Tired from your boring fashion game? Then what? Want to improve? Want to change your style? Then you need to read the whole article!

Today’s article will show you how you can drastically improve your Fashion statement.

So, for those who don’t know how to start check out the below tips.

1) Make Sure the Fit Is Flattering

Your clothing should fit your body only then it will look cool!

Yeah…yeah, it sounds simple, but not having the proper fit is one of most common mistakes that men make when dressing.


So, whats the way to know when clothes fit right?

When you’re trying something on and you begin to question whether it’s too big or too small, it’s most likely not a great fit.

A good rule of thumb is that directly check the shoulder width of your jacket and also for jeans you can wrap the jeans around your neck. But you should try the clothes before buying them.

In childhood you may have wore baggy and loose clothes but not now. Just be grown up and where fitted clothes.

Pants should rest on your waistline, not touching belly button. Not too tight or too baggy. Two fingers space between your waist and pants. For a more comfortable fit, get a relaxed fit or a boot cut. Do not purposely get a bigger size to try and create a baggier effect. Do you really want to look like a walking weight loss advertisement?

2) Shoes Are Critical

Shoes are really very important why? Because that’s the first thing people notice. Don’t wear worn out shoes. Formal shoes on formal days , casual every-day. Don’t try to mix things up at the start just go basics.

3) Be Mindful of Stereotypes

Image isn’t everything …

But it matters a freakin’ whole lot.

Wear any outfit that you like but pull off it as you own the place. Be confident and walk with back straight as if you own the whole world, everyone will give you the respect.

4) When in Doubt, Keep it Simple              

What does simple means? No simple doesn’t mean wearing pajamas at a party. Wearing simple means a normal t-shirt with black or denim jeans. If you are afraid to go outside with flashy clothes then don’t even try to believe you will look bad.

5) Stay in Shape

Not only you have to have good clothes you need to be in shape to look good. You have to work hard to look good. I am not saying if you are bulky you don’t look good it’s just everyone wants to be thin and have abs, these are not necessary just be comfortable in your skin and be fit not 5% bodyfat.

So being is also necessary as being more acknowledging that you should be more sincere about skin care routine in summers. For that you can check one of my previous  article on How to be Summer Ready!! 

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