Jennifer Aniston Net Worth 2021

Jennifer Aniston is an American actress, model, producer and brand ambassador of many brands. She is one of the highest paid actresses. Aniston is best known for her work as “Rachel” in biggest television sitcom “Friends”, one of my favourite sitcoms. In this article, I will tell you more about Jennifer Aniston net worth, acting career and personal life.

Jennifer Aniston was honoured with a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Aniston was married to actor Brad Pitt, with whom she was married for 5 years and then separated with him and then went on to marry Justin Theroux in 2015.

Her father and mother, John Aniston and Nancy Dow, both actors, with her father remembered for his role on ‘Days of our Live” show and her mother, made a name for herself in many movies and television shoes. Jennifer Aniston began her acting career at a very young age. She worked in Off-Broadway productions such as For Dear Life and Dancing on Checker’s Grave. That didn’t go well so to support herself she worked as a waitress. It’s crazy how here real life was so connected with her reel life in sitcom “Friends”. It took time for her to become the world’s highest-paid actresses since her big break in 1990s.

jennifer aniston net worth

How old is Jennifer Aniston age?

Jennifer Aniston age is 59-years-old, 11 Feb 1969. Born in Sherman Oaks, Los Angeles, California, USA.

She debuted at a young age, playing role in 1988 file Mac and Me, her first major film role came in the 1993 horror-comedy Leprechaun. She then played Rachel Green on the long-running sitcom Friends from 1994-2004, a role that gave every actor in that show including Jennifer Aniston a household came. Aniston and her co-stars earned $1 million per episode during the last 2 seasons. Her character became the fan favourite and regarded as one of the greatest female characters in American television history. Jennifer Aniston has been nominated 5 Primetime Emmy Awards and she won on for the Lead Actress. She was also nominated for two Golden Globe Awards and won Best Actress – Television Series Musical or Comedy in 2003.

In 2003, Jennifer Aniston became the highest-paid actress in the world with earnings a total of $21 million. She now earns between $25 and $30 million a year. From 1997 and 2011 he earned around $75 million from films. He usual per film pay check was $8 million. Her biggest pay checks came from her role in “Just Go With It” (2011).

She had a successful change of a career from television to sought-after movie star, earning Jennifer Aniston net worth in the hundred-millions. According to Forbes, who ranked her as one of the richest female entertainers in American in 2017, joining the likes of Oprah Winfrey and Madonna.

She was also 3rd highest paid actress in 2018, reports suggested that she took $20 million that year from acting alone.

But how much is Jennifer Aniston net worth is?

Jennifer Aniston net worth is around $300 million. She has built her net worth mostly through acting, producing and brand sponsors.

How much each star in Friends was paid?

In their contracts from the first season, each cast members were paid $22,500 per episode. As the show was huge success, each year per episode pay has increasing exponentially. As second season started, cast members received different salaries, varying from $20,000 up to $40,000. Ahead of third season, the cast members came together for collective negotiations, despite Warner Bros.’ preferring individual salary deals.

This resulted all stars were paid each $75,000 per episode in season third, $85,000 is season four, $100,000 in season five, $125,000 in season six, $750,000 in seasons 7 and 8 and finally, $1 million in seasons 9 and 10. At that time Jennifer Aniston, Courteney Cox and Lisa Kudrow became the highest-paid Television actresses of all time, each earned around $22 million for both season 9 and season 10.

jennifer aniston net worth

Even when the sitcom has ended, 16 years apart the last episode aired, the cast still received bounties around $19 million a year in reruns alone, because of the Netflix deal. Which at the end came to end as Netflix failed to bid against the WarnerMedia which owns the HBO, for the show’s screening rights for $500 million.

Since the ending of the sitcom, Jennifer has made a strong career in the movies. She has amassed around $74 million in movie pay checks, with averaging $8 million per movie

Jennifer also did “The Morning Show” of Apple TV, along with Reese Witherspoon, for which they both earned $1.2 million per episode or at least $24 million for the two season Apple signed them up for.

Jennifer Aniston Young

Jennifer Aniston first interview with E!

jennifer aniston net worth

 Jennifer Aniston Relationships:

In 2000, Aniston married Brad Pitt in an elaborated ceremony in Malibu. The two split up in 2005, Aniston since has been linked with many celebrities like Vince Vaughn and singer John Mayer. She also dated Justin Theroux for quite a while, then she eventually got married to him in 2011.

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt eschew ‘perfect couple’ image

When Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt got married, they became the golden couple of Hollywood. They were constantly followed by paparazzi, with an image of ideal marriage. Yet neither enjoyed being put on that pedestal.

In an interview Pitt said, “Neither of us wants to be the spokesman for happy marriage, for coupledom,” Pitt told Vanity Fair in 2004. “I’ll tell you what I despise: this two-becomes-one thing where you lose your individuality. We don’t cage each other with this pressure of happily ever after. You figure it out as you go along. We feel it out, rather than setting policies and rules.”

jennifer aniston net worth

In an interview with Oprah, Jennifer after break up said what described “the perfect image” of her marriage to Pitt as a facade manufactured by the press.

Jennifer Aniston Movies

Till date, Jennifer has done 44 movies, which includes hits like Bruce Almighty, Marley & Me, The Break-Up, Just Go With It, Horrible Bosses, We’re the Millers, and more… which were huge hit in the box office, making $200 million in sales. And not counting movies she produced.

At her prime Jennifer Aniston face was a coveted tool in the marketing world. Aniston’s first major deal was with Microsoft, along with fellow Friends cast member Matthew Perry, they both starred in a 60-minute video, which was an instructional video for Windows 95 operating system. (now we work on Windows 10, how times flies, geez).

Jennifer also did many beauty campaigns too, she worked with L’Oréal hair color commercials, an “eight-figure endorsement deal” with Aveeno, and a $5 million partnership with Emirates Airlines. Basically, Jen’s been booked and busy 5ever.

Brad Pitt vs Jennifer Aniston Net worth, who got more?

Interestingly, Brad Pitt’s and Jennifer Aniston net worth is the same at $300 million. Also, Jennifer makes $25 to $30 million every year.

Real Estate: In 2012, Jennifer purchased a home in the Bel Air neighbourhood of Los Angeles for $20.1 million. With an area of 3.25 acres. In 2006, after divorce from Brad Pitt, Jennifer spent $13.5 million on a home in Beverly Hills which she processed from ground up, sold that for $35 million in 2011. She also has some properties in New York City.

So, now you Jennifer Aniston net worth is. Do you like her role from Friends? because I certainly loved her role!

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