Japanese Dragon Tattoo Meaning and Best Dragon Tattoo Ideas

Japanese dragon tattoos symbolize many different meanings. To some, Japanese dragon tattoo meaning represent strength, power or sexual passion. For others, the dragon tattoo represents luck, wisdom and longevity. Check out the Japanese Dragon Tattoo Meaning.

To the Japanese, the Japanese dragon tattoos have mythical creatures are symbol of forces that uses strength, to do good. But the Asian dragon tattoo version represent serpent-like without wings.

There are many different versions of dragon tattoo designs you can get from different colour to different shapes too, like a sleeping dragon means the wearer is a muscular and powerful person that rise to occasion when necessary. A dragon rising towards the direction of sun then it depicts progress or a life journey.

dragon tattoos ideas

There are many Japanese dragon tattoo designs, so read through whole article to check the best of them out.

The Asian dragon or Ryu which is also composite of many creatures. The eyes are demonic. With horns of a stag, neck or belly of a serpent, scales borrowed from koi fish.

Read the whole article to know more about Japanese Dragon Tattoo Meaning!

dragon tattoos ideas

What does a tattoo of a dragon mean?

Basically, dragon tattoos are associated with wisdom, prosperity, strength and muscularity. Although it varies from person to person, one could just a tattoo like in the movie a girl with dragon tattoo.

Are dragon tattoos cool?

Yes ofcourse, dragons look very intimidating, and also while looking very cool and gives the person the fierce look that people strive to achieve. Fact, dragon tattoo designs are one of the most popular tattoo designs for both men and women.

dragon tattoos ideas

How much does a small dragon tattoo cost?

An average size tattoo can start from $30 to $100 for sizes under 2×2, between $100 and $200 for a 3×3, and around $250 or more for a 4×4 tattoo.

As I said before, dragons are one of the most popular tattoo designs for men. Fierce, strength, wisdom these mythical creatures are popular all over the world. From China, Japan to Wales, dragons are admired everywhere in the world. Dragon tattoo designs are very versatile. Your artist can make the tattoo as long as possible from your back to lower leg parts. A small dragon can be placed anywhere as pleased. So, whether you want a dragon spitting fire or a more subtle one, then read the article to find your perfect design.

What does a Japanese dragon tattoo meaning?

There are many cultures which have dragons in them, one of them is Japanese culture. Dragon designs have maintained a strong following in tattoo fan. Japanese dragon tattoo designs represent wisdom, strength, force of good, on the other hand, west dragon tattoo symbolizes wealth, strength and ferocity. Although others might think of them as destructive but they are also thought to be guardians.

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What different dragon shapes mean?

Sleeping Dragon – a sleeping dragon possesses power and strength to basically guard something and rise to occasion.

Dragon rising towards the Sun – this means a progress, life journey and ascension.

Dragon’s Claw – Represent a battle over evil, destruction or power and fearlessness.

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However, some people believe the image of a dragon as destructive thing which has power and strength. Alternatively, many depicts longevity, wisdom, and luck.

Usually men and women love to wear tattoos to represent freedom and fearlessness. On the other hand, parents have tattoos to maintain their focus as they upgrade their children.

In many countries, warriors are painted dragons on their flag and dragons on their armour.

It is also believed to have a dragon tattoo as spiritual and protective symbol. They believe these are the signs which will help for guarding the wearer against any harm.

Traditional Japanese Dragon Tattoo Meaning

Traditional Japanese Dragon Tattoos are very popular, they follow traditional tattooing process, by using metal needles and wooden handles attached using a silk thread. And this is done by hand only.

dragon tattoos ideas
Tribal Dragon Tattoo 

Tribal tattoos are very popular, they have been favourited with men for decades. Tribal tattoos are bold and yet simple look. Only black ink is used, and doesn’t take much time to get done. but with just only with black ink, you can give more meaning, tribal tattoo holds various meaning, define the tribal culture. If you want a fierce looking dragon tattoo, the tribal type is an excellent choice for you.

japanese dragon tattoo meaning
Small Dragon Tattoo 

If you thinking to get your first tattoo as a dragon then a small dragon tattoo can be a great choice. You can get a small dragon tattoo in your wrist or neck. you can also combine two or three small dragon tattoo you can combined. And also, small tattoos are easy to conceal.

japanese dragon tattoo meaning
Color of Dragon Tattoo Ideas

Colours are great addition to an any tattoo. They give personality and makes your tattoo more unique then others, but can hold some symbolism in that colour too. In China and Japan, different coloured dragons have different powers. Colours can also give your ink dimension and depth. Some popular colour choices are blue, orange, green and red dragon tattoo but the limit is your creativity and imagination.

japanese dragon tattoo meaning

In traditional Japanese dragon tattoo meaning, colour also plays a part. Colour can make a tattoo more realist and different colours have different meanings.

Black Dragon Tattoo – Represent Wisdom

Green Dragon Tattoo – Associated with nature

White Dragon Tattoo – Stand for peace or calmness, etc

Red Dragon Tattoo – Power

For dragon tattoo black, red and different bright bold color is perfect to represent its real designs.

Dragon Koi Tattoo 

Koi designs are very famous in Japanese culture. It represents an ancient legend where koi fish swims up a mythical waterfall and transforms to a dragon at the top. the backstory depicts the hardships and overcoming life’s challenges will pay off in the end. The symbolises perseverance, strength and never giving up in the Japanese culture and art. If this message of Koi dragon resonates with you, it’s a great choice. It will constantly remind you to be stronger in tough times.

japanese dragon tattoo meaning
Yin Yang Dragon Tattoo

The yin yang dragon tattoo brings together two spiritual symbols, depicting balanced energy or physical and spiritual energy. The two are opposite energy, inspiration from Chinese culture. Yin is passive and associated with cold and while yang is active, masculine and associated with heat. You can take Yin being the Moon and Yang being the Sun. when they come together, they represent a whole, balanced universe. Dragons are also force of nature in Chinese culture, so that’s the reason they are shown with yin yang symbol.

japanese dragon tattoo meaning
What is the Meaning of a Dragon Tattoo?

Dragon tattoos have different meanings and symbolizes different things in different cultures. Some associate them with strength and power. In many countries, warriors had dragon painted on their armour and flags. Also, in some places, dragons are represented as spiritual symbol, guarding against enemies. Also, in Chinese zodiac sign, if you are born in the year of dragon, then you are likely to be an ambitious natural leader, bold, fearless and plays by your own rules.

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What does a black dragon tattoo mean?

Black dragons are associated with experience and wisdom.

What does red dragon tattoo mean?

It represents strength and power.

What does a green dragon tattoo mean?

Green dragons are associated with nature.

Are dragon tattoos bad luck?

Different cultures have different take on this. In Chinese culture, it is considered unlucky to get fill in the eyes of a dragon until the tattoo is completed, because eyes are window of the soul, they feel represent the pain dragon will feel.

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tattoo ideas
tattoo ideas
tattoo ideas
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So, these are the best Japanese dragon tattoo meaning, do you like dragons? They get these tats on your body, what are you waiting for?

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