Some lucky people have genetically or naturally have best hair line and healthy hair! Blessed Souls. Unfortunately, I’m not one of them. I have the worst hairs on the history of earth hairs down, but now by following these how to have healthy hair for men, now I must say I have seen a wonder change in my hairs! You can also have this just follow these STEPS!!

1.How to get more Volume!

If you want extra volume in your hair, all you have to do is blow dry your hair upside down. When your hair has extra volume, it will automatically make your hair look fuller, and healthier. This will then make you look more handsome. My hair naturally has volume, but it was hard for me to utilize its volume to my advantage. This hack really helped me. All you really have to do is bend over, blow dry your hair and comb it down simultaneously. This will be an easy way to get lots of volume!

2. How to achieve Healthy Hair

You should give your hair a break sometimes from blow drying it. Instead, you should take at least 2 or 3 days out of the week and refrain from blow-drying your hair. This will allow your hair to stay healthy!

Change your washing routine. Do you wash your hair every single day? This can really dry it out, since you’re washing away the oils your scalp produces to keep your hair shiny and healthy. Washing every day can also lead to hair damage.


Use a comb instead of a brush. Never Forcing a brush through tangled hair, this can cause serious damage to your hair. Use a wide-toothed comb to gently work through the tangles from bottom to top to prevent breakage.

Use heat styling devices sparingly. Never use your hair dryer, straightener everyday unless you have a special occasion at hand. Always let your hair dry naturally dont force blow dryer.

  • If you want to use the blow dryer sometimes, use it on a cool setting.
  • Still if you really need to use then put a protective serum before doing.
  • Use homemade treatments. Try an egg yolk and olive mask, a vinegar rinse, or put plain yogurt or sour cream on your locks.

3. How to Choose the Right Brush!

As mentioned previously, everyone has different hair types. In addition to this, everyone likes to style their hair differently. Well, you should be using specific brushes for specific hair styles! If you want your hair to look really sleek and put together, you should be using a brush with bores hair bristles. Try ceramin brush if you need dry matt hair.

4. How to Condition according to your Hair type

This is the most important step in how to have healthy hair for men. Conditioner should be used every single day. Unlike shampoo, conditioner doesn’t strip your hair of all of its natural oils. It will just increase the healthiness of your hair and make it look a lot sleeker. Our Hudson & Mane Charcoal Infused Conditioner is what I would recommend to you guys, not just because we make it, but it is literally the best. You really have to try it.

Follow these steps 

Choose the right conditioner for your hair type. Dont experiment with conditioners just use which suits you and dont go crazy.

Wash your hair. Just do your shower routine and then wash your hair.

Rinse out your shampoo. Use warm water to wash out the shampoo. Warm water is safer on your hair than hot water is.

Apply your conditioner. Just take conditioner one or two drop according to length of your hair. Apply to all your hairs and specially the end tips. Dont go near your scalp this can affect the growth actually.

Rinse out the conditioner. Assuming you’ve turned the water temperature back up for comfort’s sake, turn it back down as cold as you can handle it.

5. How to Control your Frizz

We all have bad hair days. The worst part of a bad hair day is the frizz that comes with it. So, if you want to get rid of the pesky frizz all you have to do is this: Take some hairspray and spray an unused toothbrush. Then, take that toothbrush and start brushing away your frizzy hair. I like to utilize the toothbrush within this hack over any other brush because it is small and perfect for taking your frizz away. The small bristles will perfectly distribute the hairspray and make you look great!

  • Shampoo less frequently. The naturals oils produced by your scalp help to combat frizzy, dry hair. Shampoo strips these oils from your hair. After rinsing your hair with warm water, apply a sulfate-free, moisturizing shampoo to your roots. Rinse out the product with warm water.
  • condition your hair. When dry, porous hair takes in moisture from the air, the hair shaft swells and becomes frizzy. You can prevent this from happening by deep conditioning your hair. After shampooing your hair, coat the hair shafts, never the roots, with a protein-rich deep conditioner and let it sit for five minutes. Once the deep conditioner has penetrated your hair, rinse it out with cool water to seal the cuticle.

So, these are the steps for how to have healthy hair for men in 2019!!

Try these how to have healthy hair you should best hairstyle in the game!

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