo is symbol of a mother, wives and providers for their family.

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Types of Lion Tattoo Designs

Mentioned below are the different types, or categories of lion tattoos that are quite popular:

  • Religious Lion Tattoos
  • Lion Rose Tattoo
  • Female Lioness Tattoo
  • Lion Eyes
  • Lion Finger Tattoo
  • Lion Chest Tattoo
  • Lion Mandala Tattoo
  • Geometric Lion Tattoo
  • Watercolor Lion Tattoo
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Placement of Lion Tattoos

Many tends to get a large lion tattoo at their back, which is the preferred choice of the most. The arms and calves are also very popular placement options for lion tattoos. For women, shoulder or a small one on the neck or like Cara Delevingne on the finger. When it comes to large designs, the middle back will give more space to work on.

You will also need to consider the design of the lion. There are several positions in which you can place your tattoo:


  • Just the head
  • Laying down in a lounging position
  • Crouched in an attack position
  • Standing up on two legs (popular for tribal design)
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There are so many possibilities!

LeBron James has a lion head tattooed on his right arm. After all, his shooting arm is pretty fierce!

With Lions living in close family, for guys feel close to their family get chest tattoo, the chest tattoo is often of a fierce or roaring lion to symbolize the heart of the lion.

This means that he will do whatever it takes to protect his family and defend all he has. It can also mean passion and a strong spirit.

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Cool Lion Tattoo Ideas

Before getting straight to get inked, you should consider the size of the art or which is the ideal location for it. Remember the larger the ink, more detailing it requires, the bigger the canvas the artist will need to depict the portray.

For instance, if you want to get a fierce face lion with intimidating eyes, you will need to get tattooed on the upper arm, chest or back. Head of the lion is the most popular choice because it fully encompasses the meaning.

Men who want a simple and small lion tattoo, you can go for a tribal design with dotwork or black lines with your own creative version of it. Perhaps a tattoo to outline your wrist, hand or bicep.

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Another thing to keep in mind is the color and the styling. A watercolour tattoo with bright purple blue, green and red combination. You can also add flowers like rose to elaborate more.

Best Lion Tattoo Designs

In this article, we have gathered a collection of the best lion tattoos for men, with a variety of cool tattoos to choose from. And we hope after this you will get inspire to come up with plenty of great new ideas that are not only amazing but also unique.

Lion Tattoo Designs

Lion Head Tattoo

People love lions, they are majestic, royal and intimidating, people love getting lion head tattoos anywhere on the body. From back to chest, forearm or fingers, they are popular as large, detailed or small and realistic. Some inks incorporate tribal style or an artistic approach. Similarly, you can choose head roaring or keep it simple for the more peaceful and beautiful side of the majestic animal.

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Realistic Lion

Lions are great force of nature. Because they live in pack called pride, a real-looking lion can symbolize family, kinship and loyalty. Depending upon your design, your tattoo could signify, a promise to always protect your family and loved ones.

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Lion with Crown Tattoo

Whether hierarchy in nature or fabled stories like the Lion or the Witch, it’s a fact that lions are the king of the jungle. A lion with a crown is one way to bring that energy into your life. The design is very popular, especially as a protector and provider within their family structure and dynamics.

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Tribal Lion Tattoo

The tribal version and style are very well suited to everyone, with tribal culture and lion both pay homage to their roots. opt for bold lines, shading and distinct cultural elements to personalize this lion inspired ink.

lion tattoo designs

Small Lion Tattoo

Even a small lion tattoo designs has got that roaring impact who ever has it, especially if your design makes the most of its allotted space. For smaller areas like forearm, fingers make sure to implement striking details and shading. Your lion will look great in the miniature form.

Mythology and legends from the whole world have portrayed lions as the kings and throughout history placing this fierce animal in category of royalty that symbolizes the highest level of authority.

lion tattoo designs

Geometric Lion Tattoos

Whether you want to show of your astrological Leo tattoo in more sophistication, the ruler of the jungle, a geometric lion is nothing short of a work of art.

Featured everywhere in history and medieval times, the coats of arms to ancient temples, lion leaves powerful impression that time.

The geometric style om ink ideas suits to lion’s likeness, offering a counterpoint of shape and line to the beat’s more fearsome characteristics.

lion tattoo designs
Lion Sleeve Tattoos

Lions are the symbol of strength, bravery and physical power in animal tattoos for centuries. A lion denotes not just power, but also royalty.

A sleeve tattoos will allow artist enough space to create a majestic piece too!

Lion are very majestic, so deserves a spot on the sleeves as well. You can build a jungle theme, that can extent to include other figures or simply leave the lion on its natural habitat.

lion tattoo designs
Lion Back Tattoo

Back tattoos got the maximum impact. So, for that you can choose a lion back tattoo. At the back, you got enough space to get a detailed lion head or even the full body. While back tattoos are very bold of anyone to get and often chosen by the extroverts, knowing they won’t see it every day. Back tattoos show others, what is most important to you.

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Lion Finger Tattoo

Lion finger tattoos are very popular, celebrities like Anthony Joshua and Cara Delevingne, have a lion finger tattoo. The inking has all the power and majesty of a full-size lion tattoo designs but is still subtle. Matching tattoos are a fun choice of couple tattoos.

lion tattoo designs

These are the best lion tattoo designs you can find on the internet and must to see before getting a tattoo!

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