How to look smarter than you are

How to Look Smarter than you are……FAST! You may wonder Why?

First impressions matter. They matter A LOT. Every day you meet new people.

How to look smarter than you are actually

Smart tips

What if you could come off as SMARTER right off the bat?

Instantly be assumed to be competent and on top of your game?

That would be awesome, right?  Less people questioning your judgement and it would be easier to make things happen.

Like who isn’t tired of not getting attention they deserve? People dont know their worth! that’s why looking smarter is important!

In today’s article I am giving you 10 tips on How to look smarter than you are actually!!

Important note – all these tips work best on strangers or people who don’t know you well.  You can’t fool people for long if you’re not truly competent – so always be improving your core skill-sets!

1) Shut-up (Listen more, talk Less)

How to look smarter than you are! TALK LESS LISTEN


Do you know the most important tip on how to look smarter than you are actually is listening more and talking less!! Have you ever heard the old adage “You have two ears and one mouth so you should listen twice as much as you speak”? It’s very colloquial but the wisdom that’s conveyed is spot on. Listening is a skill that needs to be developed. It allows you to ingest all of the information that is being presented.

Don’t listen just to have a response or a knee-jerk reaction. Instead, listen to understand. Often times people listen only waiting for the opportunity to fire back emotionally. Listening to understand puts the perspective of the person with whom you’re speaking first – which is a key skill that will diffuse

2) Ask Simple but Insightful Questions

What How When Why

What? How? When? Why?

Asking questions doesn’t just mean that you don’t know something. It means that you want to find out what you don’t know as well. Seeking information is a prime way to show that you’re intelligent. What must be noted is that the questions should be:

Relevant – asking a question that is off topic shows a lack of focus

Succinct – don’t ask a confusing question; short and to the point will get you a better answer

Insightful – questions should be well thought out to create dialogue; stay away closed ended questions

When you pose questions is this manner it allows a conversation to flow naturally and intuitively. The person you’re interacting with will definitely enjoy the chat you will have left a great impression on them.

3) Wear Glasses

Glasses are cool

It’s a recognition thing. Popular culture has drilled into our heads that the smart guy wears glasses. Movies, commercials, and TV shows are riddled with examples of the nerdy guy with specs.

4) Effectively Use Quotes

Another well-known saying is that the easiest way to hide something from someone is to put it in a book. We’ve gotten away from taking the time out to read and launch an inquiry into a subject that interests us.

5) Get Enough Sleep


The benefits of getting sleep are widely known. Sleep seems to be looked at as a commodity in today’s world. Everyone has entered into the rat race – on the go all the time and not getting adequate rest. Getting rest is paramount for a healthy lifestyle. It helps you:

  • Recover from illness
  • Reduce stress
  • Curb inflammation
  • Have a healthy weight and dozens of other health benefits

6) Accessorize smartly

Make sure that your tie goes well with your shirt and blazer. Your cufflinks should be smart, especially for office wear. For parties, make sure you match your accessories. If you’ve invested in a smart watch, let it shine.  A simple gold chain with studs, paired with a smart outfit, can go miles in making you look good.

7) Take care of your skin

take care of skin

If your skin looks nice and healthy, half your work is done. Drink loads of water to make your skin glow. Do not forget your sunscreen and get tanned. To make your skin look healthy and shining, apply face mask once or twice a week. A paste of besan, curd, honey and lemon will make your skin shine and remove tanning. You can use it on your arms and legs as well. Alternatively, you can buy one of the million organic skin masks and face packs available in the market today. But drinking plenty of water and getting enough sleep is the most important for fresh looking skin that will make you

8) Shoes

UNSTYLISH Things Men Need to STOP Doing!

Great shoes

They say clothes maketh a man. What they forget is that shoes are equally, if not more, important. You shoes form a very important part of your attire. You can wear streetside clothes and make them look good, but bad quality shoes are hard to conceal. Therefore, always invest in good shoes. Even basic shoes will do. Smart leather shoes look good. Save slippers for the beach. For party wear, you can stock up on beautiful heels, but make sure they are comfortable. Nobody looks good clumping around like a horse.

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7) Smell Pleasant

Over and over again I’ve heard countless women say that a man who smells good is extremely attractive. I can’t imagine a scenario where the opposite would be true. Being a man who wears a fragrance is synonymous with a being a man who is clean.

8) Make sure your clothes are ironed

Iron your clothes

Crumpled clothes give an impression that you don’t care about how you look. Both men and women should ensure that no matter what the occasion, their clothes should be well ironed and clean. Do not go out with a huge stain in the middle of your nice shirt, or a tear in your stockings. That’s a big no no. Ensure that your clothes are never crumpled. When you iron them, hang them so as to make sure they don’t become crumpled again. If you find something is torn, mend it immediately or go to a tailor to get it repaired. Neat clothes are very important in looking smart. Even the best haute couture will look cheap if not properly washed and ironed.

9) Wear a Bit of Red

Wearing red is a great way to draw attention to you. It’s a bold statement that communicates power and authority. This is a universal notion. Think about it, all traffic lights around the globe turn red to stop you. The color literally controls how you drive.

10) Be Updated with Latest technology

Staying abreast of the latest technological application can, for some, be a bit daunting.

If you are savvy enough to be able to understand how to use the newest form of technology you will have a leg up.

11) Dress according to your body type

There are clothes designed to flatter every type of body, the only thing is that we don’t know how to choose them. If you are on the plumper side, vertical striped will make you look taller. If you are short, long stripes with heels are your safest bet. Avoid long dresses and palazzo pants. For people with athletic frames, dresses cinched at the waist look good and give an appearance of a more rounded figure. The trick is to find clothes that flatter your particular body type. Once you do so, you will start looking better when you dress up.

How to Look Smarter than you are in Meetings:

  1. Intelligently contribute to office meetings:

63% of American meetings fail as they do not have an organized agenda and people do not contribute much in these meetings. If you want to create a positive impression among your colleagues and make yourself look smart, you should ask relevant questions using a confident engaging tone.

  1. Speak things on topics you are confident:

An average meeting just takes around eight seconds for a topic or an idea to be criticized. Thus it is very essential here that, you speak in areas where you are confident. If you make a mistake, it would be a good idea to accept it, without being too self conscious. If you get into a disagreement, the best strategy here would be to speak on points that you are confident on and never speak on subjects where you are not comfortable.

  1. Step into the limelight by gently suggesting your colleagues to step back:

The University Of Arizona estimates that there are around three billion meetings held in America per year. The newsletter called the Facilitator undertook a survey which indicated that 25% times a meeting is successful when there is a facilitator for the meeting.

     4. Be very attentive:

Every meeting has a main speaker. If an opportunity arises where the speaker is asked to repeat a specific analogy or a few sentences, you can immediately rise to the occasion and explain the analogy, using a low tone. You would be amazed that immediately you would become the center of the meeting and people would listen to you silently.


So these are my tips on how to look smarter than you are actually in LIFE!! Do follow these and see the difference!

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