Best Hacks on How to Sweat Less in Summer 2019

Its SUMMER TIME PEOPLE!!! You know what it means? Summer SWEAT!! If excessive sweating is what you face every day, we got your back G and read how to sweat less in summer 2019.

Someone who sweats to much becomes impatient over the day! We get it that its a hella struggle, especially in this scorching heat. Not only does it affects your clothes , your look, but it also hampers your confidence level. Don’t let it affect you in any way. So follow these best hacks on how to sweat less in summer 2019

Anyone who sweats excessively,or finds themselves worrying about sweat stains, knows that the struggle is real. It’s normal to perspire when the temperature rises but everyone doesn’t sweat the same way. For many, the problem isn’t limited to warm weather and can certainly affect their confidence in public settings. While you can surely use a deodorant or perfume to keep the stench away, here I will provide you 9 best hacks on how to sweat less in summer!  

Follow these how to sweat less in summer in 2019 to be sweatless this summer and pull out your A-game.

1. Choose the Right Colors

It seems like an excellent idea to wear light colours in this hot weather, but tbh, they don’t do a great job at hiding those sweat stains. Light colours like white, grey or beige grab all the attention, but dark navy blue, black or brown will work out for you.

2. Pick Formal Wear Sans The Lining

Formal clothes in summer can be very annoying. So, just sit and relax check hacks on how to sweat less in summer.

Just the very sight of a blazer on a hot summer day can make anyone sweat. Which is why you need one that is lightweight and definitely doesn’t have a lining. You don’t want to worry about sweating too much while you’re presenting to a potential client, right? 

3. Use Underarm Pads

Yes, use underarm pads. Surprisingly they are the most important to stop the sweat. They tend to stick on the garment on one side and from other side they absorb all the weat from your underarms. Sweats underarm pit looks bad so you have to take care of them.

Also, look for handroll for other part of the body.

4. Keep a sweat journal to track what works to combat your sweating!

You might or might not know what triggers your sweat, plus what makes sweat pop out more and what doesn’t.  This article on how to sweat less in summer will give you all information to tackle sweat in this heat rash time.

5. Opt For An  Absorbent T-Shirt

Worried about sweating through your entire look? Absorbent t-shirts are the exact summer saviours you were looking for. Yes, they can be worn underneath and are a sure shot way to keep the stains miles away!

6. Use Natural Fibres For Summers

Instead of opting for nylon or polyester shirts, splurge on cotton or linen. They can be also important for people who sweat a lot. Natural fibres go a long way and are bound to make you feel less sweaty. Keep this suggestion in mind so you never mess up in an interview or on a date night!

7. Fix the Stains

When life gives lemon, remove STAINS!! We all are aware of the disastrous stink of armpits. Next time, before you throw your t-shirt to wash, apply a dab of lemon juice on the stain to eliminate the marks completely and stay fresh all summer long.

8. Opt For A Good Pair of Shoes 

Sweaty feets looks bad. So, let your feet breathe in this weather. Steer clear of canvas or plastic shoes and keep your feet rejuvenated at all hours. Wear cotton socks with lightweight formal shoes, sneakers.

9. Ditch The Backpack

Backpacks can become your most enemy as the sweat gates open up. They also weigh you down due to the whole world stowed in it. Keep yourself cool with messenger bags to lower down the burden on your back, thus lessening the chances of sweat stains.

These are my hack for how to sweat less in summer 2019!

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