Starting college or going to a party? Dont know what to wear with denim jeans? Then you are at the Perfect place. Read the whole article about How to wear Denim jeans in different Styles.

If you had to buy one pair of pants outside of a suit or trousers to take you a variety of different places, dark denim could be that pair.

And even if you do own jeans, it can be tough to transition a wardrobe from, say, pairs of baggier straight leg or boot-cut jeans you should how to pull off different styles.

Finding a Pair

The right pair of denim won’t be  like your dad’s jeans — the right pair is a dark indigo with, ideally, no pre-fading or other unnecessary details, rips, or tears.

Take Care of the Jeans

Washing your jeans is, for the most part, dependent on the type or style, but namely, dark denim should be washed as little as possible to deter bleeding of dye from the jeans and maintain quality. This especially holds true for more expensive types of denim, like raw or selvedge denim.

1. Winter Business Casual

With this outfit, there are a lot of textures which makes this look cool. But, mixing up textures and colours in rougher, more diverse shades for the fall and winter is a seasonally appropriate match for the cold (or even chillier-than-normal) weather that hits the country a lot this time of year.

In sticking with outfit’s more rugged-casual feel, a braided belt plays off different textures and pairs more naturally with wingtip boots than a shinier dress leather belt. Because the outfit’s casual, skip the tie this time.

2. Cold-Weather Casual

At first glance, this outfit might not seem too different from the outfit up top because of similar pieces (versatility, right?), but this number is decidedly more casual.

More than that, it practically screams rugged, manly style — something there seems to be less of these days. In colder parts of the country, thicker knits are going to be your friend when it gets cold. In fact, with a sweater in the right thickness, a cardigan and a scarf might do the trick nicely for staying warm.

A casual night out with friends seems like a good chance to try this outfit on; it is, after all, a lot better than the ‘going-out’ shirts a lot of guys seem to favour.

3.Minus the Jacket

That’s right, no jacket in this outfit. That might be a bit different or ‘off’ for some, but when the shirt fits slim and has a bit of a different color than a normal oxford shirt, the pairing seems to work just fine.

Because the jacket is left hanging, the shoes can be more casual, too — that’s where the suede desert boots come in. And in this case, don’t worry about matching the leather to the suede of the boot — brown and tan should work well together.

4. Blue on Blue.. on Blue?

Contrary to popular belief, shades of blue can be worn at the same time. The trick is to make sure the shades fall in different places along the spectrum, so as not to seem too matched-up or allow the outfit to blend together.

Blue is certainly a more forgiving color when pairing with multiple shades, so this is a good time to experiment with colorful socks or a bright watch band (maybe something red?)

5.Warm Weather Style

It might not be warm enough to wear a popover shirt on its own for at least a few months, but here’s a go-to option for those in warmer areas. It’s simple, but the popover shirt is light, airy, easily wearable in a variety of different situations.

More importantly, it’s different than a standard polo or an OCBD, making it a choice that’s more eye-catching (and it’s always good to have one of those on-hand).

Cuff those jeans, show off some ankle, and soak up some much-needed rays.

The above outfits are only a few options to mix and match pieces with dark denim. It’s so versatile in that it’s dark, clean and slim-fitting, making it the perfect canvas on which to try out a plethora of outfits and experiment.

6.Men’s Jeans with Shirt

You can go for plain as well as printed shirts too. Pair a bright colour shirt to look stunning. Nowadays denim on denim is so much in trend so for this weekend party dare to denim. For that see How you can arrange your wardrobe with Must Have Shirts.

7. with Blazer

You should decide your look as per theme of party. If it is formal go for basic colours of blazer, if it is party casual then go for a bright colour blazer of Go for your favourite selection. The  colour of your denim should  match with your blazer with a trendy plain shirt and complete your look with a stylish blazer.

8. Jeans With Waistcoats

What’s trendy now a days is “Waistcoat” or “Vest”. A waistcoat helps you to show your sophisticated side and formal side that you tried to look professional when paired with a jeans it will give you absolute handsome look. There is a new trending idea with men wearing these as business wear to parties.

9. Black Jeans & A Denim Shirt(Travellers Way)

Black and blue denim as a combination works perfectly. What about the double denim I hear you say? Considering they’re different colours it’s perfectly okay. Choose any texture of black jeans and pick up an affordable blue denim shirt from Zara. If the weather is cooler a t-shirt underneath is perfect too. Pair with boots or sneakers to complete the look. If you want to go with a black denim shirt, do it. Just remember it’s a lot of black.

So these are the how to wear denim jeans in different styles!!

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