14 Best Jeans for Men and Mens Jeans Brand 2021

Almost everyone wears a pair of jeans, some wear it properly and some doesn’t. but finding the perfect jeans for men is a bit like pulling Excalibur from its stone. There is an always a pair of jeans perfect for you, you just have to find it. So, in this article, we’ll show you how to find yourself perfect jeans and best jeans for men and best mens jeans brand.

In the early 50’s and 60’s fashion, they were cutting edge, Soviets would pay a month’s salary just for one pair. And in contrast Americans could fund European summer travels, just by selling blue jeans.

Even though 2020 has paved the way for more comfortable clothing of sweatpants and joggers but having a great pair of jeans is still a must for every guy.

There’s a reason why mens jeans are so popular. And it’s all down to that ‘V’ word. No, not that one, you creep.

jeans for men

Searching for the perfect pair of jeans is very frustrating, you have to go through a lot of trying and check out lots of mens jeans brands too. We have asked about 30 fashion influencers who rock their jeans. We heard a lot of mens jeans brand from classic Levi’s 501s, style for guys with big thighs, black or white jeans.

Now many mens jeans brand are bringing back the original jeans to their rightful place at front and centre, with designers getting creative with patterns or ripped jean, colours and washes. This is not only good for men who thinks outside the box, but also for men looking for a fit easier to slip in.

So, what are your options for jeans? Which type of pair of jeans is more suitable to you? Jeans fall into one of the following categories: straight leg, skinny, ripped or boot-cut. Well, we’re here to tell you the difference between them. And make sure to try on everything you want to buy before.

Types of Jeans for Men.

Straight-leg jeans

One for the classic ones. Straight-leg jeans are very laidback, with room in seat and thigh, perfect for your everyday wear.

Skinny jeans for men

If you are one of those you like to show off the ripped shape of your thighs and calves, then go for a skinny jeans for men.

Tapered jeans

This one for the homies, that is the Gym buds, tapered jeans are wider at the top and more drawn in at the bottom. They’re great middle ground between slim and skinny fit.

Boot-cut jeans

Sure, boot-cut jeans are not necessarily for everyone, but if you’re after a 1970s-style fit like Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio in Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, then reconsider. With slimmer thigh and sharp taper at the bottom, with a Western-style boot for real menswear moment.

When you go shopping for jeans, don’t overthink it too much. No matter what, try them on before buying, and try to take someone of opposite gender with you to tell if it looks good on you.

Things to keep in mind while purchasing Jeans


Think about it – what other clothing item can be worn at every single place? Only Jeans. Although finding the perfect pair is hard, but if you find it, make sure to take a good care of it.

The Colour

While it’s never a problem to have a pair or two of white or bright-blue jeans, but generally you will opt for the darker shades like black, navy or maybe grey. These are the all-season and sophisticated ones. So, do not to overload with many different colours.

The Size

We have already mentioned different types of jeans for men which are available, according to them choose your size. If you are a 30 in waist and 30 in length, then stick to it. Different brands also have different variations in sizes, so make sure to try them before purchasing.

Never settle for less. An un-fitted pair of jeans can make your great outfit into an eyesore and uncomfortable at the same time.

The Fit

Generally, there are different fits of jeans. You will have to know your style and body type, for what you look best in. but usually go for slim or straight fits, skinny if you are really feeling yourself.

Slim or straight cuts hug your legs, makes you look thinner than you are. Skinny guys can go for them, no one wants to see you in a loose fit. And bulkier guys can go for a more relaxed fit, but avoid loose fits.

The Rise

You want to keep a check at where your jeans rise on your body around the torso. They look just a little like mom jeans, but if you want to hide your gut, then it’s a great option. You can tuck your shirt with ease around the belly button area.

Pro tip – make sure to find a tailor around your area, to fit your body into your jeans. This applies for all of your clothing items not just jeans. Chances are there you still need some adjustment in some parts.

So, we have explained much about the jeans, no its time to take a look at the best jeans for men 2021.

Best Jeans for Men 2021


Everlane as emerged as go-to essentials for menswear, by just sticking to the basic, this American label has done it so well. Slim fit jeans, from 11oz Japanese denim with two-way stretch, the very slightly tapered at bottom. Perfect addition for your summer outings. £39.



Cos jeans has emerged as one of the best in pair of jeans. The slim leg on these means, with just the basic stuff they look great with just a white T-shirt. While they also have shades of washed grey, pairing with them is just perfect, with a classic leather jacket. £59. 



Edwin’s are great for denim jeans for men, when you buy them, you are getting a pair like no other. Made from Japanese fabric, exclusive for the brand. A trusty mid-rise pair with cornerstone of many outfits. £149. At End. 


Nudie Jeans

Nudie jeans specializes in denim jeans for men. Taking traditional approach for the denim jeans for men and its characteristic of the fabric. This classic pair of jeans resemble the perfect vintage piece, that will slip easily into your wardrobe. £90. At Selfridges. 


Calvin Klein

Tapered jeans are made for someone tall and a natural build physique. The extra space in thighs, jeans slimming down at the end suits more muscular legs without being too skinny. These mid-wash Calvin Klein pair is an easy add to the wardrobe. £45. 


Wrangler Jeans for Men

Cult Classics. The “Texas fit” signature of the brand. Wrangler has emerged best in the menswear all over the world. They have some of the quintessential pair of jeans. With the straight fit and stonewash, these jeans sit right in 1960s and also in 2021s. Try overcoat with them instead of a leather jacket, they will look better with an overcoat. £70

wrangler jeans


One of the old dad jeans, Diesel. Many big luxury brands have been forefront to shift in denim trends, but Diesel stood the test of time. Diesel are here for being the affordable. They are slightly harder to style, so avoid any edgy clothing items like trench coat or your chunky trainers. £98


Alex Mill Vintage Denim Blue Jeans

Alex Mills vintage scours up the vintage sources to make the perfect pair of jeans. Jeans are unique and have the perfect in-worn feel.


Dickies Men’s Professional Painter Pants

Dickies Men’s jeans are perfect fit requires no tailoring, price point is affordable and plus, you can beat them up without feeling bad, they are made for the beat up every-day struggles.

jeans for men

Polo Ralph Lauren

One of the best in fashion business, Ralph Lauren, you can’t go wrong with them. Perhaps Polo Ralph Lauren is the luxury label for you.

The range of traditional indigo styles all have that inimitable feel and right kind of fit, makes you wonder why you ever bought something different. Although it cost a lot.

best jeans for men

Amazon Essentials Men’s Slim-Fit Stretch Jean

Good jeans don’t have to cost a lot. These are top-rated jeans for all occasions and will save your hard-earned dollars with a very affordable price tag. Best affordable jeans for men.

best jeans for men

Revtown Sharp Denim Jeans for men

Revtown’s sharp style is unique and they have just the right kind of stretch and balance of slim-not-skinny fit. But what makes them better is the superior durability. Wear them to office, chill weekends or very rarely to gym, they won’t hold your active lifestyle back.

best jeans for men

A.P.C. Petit Standard Denim Jeans for Men

For guys who have slim legs, this APC’s skinny fit jeans have the silhouette you want, without clinging your thighs and calves. Plus, these are low rise, a little Rockstar vibe.

Best Jeans for men
What’s the Difference Between Jeans and Pants?

Are jeans pants? Are pants jeans? Is there such a thing as denim pants that aren’t jeans?

Yes, but not always, if you think they exist? ask your grandpa if you can borrow his.

The main visible difference between jeans and pants are the fabric, jeans are made from denim fabrics and have a double-sewn seam running down the leg. They also have metal rivets at the joins for reinforcing.

Pants is the overarching term for trouser or jeans. Like geometry, a square is a rectangle, but rectangle isn’t always a square, similarly, jeans are pants, but aren’t always jeans.

Khakis, chinos, dress pants are all pants, but you certainly wouldn’t mistake them for jeans.

How to Wash and Care for Your Jeans for men?

Washing everyday will damage your jeans and they’ll lose their colour and wear out fast. The better you care for your jeans, the better they’ll fit you.

You can literally wear the same jeans every-day and not wash it. Although you shouldn’t be that extreme. That stink might become fatal. We personally feel wash every six to eight wears.

Jeans pick some strong smells like bar-smells, so, make sure to wash right after the night on the town.

You can go months without washing your jeans. Hard-core denim-heads will sometimes go an entire year, wearing the same pair every day without washing.

So, these are the best jeans for men 2021 and the best mens jeans brand. Go buy yourself a new pair of jeans. Show us your outfit by using hashtag #thefashionwolf.

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