30+ Best Leg Tattoos for Men [2020 Update]


As more and more people are getting inked and getting a tattoo is not a taboo anymore, many people struggle to come up design to get inked with, which is both unique and good looking. Getting a tattoo again and again at the same region can be boring and makes a very full look of that region. Then consider getting a leg tattoos for men 2020!

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Leg tattoos for men are also getting more and more popular. There is a plenty of space where you can unleash your creativity and the best part is that it is very easy to cover the leg tattoos for men.

calf leg tattoos for men

Many people consider the legs with a less attraction spot for the tattoo placement, because as you know they are pretty much covered all the time and doesn’t get much air. Also, a lot of hair grows on the legs which can affect its region.

Does Leg tattoos for men hurt?

The most painful area to get inked on the leg is the knee, knee is covered with a very thin layer of skin. Getting inked on the back of knee is also very painful. And ofcourse after getting tattoo on the knee, when you move, the process of recovery becomes really uncomfortable.

The shin is also having the same level of pain as the knee. The bone is covered with thin skin, and it might get very painful experience. A new inked shin also makes its uncomfortable to walk around.

bear leg tattoos

Other region which is great for a tattoo is calf, because it can be easily covered and easily displayed. And so, calf is becoming popular is the bodybuilding aesthetic world, they are becoming competition for the reigning tattoo location champion, the arms.

This article will give you idea about the best leg tattoos for men 2020.

People consider leg tattoos at the lower range of popularity but the legs offer a lot of large space canvas with low pain options too.

Thigh and back of the calf are boom areas for getting fully realized, this article has the best leg tattoos for men designs in the game.

Leg tattoos for men needs to be flexible, to accommodate design of every shape and size. The best part is, if your tattoo stretches out then you can use foot as an extension. So, if you get yourself a long leg tattoos for men, then consider some days of rest, as they can make walking very uncomfortable.

calf leg tattoos

This article contains 30+ leg tattoos for men, from which you can choose your leg tattoos ideas. From ankles to thig to knee, there are many amazing leg tattoos ideas, so read the whole article.

Best Leg Tattoos for Men 2020

Full Leg Tattoo

As it suggests thigh to ankle, covering up knee and calf on the way. It’s a very bold choice to make, makes an ideal choice for men. It’s very unconventional and rebellious style. But this will take a lot more time than usual small tattoo to complete, may requires multiple sittings of painful experience, but the final product will be worth.

full length leg tattoos for men
Lower Leg Tattoo

A lower leg tattoo basically is below knee level. The ideal place is your calf, you can also go for ankle or shin, although they might be painful regions. For leg tattoo, mostly consider for a vertical design, because it fits more rather than a horizontal. They will make you feel longer and slimmer and ofcourse a big vertical tattoo will draw everyone’s attention.

lower leg tattoos for men
Traditional Leg Tattoo Design

There are many traditional tattoos like American, Neo, Chinese and Japanese traditional leg tattoos ideas and design, which signifies there culture uniquely. But don’t try anything with traditional tattoos, they have distinct and precise rules if they are done properly. A well-designed traditional tattoo will look great in solid black outline and bold colour palette.

traditional leg tattoo

Traditional leg tattoos for men can be visual masterpiece and stunning with richly saturated colours and precision black linework. American Traditional tattoo concept consist of many small tattoos and conjunction with smaller fill like little flower tattoo. A skull or any other old school concept for traditional tattoo lover to enjoy.

Leg Tattoo Tribal

Tribal tattoos are very popular, basically a culture pattern which is inked with black ink. Your legs are great place for tribal tattoo because curved lines create a great wrapper flattering effect which can highlights your muscular legs.

tribal leg tattoos
Dragon Leg Tattoo

Dragon tattoos are very masculine and looks powerful, they are versatile too to adapt to suit anyone’s style. Many cultures have dragon representation like Chinese and Japanese, which has snake like dragons to classic fire-breathing dragons, these looks great for tattoos. And also, your leg is having enough space to accommodate a detailed dragon tattoo design.

dragon leg tattoo
Angel Leg Tattoo

Angel tattoos look cute and dope, does that make sense? YES! According to myths, The Archangel Michael – the leader of the Army of Heaven – is usually the preferred, which also represents faith and warrior faith. They are religious and have secular meaning, represents a love for someone or the concept of a guardian angel.

angel leg tattoo
Leg Sleeve Tattoo

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not literally talking about arm sleeves, it’s the region which covers your skin from ankle to knee or thigh. They are very extensive, and can take multiple sittings to complete. For leg sleeve tattoo you can try geometric patterns or Japanese irezumi.

leg tattoo sleeve
leg tattoos roses
Leg Tattoo Small

Small tattoos look good on every body part, so just like that you can get yourself a leg tattoo small too. People with minimal style and can’t have ink visible in office can have them. A word, short quote or a shape or reference from your favourite show, will do the work.  Calf are great area to start with, with your muscular calf, give it companion to show off.

small leg tattoos for men
Biomechanical Leg Tattoo

How cool it would be if your leg looks like prosthetic machine. For this, biomechanical leg tattoo comes into play. They create illusion of machine on your leg, just like a cyborg effect. People who loves sci-fi, this is a must have. But mind you, for this go for an experienced artist, because it requires a lot of technical coloring, shading and many more effects.

biochemical leg tattoos for men
Religious Leg Tattoo

People get religious tattoos to express their faith in God. There are many options you can get choose from. Choose any spiritual design from religion you follow. Try with a small and then go for a big one.

religious leg tattoo

More Ideas for Leg Tatoos for Men 2020

small leg tattoo
small leg tattoo
small leg tattoo
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small leg tattoo
small leg tattoo
small leg tattoo
small leg tattoo
calf tattoo