If your house is on fire and there’s only one thing you can take with you, what would it be? Those good ol’ denims, right? From college to late night parties we wore denim all the time. Everyone knows it since childhood we are wearing denims and we love it. That’s why these tips will be heaven to you how to wear denim shirt for men.

Denim is a material that acts the foundation for menswear!!

Whether it be the all-American Levi jean or verdant woodlander which are the iconic denim brands, denim is a perennial material that has surfaced as by far, one of the most impacting materials in men’s fashion. Its practical advantages ad a rugged material capable of surviving the toughest of conditions, but also, it’s aesthetic that can make for an edgy accent.

Unfortunately denim is some what fading out of Fashion. On the other hand, we can see it as a way of appropriating the fabric in the name of classic style. Furthermore, these days, the mixing of high and low style, formal and casual, has become commonplace in dressing, as the democratization of clothing has mirrored the supposed equalization of society.
It’s time to bring machismo back. Just one denim shirt is enough tomake you look classy, stylish, yet manly AF!

Here are 7 ways How to Wear Denim Shirt for Men-

1.Denim with Chinos


Choose Denim shirt over the replace your regular white shirt . Denim will give you that old punk look. Team it up with your favourite chinos and a pair of white sneakers.

Where to Wear It – Work meetings for start-up owners, casual evening parties and even for regular dinners.

2.Denim Shirt with Shorts


Who says shorts aren’t for men? You just gotta wear them right. Honestly speaking, denim goes with three colour black , light brown and blue, but you can always play around with other colours too.

Where to Wear It – Just open the top 2 buttons and you have a perfect beach outfit.

3. Denim over Denim


There’s nothing like too much denim. Go in for that rugged look by wearing a light-coloured denim shirt over dark blue jeans and let this pair of these super stylish tan brown brogues take your style game several notches higher. Rugged Denims will also give that classy look. But careful with that shoe colour.

Where to Wear It – For your weekend parties or for evening dinners.

4. Denim Shirt over a White T-Shirt & Black jeans 


Classics are classics for a reason. There’s no way you can go wrong with this look..

Where to Wear It – Wear it to college or to the mall and even to a casual birthday party.

5. Holiday Chic


Denim is very versatile and you can wear it anytime. It gives a such a cool casual look. Wearing to any party, holidays it gives cool temperament. Wear it with any converse, flip flops what ever you like.

6.Air Tie


Taking denim, a rather old-age material, and wearing it in modern ways produces a distinctively individual vibe. One method is the ‘air tie’. Recently witnessed on the youthful, androgynous branding of All Saints and Topman, the button-up look echos the youth rebellion of the Mods of the 80s. With dress shirts, the air tie is worn with skinny suits, denim shirts buttoned up and tucked in works best with metallic accessories. But also earthly, natural tones like khakis or brown leather watches and belts.

7.Denim Shirt with Cardigan


Surprise by seeing this, well I am not fazed! Thats how causal these denim shirts are. I think now you have actually believed me or if not read the article again 😛 .

If you’ve read more of my articles, you may have noticed I love layering clothes. That’s why this is my favourite look with a denim shirt.

The best part about Denim is that they never look OLD!!

Teaming them up with any combination and carrying them confidently will give that manly Feels. Go out and rock your DENIMS.

These tips on How to Wear Denim Shirt for men Would work wonders for you ! Go follow them!!

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